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Review of cell phone signal booster for car

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015

review cell phone signal booster for car

A cellphone is a device that gets a lot of use. Not only do you need your cellphone for emergencies, but it also comes in handy in a number of different ways each day. You can use your mobile device to navigate, take pictures, check your email and so much more. However, there are times when your cellphone is of no use. Not only do you have to worry about having your cellphone properly charged, but dropped calls are also a constant worry. A low signal could be a real problem when you are driving and need to use your cellphone.

Do Dropped Calls Happen Often?

You might think that low signal strength and dropped calls aren’t a major issue, but the data proves otherwise. More than 72% of cell owners deal with dropped calls on occasion due to low signal strength. About 30% of cellphone owners even complain about dropped calls more than once each week. This means that low signal strength is a major issue for some cellphone owners. A booster can be a great way to improve signal strength of your device when driving through areas with low signals.

Different Types of Boosters

There are a number of different boosters that you can choose from for your cellphone to use in your vehicle. These boosters are designed to improve signal strength and lessen the number of dropped calls that cell owners have to deal with when driving.

weBoost Drive 3G-S

The Drive 3G-S is one of the more popular boosters for vehicles that has a max gain of 23dB and supports 3G and voice/text. It is good for boosting signal to a single phone in car/truck. It offers boostability to 2 frequency bands.

weBoost Drive 4G-S

This is a booster that is most comparable to the Drive 3GS. The Drive 4GS booster offers a max gain of 23, but boosts reception for five frequency bands. It also supports 3G and voice/text, but also supports 4G LTE.

weBoost Drive 3G-M

This booster is similar to Drive 3G-S in frequencies covered, but it boosts signal to multiple devices in a vehicle simultaneously. It offers a max gain of nearly 50 and 2 frequency bands. It only supports 3G and voice/text.

weBoost Drive 4G-M

The Drive 4G-M has a max gain of 50 and boosts reception for 5 frequency bands. Although Drive 4GM is very similar to Drive 3GM, the main difference is that it supports 4G LTE and voice/text.

weBoost Drive 3G-X

This is also a booster that offers 50dB max gain, but just 2 frequency bands and is not supported by 4G LTE. 

weBoost Drive 4G-X

The Drive 4G-X is similar to Drive 3GX, but has 5 frequency bands and does support 4G LTE. Drive 4GX is the most powerful signal booster kit available for vehicles as of today.

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