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Poor cell reception is 1 of 5 reasons for landline subscriptions

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016

Poor cellular reception inside homes is 1 of 5 reasons for landline subscriptions in USA. Find out other reasons you may be surprised to learn.

Landline Subscription Reasons In USA

5 reasons Americans keep their landline phone

There seems to be a greater number of households in America dropping their landline in favor of using just their cell phone. Given we use our cell phones daily, why would we need pay for an additional landline phone at home? There are a few actually, below are 5 reasons people keep their landline phone.

1. Clear signal

We all know by now that despite the versatility of a cell phone, there are times when they don’t always offer the best signal. With a landline phone you can be guaranteed the reception you get from it will be clear and trouble free. If you live in a house where background noise is a problem or you suffer with loss of hearing, then a landline phone is going to be the better option. However, a less known equipment purchase called a cell phone signal booster usually resolves this problem and enables households to get by easily with wireless-only phone line.

2. In case of emergency

When it comes to an emergency, the landline phone is considered superior, with 55% of owners saying they felt more connected. A cell phone’s GPS will be able to pinpoint your location when you’re out on the road, but if you live in an apartment block then it’s unlikely to give the floor number or address. The landline phone is connected to the apartment number and address, so the 911 operator will know exactly where to send help. Again, most don't consider this an important reason to keep a landline because they feel they always have to relay this information anyway because operators ask this information to confirm anyway.

3. Lack of savings

Most landline phone packages come with cable TV and internet as one bundle. It can be quite expensive, and if you’re thinking of dropping the landline service in order to save money then you might be surprised to learn it won’t be a huge saving. Most people who do switch providers will almost certainly carry the landline over as there is little saving to be gained without it. Very ironic how landline companies try to get people to hang on to their landlines with lure of lower cost of other bundled services like Internet and Cable TV.

4. Improved cell phone signal

This is probably the biggest reason for keeping landline phones. Around 18% of all landline owners say they have a poor cell phone signal in the home. Why would you battle trying to get a clear reception when you can use the landline. If you’re attached to your cell phone then you could install a cell phone signal booster which would help achieve a clearer signal.

5. Go cordless

11% say their alarm system has old technology and cannot operate without a landline although most systems now connect using an optional cellular connection for monitoring. Cell phones aren’t the only handheld devices getting an upgrade. The landline phone is also changing and in some cases is becoming very appealing. More features are being added such as easy to read displays and additional backlighting for use in dimly lit areas. Some cordless phones now include talking caller ID which will announce who's calling, so you don’t have to look at the screen before answering the phone. This makes landlines very appealing to many including seniors that are handicapped or disabled who rarely venture outdoors.

If you still want to get rid of your landline phone in favor of a cell phone, then make sure you keep a clear signal with a cell phone signal booster. We have a great range to suit your device, carrier and home.

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