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Report: Landlines still active due to poor cell reception!

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016

Why are landlines still alive? Not too long ago, Harris conducted a poll on cell phone users. It was discovered that 20% of phone users still use landlines in their homes due to fluctuating mobile phone reception that has been poor in most cases. This is similar to a survey once done in the past, that revealed one in every three persons are left with no choice but to find ways of boosting their cell phone reception at home.

Landlines alive because poor cell phone reception indoors.

A new round of survey was sponsored by zBoost, a reception boosting company. In the survey, 2024 adults were interviewed, and it was discovered that 18% of the survey participant kept landline in their homes primarily because their mobile phones had poor reception.

In a similar poll conducted in August 2014, it was found that 97% of mobile phone users made calls within their homes, 32% made it known that they were left with no choice but to find ways of boosting their indoor cell phone signal. Some of the actions they took include; being stuck in a particular spot, going outdoors or hoping from one place to another in search of strong network.

As it stands now, mobile companies like AT&T have been moving from one state to another in a bid to make regulators understand that it is best to have all forms of consumer regulation removed, so as to put a stop to companies providing phone services to landlines.

In the exact words of Karl Bode:
"AT&T together with Verizon has for some time now being moving from one state to another, trying to make regulatory authorities understand that providing POTS and DSL to consumers will in a way enter telecom infrastructure investment ideal, in which they will become flooded with advanced technology, networks and opportunity".

In actual truth, this line of action will only be of benefit to telecom companies, because they won’t be under any form of obligation to improve service to landlines, which will in the end force consumers to opt for costly data, added to LTE service.

Alternatively, a company can follow the footsteps of AT&T; making people believe that if landlines are done away with, they will go ahead to open fiber-optic services to consumers. Don't let it bother you that AT&T and the rest have continually frozen a large amount of capital expenditure, and have channeled the money to non-wireless technologies like U-Verse.

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