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Plug and Play Cell Phone Booster Installation and Review.

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017

How to install eqo condo signal booster from weBoost, a product to enhance your ability to receive a call and send text messages.

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A gentleman in southern Utah recently moved into his apartment (condo). He had struggled with cell reception and needed a signal booster. He explains how to install eqo, a plug and play cell phone booster. This product now enhances his ability to receive a call and send text messages.

Installing the Plug & Play Signal Booster.

The signal receiver has a light indicator. If it is green, then there’s a good signal. Upon installation, all units communicate well with each other. If it is flashing green, then it is trying to find the signal. If it is red, the antenna side is a little too close to the unit. Therefore, a little adjustment to move it slightly away boosts the signal. A remarkably easy system to use.

Some thoughts on the EQO.

It is incredibly easy to install. Just a couple of pieces, a couple of attachments and nothing fancy. Just find a nice window space, and a comfortable place in your living room to set it up. You will then have better service. Pretty amazing system. It is so easy, a five-year-old could do it. It is really simple. Just plug in and get your power to it. You're all set.

Watch the video provided above for actual illustration of installation of this plug and play cell phone booster. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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