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New weBoost EQO Home Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Video.

Posted by on Feb 01, 2017

Find out everything you need to know about how to install the new EQO Home Cell Phone Signal Booster.

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What does the new EQO come with?

weBoost EQO just comes with only two main units - A window unit (also called booster unit) to be placed facing outside near a window, and a desktop unit (also called antenna unit) to be placed where you need to improve reception in your room. You have got the booster unit and antenna piece. You will also get a length of cable to connect both these pieces. It includes the power supply to power it all up.

Installing the new weBoost EQO.

To start off, you want to take the booster unit and put it in an area of best signal in your home. Therefore, this could be near a window in a living room, or maybe near a window in the bedroom. Once you have got that set up, connect the two with the cable provided. On the back of antenna, there's an adjustable kickstand which allows you to mount it at whatever angle you wish to set. There's also a removable plug so you have an option to hang it on the wall. The connector is located just underneath the kickstand. Simply connect your antenna cable and adjust the kickstand. Then put antenna piece on a surface like a table, ledge, or corner piece, where you want the strongest signal.

Placement of antenna clarification.

When you're placing your antenna piece, it doesn't have to be out in an open space. If you like, you can place it in a cabinet or behind the couch or some other piece of furniture. Now there's a front and a back on these and you want to keep them oriented correctly. You want them facing in the same direction. You don't want them back to back and you don't want them facing towards each other. Also, keep them at least six feet apart. Then once you have got that all set up, all you have to do is plug it in and you're done. It is going to boost your signal for you. When you install EQO signal booster, face the shiny side with the logo on it into the room or wherever you want the strong signal for better reception in your home.

Using an outside antenna.

EQO signal amplifier is designed with an option to hook up an external antenna for even better indoor reception. Therefore, you can purchase that weBoost eqo with exterior building antenna version that includes an omni-directional antenna. If you want, you can hook up an exterior antenna on your roof if you already have one like the 50 Ohm Yagi directional antenna which you can aim at the cell tower for even better reception. If you wish to do this, simply run the cable from outside Yagi antenna and run it down to the booster and connect it.

View the video provided above which will show you the entire process of installation for the weBoost EQO home cell phone signal booster.

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