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Preparing Yourself for 4G LTE

Posted by on Aug 12, 2014

4G LTE Signal Booster Preparedness

4G LTE is an exciting new technology which has increased cellular data speeds and network capacity in a major way, and which has made the dream of fast and reliable internet access on the smartphone a reality. 4G LTE is a technology which can change everything about how we use our phones and communicate with one another. Recommendations from the experts say, prepare now for 4G LTE to future-proof your investment.

The question is, with 4G LTE being so powerful and all that, do you really need to buy a 4g signal amplifier such as popular a Wilson Electronics 4G booster like the Wilson Electronics DT 4G or Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-A? You do! And we tell you why, even if your phone or service carrier does not support 4G LTE right now. It is always useful to prepare yourself for the future by buying a Wilson 4G LTE device such as the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G.

The last 10 years have seen a tremendous growth in the cell phone signal booster industry, especially after federal agencies in both the USA and Canada recognized cell phone boosters as legitimate devices based on an authentic and genuine technology.

But to be fair, the technology used to make cell phone signal boosters was pretty simple and straightforward, because they only needed to boost signals from 2G and 3G networks of major carriers, which operated on a couple of well known frequencies - both 800 (850) MHz and 1900 MHz. It may not be the same with 4G LTE, which works on an entirely new frequency.

LTE is expanded as “Long Term Evolution”. The history of 4G LTE in America is an interesting one. It was only in 2010 that Verizon became the first carrier in the United States to roll out the most advanced networking technology ever created – 4G LTE. 4G LTE has been around in South Korea for a while now.

South Korea has the world’s fastest internet connectivity and almost perfect cell phone reception for all smartphones, no matter where you are in the country. To be fair, a cell phone signal booster would be pretty useless in a country like South Korea – but not so in the United States and Canada, as we are nowhere close to South Korea when it comes to networking technology.

Also, South Korea is a pretty small country, so it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to have perfect cell phone coverage throughout – this is not feasible in geographically much larger nations such as the United States and Canada.

Now, every major network in North America is rolling out 4G LTE. Your old cell phone boosters that worked well with 3G are pretty useless when it comes to supporting 4G LTE. You shall need to buy a carrier-specific 4G LTE booster, or a signal booster that can work with multiple 4G LTE frequencies.

Now, 4G LTE is so far only used for fast internet and data access. None of the carriers in the USA and Canada use 4G LTE for making calls. So, when looking for a signal booster that supports 4G LTE, you should look for one that also works with 2G and 3G networks – 4G LTE for internet access and 2G or 3G to make calls. Wilson 4G boosters are backward compatible so they boost 2G and 3G transmissions as well!

Even so, this may not be the case in a few years time when we expect 4G LTE to have voice capability as well. This is already the case in South Korea, which has VoLTE – Voice over LTE. The VoLTE capability may well be expanded across North America sooner than later. This could be used in combination with another advanced technology called HD Voice, which should provide for perfect voice clarity.

So, if asked to make a prediction, we can tell you that a majority of the cell phone signal boosters that are used right now will be pretty useless in 3 years time as they are mostly based on a dual-band frequency, and such dual-band signal boosters are not compatible with the latest networking technology – 4G LTE.

We do expect 3G to be around for a lot longer – at least for another 6 to 7 years, but there is no question that the world is fast moving towards a universal adoption of 4G LTE. In fact, there's already a lot of talk about rolling out an even more advanced networking technology, 5G, in North America in the near future!

Your best bet in this scenario is with Wilson 4G LTE boosters such as the Wilson Electronics DT 4G and Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-A. We highly recommend Wilson Electronics 4G booster such as the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G as it is one of the few cell phone boosters available in the market that can work perfectly in synch with the new 4G LTE.

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