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Pairing Your Mobile Hotspot with a Wilson Cradle Booster

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014

Mobile hotspot signal booster kit

Wilson Electronics, St. George, Utah, offers comprehensive solutions for mobile hotspots. If you have a mobile hotspot or are considering getting one, you will find the information given here pretty useful. Let us first understand what Mobile Hotspots are all about.

A Mobile hotspot is essentially a personal Wi-Fi network that you create when you get it activated by your carrier. To use the mobile hotspot, you're required to pay an extra amount each month to your carrier on your mobile plan (in some instances when carriers require it to use tethering service).

Let us consider one of AT&T’s plans that provide for a mobile hotspot. It basically allows you to "create an Internet connection for up to 5 mobile devices on a 3G phone and up to ten on a 4G LTE smartphone". Other networks such as Verizon and Sprint have their own plans for mobile hotspots, which depend on the number of devices you want to connect to the hotspot.

Having a mobile hotspot is great when you're on the road or even at home if there are multiple cell phone users. Or you could be a single user who wants mobile Wi-Fi (or also known as Mi-Fi) on multiple devices – with just one plan. Your mobile hotspot takes care of that. A mobile hotspot is easy to set up. Once you have got the mobile hotspot hooked up to the carrier, it is easy to connect it to your other devices. It is just a matter of turning the Wi-Fi on your devices on and connecting them using the password created by you with the carrier.

Pairing a Mobile Hotspot with the Wilson Cradle Booster

You will find it hard to make the most of your mobile hotspot without a cell phone signal booster. That is because if the connection is less than perfect, then you will have a problem with poor signals, frequent disconnections and you will find that your phone shows limited access. That is why you should consider pairing your mobile hotspot with a Wilson Cradle Booster. One of the best Cradle Boosters made by Wilson Electronics, Utah, which we recommend very highly is the Mobile Hotspot Signal Booster Kit, which works great just as well on the road with your car as it does in your home with its included home compatibility accessory kit.

The Wilson Cradle Booster kit made by Wilson Electronics in St. George, Utah, can be used in both cars and homes (with home accessory kit) and comes with an amazing range and a powerful reception, which makes it possible for all of your devices to be connected to the mobile hotspot and to operate smoothly. The device gets a signal from the closest cell phone tower and boosts it in the house or in the car many times over. This ensures that you get access to high speed internet on the devices that are connected to the cell phone’s mobile hotspot.

These devices are very good at extending the range and reception of your tablets, laptops and desktops. The Wilson cell phone signal booster also conserves the battery power of your connected devices by making sure that these devices don’t have to work extra hard to look for a stronger reception. Therefore, not only will your cell phone signals get boosted by the Wilson Cradle Booster, your devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops will last longer and use less cell phone data.

Why Buy Wilson Cradle Boosters?

Wilson Cradle Signal Boosters are priced affordably despite the top quality. Most of the kits fall in the range of $104 to $199, which is a lot less than some of the wireless signal boosters made by other brands that can cost up to $450.

They promise you high gain, which, while as high as what you get with wireless boosters, is still pretty high at 23 dB. These devices are guaranteed to give you better signals and faster speeds.

The best Wilson Cradle Boosters made by Wilson Electronics in the state of Utah, are available for both 3G and 4G. Depending on your network and your expectations, you may choose between the 3G or a 4G cradle signal booster.

They are available in multiple frequencies such as dual-frequency cradles and multi-frequency cradles. So you will have different options to choose from. They offer an excellent coverage over a very large area, much greater than what you would get with a wireless signal booster or with signal boosters made by other companies.

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