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Proven Advice for Truckers: How to Boost Cell Signal on the Road.

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016

It is absolutely essential that all truckers have reliable cellular connectivity. This is true whether they’re on a dedicated run or at the mercy of their dispatcher. Cell connection is not really a problem in most areas of North America. This is true particularly in high-population density areas. The reason for this is that there’re many cell towers. Furthermore, the cellular towers are close together. However, truckers driving in the Western states or certain parts of Canada know only too well that there’re areas where cell towers are few and far between. This means that all-important and sometimes life-saving cell reception may not be available when they need it most. What is the solution to this critical problem?

It is not only distance from towers that result in truckers not having good cell coverage on the road. Very often, obstructions between their location and the tower cause the weakened or even blocked cell signals. By obstructions, we mean topographical and man-made blockages. These include the terrain (such as hills) and man-made structures (such as an overpass or a bridge). Furthermore, even weather conditions (like snow, rain, fog, or even a dust storm) cause disruptions in mobile reception from wireless towers. Such problems cause calls to drop and not connect altogether due to poor or no service.

Read following proven and easy to implement tips and tricks to boost cell phone signal reception for over the road truck drivers. Share these tips with your colleagues and fleet management supervisors so it helps other truck drivers in "no service" situations. Below we have listed our best tips on how drivers can not only get, but maintain, a solid cell signal while on the road. Each one of these tips will work in specific conditions, while not all will work in every situation. Our advice is to try them out until you find one or even two that work well for you. It is possible you were not aware of these proven factors that help facilitate your cellular device to connect again to the closest cell phone tower.

Keep Trying - after driving a small distance!

This may seem a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to know that many are not aware of the basics about how cell phones work. If you’re not able to get, or hold, a reliable signal on the road at first attempt, then keep trying - after driving some distance. Wait for 20 miles or so, then try again. It is important to understand that, as a trucker is travelling down the highway, coverage for their phone is constantly being shifted from one tower to the next. This means that you may be out of range for your first attempt. However, your next attempt will put you further down the road and possibly within range of the next tower.

If you’re a trucker using a regular route you probably already know where both the spotty coverage areas and dead zones are located. However, if you’re on a route that you rarely drive, or a new route, this tip is our best advice.

Look for Higher Ground.

It is a proven fact that cell signals operate on line-of-sight, and we also know that obstructions between you and the tower can either weaken or completely block your signal. Therefore, it only makes sense that by increasing your elevation, you can minimize the chance of obstructions ruining your cell reception. If you have been travelling through a localized low spot or a valley, try again as you come to the top of a ridge or hill. Simply being a little higher can often result in a solid signal, thanks to a direct line of sight to a faraway cell tower. Know that even a phone tower 50 miles away can get you connected! Most people do not know this fact, either.


If above two tips do not work, then your best alternative is to find a safe place to pull off the road and try your call again. Obviously this is not always easy to do. Nevertheless, if you have an important call to make or receive, this tip will work simply because your phone and the cell network are not required to constantly adjust to your changing location. You will find it easier to both get and maintain a solid signal. If there's a weak cell connection, such stability helps get the phone line connected to get the job done. Most do not know about this fact. It can save time, effort, and ease frustration caused due to inability to connect for a critical exchange of information between two parties.

Get Out of Your Cab, and Move Away from the Truck.

If stopping your vehicle still has not resulted in a clean connection, your next step is to get out of your cab and move away from the truck - then try your call. This is obviously going to be really inconvenient, particularly if the weather is bad, but the reason it often works is because (again) you’re reducing potential obstructions between yourself and the tower. Both your truck, and the trailer plus it’s load, could well be blocking cell signals from reaching your phone. This is why you may find a solid signal by moving away from your vehicle. Implementing this tip is more difficult than the tips listed above, and therefore this can be tried after all above attempts have failed. Many swear by this technique because it truly works many times.

Time to Get a Truck Cell Phone Signal Booster!

Finally, it may be time to invest in a truck cell phone signal booster if none of above tips work for you. Or, you could well decide that you do not have the patience nor the time to waste trying to find a solid signal. A FCC-certified truck cell signal booster from a reputable manufacturer will provide the cell coverage you need whilst on the road. In Canada, it is Industry Canada (IC) certified.

To avoid any potential problems caused by a lack of reliable cell signal, or worse - no cell signal whilst on the road, your best insurance policy is to invest in a truck cell booster. If you have broken down and need a tow, or you’re looking for a shop because you’re experiencing mechanical problems, or maybe you simply want to check in with your family at home, a truck signal booster will give you the signal you need.

Truck Cell Phone Signal Booster.

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