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New weBoost EQO 4G with Outside-Window Antenna.

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017

Watch video showing step by step directions on how to install the new version weBoost EQO 4G cell phone signal booster for home.

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The new EQO 4G.

The latest new version of EQO 4G keeps you connected at home quickly and easily. In under five minutes, you can have the booster set up and be enjoying a stronger cell signal in your home or apartment. That means faster data speeds, reliable text and no more dropped calls. EQO 4G works for all cell service carriers and all mobile devices. It boosts reception for multiple users simultaneously. It requires no monthly contracts nor fees. This new EQO 4G adds a flat exterior antenna to the very original award-winning EQO. This outside antenna increases coverage and signal strength. It also makes EQO extremely easy to install compared to other cell phone signal boosters that need antenna mounted on roof of building or house.

How a signal booster works.

EQO 4G is designed to cover around 1,200 square feet or one to two rooms. However, your coverage area is always dependent on available signal outside your location. Signal boosters work by taking existing signal outside of your home. They then amplify it. Then they broadcast the strongest signal throughout your home. The process is then reversed when you make a call. The booster sends a stronger signal back to the cell tower allowing you to stay connected. A signal booster cannot make a signal out of nothing. The more signal you have to work with outside of your home, the more coverage area you will get inside.

Step by Step installation.

To make installation even easier we have labeled each step on individual components of your EQO 4G. Follow these directions step by step and you will be up and running in no time.

Step 1.

Start by placing the booster unit in a location with cell signal. Most often, this will be in or near a window. Orient the booster unit so that the glossy side featuring the weBoost logo is facing into the room. You will want to install the booster unit in a location with the best cell signal. Most often, this is on the side of the house nearest a cell tower. Watch this video to learn how to locate your nearest cell tower: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22b3Ikvz5Ek

Step 2.

Connect the 6 feet cable to your outside antenna connection on the booster unit.

Step 3.

Connect outside antenna to the 6 ft. cable coming from the booster unit. Open the window you have chosen. Place your outside antenna between the window and the screen. Face the weBoost logo towards interior. Then close the window. Don't worry - The cable is flat and designed to be shut in any type of window. Normally the higher you can place your outside antenna, the more signal you will receive, and the more coverage you will get inside. You can use the included adhesive pad to attach outside antenna high on any window for best results. This is especially true in a basement. To install EQO 4G in the basement, install outside antenna as high as possible for the best results. If your window doesn't open, skip steps two and three. Instead, place the booster unit itself in a window sill facing inwards (cannot install exterior antenna in those cases).

Step 4.

Connect the 25 feet cable to the connection on the booster labeled, "antenna".

Step 5.

Place the inside antenna in a room with poor cell signal. The inside antenna broadcasts signal forward 180 degrees from the side with the logo. Be sure both antennas are facing in the same direction to avoid oscillation or feedback. Pointing the two antennas toward one another will cause the booster to cut back its output to avoid oscillation. This results in less coverage area inside. With the inside antenna in place, connect the cable coming from the booster unit to the connection on the back of the inside antenna.

Step 6.

Plug the power supply into a power outlet and then into the booster unit. The lights on the booster will illuminate. This indicates that the booster is powered up. It is providing you with improved cell signal. Do not power on the booster unit until all the previous steps have been completed. As we mentioned in step 3, if you're unable to open your window, the booster will function properly with just the booster unit and inside antenna connected. However, we always recommend using the outside antenna if possible. This outside antenna is what differentiates this new version cell phone booster from its previous version. In nearly every case, using the outside antenna will improve performance and coverage area in your home.

The EQO has easy setup and reliable performance. It will keep you connected in your home or apartment. See the video shown above for more information and illustrations to help answer all your questions. Please contact us if you have more questions. Thank you.

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