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Offshore Cell Phone Signal Booster Technology Now Available.

Posted by on May 03, 2017

For people going and spending time off-shore for work or leisure, our powerful marine cell phone signal booster kit helps keep them connected to family and friends with strong cellular reception. One of the top things emphasized at Offshore Technology Conference 2017 include new technologies in rapid changing times. There's also an obvious insistency on efficiency - Particularly the thematic at the conference that, "new is better". What do we have that is NEW?

Offshore Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit.

The digital revolution was not left out on the list of OTC 2017 discussions considering the diverse ways the world has changed into a close knit place and a constricted village digitally. This is especially true when information and big data in the world of communication is concerned. Maximizing on technology and embracing low cost technology that is safe for all was heavily highlighted, stressed upon as a top ingredient of success for marine investors, operators, and management.

Powerful Tech.

An emphasis on enhancing new technology and embracing the digital transformation in virtually every industry has communication at the center. While spending time working on Rigs offshore - Miles from coast on water, one of the disadvantages for centuries has always been lack of communication with loved ones and other stakeholders on land. However, with entry of powerful signal booster technology means no one has to leave their laptops, smartphones, tablets or mobile phones at home or put them away in a cruise ship. You can actually use these mobile devices in a yacht, cruise ship, house-boat, steamer or any other marine vessel. This actually augurs well with the clarion call at Offshore Tech. Conference of maximizing on digital transformations.

Enhancing the quality of communication on a sea vessel is of tremendous importance. Days are gone when SMS, data and voice communications in a coastal cruising voyage were not imaginable. With a NEW marine cell phone booster, the cellular coverage in a cruise ship, yacht, ship or boat is enormously transformed.

New Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit.

The cell phone booster is made with the certainty of the realities on the ground. Everyone just wants to use their most accessible gadget to share their experiences while offshore with co-workers, family, friends or bosses. For instance, the weBoost 4G-X with marine kit essentials boosts 4G LTE and 3G band cellular coverage for virtually all the diverse carriers in USA & Canada such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Bell, Rogers, and Telus respectively.

Due to a highly powerful amplifier, it means wireless signals will be drawn from 60 percent farther than the typical maximum range. It doesn't really matter the type of mobile device, from tablet, smart phones, or laptop you're using; the cellular reception boosted works for multiple mobile gadgets.

Low Signal.

The reality of sea transport is that most of cellular signals are highly affected. Usually, the signals are very weak no matter where you're cruising or stationed offshore the North American coastline. However, with the marine cellular signal booster - Low signal doesn't mean the network bars on your phone will be affected. Speed and quality of existing signals is also usually worrisome, but weBoost 4G-X for instance, takes care of this by improving existing signal quality and speed.

It means as you move your boat or yacht across areas where the speed of 4G networks is slow, the weBoost kit speeds up and improves the signal. The signal is stabilized and speed increased. Surfing the web, sending photos of your cruise, calling offshore clients or relaying an SMS can be completed effortlessly via quality cellular coverage and speedily while at it.

A low signal is abhorrence to any mobile phone communication. Boaters trying to use mobile phones while on water have always experienced the worst no-service zones, dropped calls and poor connections. Essentially it is worse than the kind of low signal experience most people go through on dry land.

However, in recent times, recreational vehicles, trucks, cars and motor homes as they criss cross the North American terrain have been enjoying superb cellular coverage courtesy of top quality cell phone signal boosters. This exactly benefits those in houseboats, ships, sporting crafts and yachts.

Metallic Blockage.

Anyone in a luxury yacht will tell you how mobile signal keeps disappearing or simply non-existent altogether. The reason is largely due to the metal hull that is used to make most yachts. It blocks the cell phone signal from reaching your cell phone, mobile hotspot, or tablet computer. Nonetheless, with a marine cell phone signal booster such as weBoost 4G-X, you can spread the mobile signal into different areas inside the yacht; from the lounge areas all the way to the cabin sections.

The powerful weather-proof omni-directional antenna enhances the cellular coverage for shippers, boaters and those in yachts, particularly for near-shore mariners and inland waterways.

Assurance in Terrible Weather.

One of the most heartwarming and positive stories from the 2011 Hurricane Irene that battered the United States East Coast and the Caribbean had cell phone signal booster right in the middle. A sea vessel happened to have a marine cellular booster. As Hurricane Irene worsened, the vessel sought refuge off the Bahamas. While there were diverse mariners around, the ship was the only one that had a direct wireless communication with outer world.

Essentially, the cellular signal picked from an island close by was weak and voice communication was utterly impossible. However, through the marine signal booster, the ship's crew enhanced their signal and actually received and sent SMS hundreds of miles away. They were able to receive live and critical weather updates via text right from Florida and shared with other sea users through the two-way radio all other ships, yachts and boats had for communication.

In insane weather patterns and unforeseen acts of God in the waters, a marine cell signal amplifier is probably all you need in your ship.

Self Monitoring.

Once installed the marine signal amplifier does not require any monitoring or constant management. It receives the different cellular signals from various masts or cell towers deep inland off the coastline. An Omni-directional antenna ensures that any operator's signal within 360 degrees of the yacht, ship or boat is received. It means the number of cell phone operators available to the cell phone users in the vessel will keep on increasing at any given time. Many users can simultaneously benefit from improved mobile reception inside marine vessels. With a marine cellular booster such as weBoost 4G-X, the battery life of cell phones also gets extended apart from enjoying a boosted cell phone signal because the device does not have to constantly search for a signal in the vicinity.


With advent of cellular technology, we have been able to communicate wirelessly since decades now. However, this has been difficult in certain areas where signal does not reach because cell towers are too far or there's blockage due to building or vehicle/vessel frame and composite materials. The solution is finally available that eradicates the nuisance of inability to make calls or experiencing incohent choppy voice conversations over wireless phones.

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