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New weBoost Drive Sleek 4G 470135 Vehicle Signal Booster

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017

Watch the new weBoost Drive Sleek 4G Model # 470135 Car, Van, SUV, RV, Boat Cell Phone Signal Booster video. Easy to install and use in any type vehicle!

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The Drive Sleek vehicle cell phone signal booster keeps you connected. Use it in your car, truck or any other vehicle to stay connected.


Place your cellphone in the cradle and get up to 32 times better cell coverage. A stronger signal means faster data speeds, clearer calls and even better battery life. The Drive Sleek takes existing weak cell signal outside of your vehicle, boosts it and provides you with a stronger signal inside. This allows you to stay connected.

Who is it for?

It is for those that drive and need to reach family members, workplace colleagues, etc. wirelessly, to get things done. For example, parenting is not easy - It helps to be able to call your child when while coordinating where to meet in order to pick him or her up from school, college, or university.

How does it work?

Exterior antenna attracts cellular signals from cell tower, and channels it itside the vehicle. A mobile amplifier amplifies that signal up to thirty two times and sends it to the cell phone holder or cradle where phone is placed. The process then works in reverse to send signals out so you can stay connected while making that important call.


Simply place the outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. The antenna uses a super-strong rare-earth magnet so it isn't going anywhere on or off the road. Connect the outside antenna to the booster, then connect the booster to the cradle. Then power place your phone in the cradle and that's it.

Very Flexible Placement Options.

The cradle can be mounted to a vent using the included magnetic vent mount or attached to your favorite existing suction cup cell phone glass mount. You can even use it without any mount at all, for all of you out there that like to keep your phone in a cup holder. The weBoost Drive Sleek model # 470135 works on any type of vehicle and with any carrier. The cradle easily expands to grab nearly any cellular phone. This provides you with a secure place to stow your phone on the road and boost your signal at the same time.

There's no pairing or connecting of your phone needed Drive Sleek vehicle cell phone signal booster, it just works. Watch the video provided above for illustration of this in-vehicle cellular signal booster/ amplifier.

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