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Pokémon Go + Cell Phone Booster = More Business?

Posted by on Oct 07, 2016

Pikachu Needs Signal Booster To Work

Ten years ago, if I was to mention the name Pikachu to you or talk about Pokémon balls, odds are that many of us would be in the dark. Yet, in today’s world, one can hardly go five minutes down the road without either seeing or hearing about the characters in the 1990 cartoon. Why? Because Pokémon Go has created a stir within the world, not just for the followers of the cartoon, but for technology based industries, gamers, and AR enthusiasts.

What is the premise of Pokémon Go?

The very basic construction of the game is a search and find application. Think of it as a "where's Waldo" type of game for the modern world. Players of the game go into the real world and look for Pokémon balls and characters. The game is built off of Augmented Reality (meaning that you see the real world but you also see 2D characters within the real world). As a business, having ability to get on board with the game is an important step in keeping users engaged with their business.

However, businesses being mainly indoor, the cell reception is sometimes weak or non-existent inside the store within a mall or even a strip mall. Therefore, Pokemon Go fails to detect location because GPS signal is not found in users iOS iPhone or Android smartphone. The person would therefore not enter the business for Pokémon balls and characters because from their perspective, Pokémon balls and characters are non-existent due to lack of reception. The potential for a sale is thus lost altogether.

Can I really gain customers through Pokémon Go? How?

As you would expect, the game uses sales targeting not only to the individual players (such as power ups) but also to the real world businesses which can have the balls within them. This LURE package encourages potential players to come into the business establishment. Of course, the more real world money that a business spends on lure packaging, the higher the rate will be for spawning Pokémon balls and characters. It is a matter of foot traffic and physical interaction with potential customers which is the drive behind the lure package.

How can a booster help with the Pokémon Go craze and your business?

As the game is based upon the use of the cellular phone waves and the networks which the user has accounts with, it is important that when trying to play the game, that the user has ability to actually access a strong cell reception, especially if you, as a business have dished out money for the lure packaging. Should your building have poor reception and you spend money to lure in potential customers, the chances for a high ROI are very moot. You must have a good mobile reception in order for the wireless network based game to work for your business.

When considering integrating a cell phone booster, it is important that one understands that the booster will be used to increase the reception strength in a way that a normal cellphone tower/provider cannot. The cell phone booster takes the weak reception which is already present and amplifies it into a strong reception which can then be relayed back to the cellphone. By having the cellular amplifier, the business ensures that the Pokémon player does find the Pokémon ball or character within the proximity of the business instead of not being able to obtain the ball or character because the cell connection has dropped once entering the business establishment.

Should you get a commercial or a personal cell phone booster?

Determining whether to get a commercial grade cell phone booster or a personal cellphone booster is greatly influenced by the size (square footage) of your building as well as overall cell amplifier use. Of course, you would not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a booster if no one in your building uses a cell phone. However, this is a very rare occurrence as almost every person has a smartphone, mobile device, tablet, desktop, or other wireless network based electronic device within his or her business. Secondly, if a business is 5000 square feet or less, then they may be able to use a personal smart phone booster. Keep in mind that these boosters are limited in their range and in the number of simultaneous users. Commercial boosters are able to handle up to 140k square feet maximum space and can boost reception for hundreds of simultaneous mobile users. This is an ideal selection for hotels, gyms, restaurants, etc. which see high levels of foot traffic and/or have multi-levels to the establishment.

Get your business into the Pokemon Go game.

We have an array of boosters for the business from the commercial grade to the personal grade products. If you’re interested in purchasing a booster for your business but do not know which cell amplifier to buy, or if you are interested in knowing the differences between the personal cellular amps. available and the commercial grade products, please feel free to contact us.

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