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New weBoost EQO booster is as easy to set-up as, plug and play!

Posted by on Mar 04, 2016

New weBoost EQO booster is as easy as plug and play!

Considering the technology available today, there is no reason why so many of us still suffer from poor cellphone signals. Anyone who has ever run up and downstairs, gone outside or slowly turned in a circle in a futile effort, will know exactly what we're talking about! Signal boosters are nothing new. They have been around almost as long as cellphones and first appeared on the market in the 1990's (remember the sticker sandwiched between phone and battery presumably to boost antenna power?). While the idea was great for the ones that actually worked, but the downside was that to install them you often needed a science degree!

The weBoost Eqo has totally raised the bar in terms of signal boosters. Not only is it a powerful booster covering unto 1200 square feet, but it is also the easiest ever to install. To get an idea of how simple this is, think plug and play. Yep, it really is that easy. It does not need an outdoor antenna like other boosters either, so all exterior installation is eliminated.

Can It Really Be That Easy?

Yes it can! Instant use is practically due to the two main components. You place the booster unit where your strongest cell signal is indoors, and an antenna unit is placed wherever you need the signal boosting. Your booster unit then works with the nearest cell tower and boosts both your incoming and outgoing signals. Within a minute of coming out of its box, the weBoost Eqo will not only improve your cell reception, but way exceed your expectations. Whether you're suffering from poor cell signal in the home or the workplace, you have found your perfect solution with the weBoost Eqo.

We appreciate these are big claims to make, but the Eqo Booster really is that good. You get a generous 30 feet of coaxial cable to extend the distance between the two units, which is way greater than our recommendation of having at least 6ft between them. Only the booster unit needs to be plugged into the mains, adding energy efficiency to its every growing list of pros.

Improvement You Can Expect With weBoost Eqo

You can gain up to 70db, or decibels, when you use the Eqo to boost your cell signal. Decibels are the unit used to measure signal strength. Once you have plugged in your booster and good to go, you will see the bars increasing on your cellphone instantly. Clear indication of your signal being boosted. Imagine the luxury of being able to answer your cellphone wherever you're sitting and not having to rush upstairs or go outside. With cell strength comes improved connection. No more crackling or having to shout to be heard. And no more sounding as if you have your head in a bucket!

Want To Get Your Hands On An Eqo Booster For Free?

Yep, you read that right! You can get your hands on an awesome Eqo Booster for zero dollars! We're giving one weBoost Eqo free to a lucky winner - And that can be yourself! Follow the link, sign up, and go into the draw to win the answer to your cell signal prayers. Stay connected to friends, family and the outside world in general, with the only cost being a few minutes of your time. So what are you waiting for? Head over there now and get in it to have a chance of winning it! Our super simple cell signal booster means you never need to worry about being able to make an emergency call, or missing an important call. You know you want this, you know you need this, so get your name in that draw! Good luck to you:)

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