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​Reviews of weBoost Amplifiers for Home by Wilson Electronics

Posted by on Oct 09, 2017

Read weBoost reviews by verified buyers that have purchased them from us. Features and benefits of weBoost signal boosters for home by Wilson Electronics are substantiated by direct quotes from verified buyers at our website.

weBoost Reviews

With virtually everyone already accustomed to fast internet speeds, clear voice calls and instant texting services, a poor cell phone signal can be infuriating. Being unable to use your Smartphone or any mobile device in your own home can be aggravating, particularly if you need to call for emergency services, work from home or have a wonderful weekend indoors.

Whether you’re in rural America or urban metropolitans with intermittent cellular coverage, cell phone signal amplifiers can help but which one to choose? Today we go over reviews of following weBoost and Wilson amplifier kits for use at home and large buildings. Their manufacturer, Wilson Electronics, guarantees unobstructed reliable cell phone signal.

weBoost EQO 4G Cell Phone Booster for Apartment or Condo.

Reviews from weBoost EQO 4G’s verified buyers shows their satisfaction such as:

Keith M who says "if I can install it, anyone can. I'm not a technically savvy person but following the neatly outlined instructions manual in this unit was easy enough for me. I'm also glad it works."

Jeff K says "EQO has worked well inside our small office. Our office is small but inside an office building with bad reception (almost no signal all the time). With EQO installed in our office, we're able to make and receive calls without any problem."

Intermittent nature of cell phone signal can be devastating, leading to dropped calls; poor download and upload speeds and lots of unsent text messages. However, with the right cellular signal booster you can actually transform dead zones in your condo or apartment into full bar zones on your Smartphone. Is your indoor space 1,200 square feet and below? The weBoost EQO 4G Cell Phone reception booster seems to solve coverage problems in such a space. The manufacturer claims that upon using their signal booster, cell phone coverage indoors will be boosted 32 times. They say that it does not really matter the cellular carriers you use - the repeater actually supports all mobile service providers in Canada and United States. weBoost EQO 4G Cell Phone amplifier also works with multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

Apart from improving 4G LTE and 3G data networks, the amplifier system also improves 2G voice services. It comes with a five-minute easy installation and ensures multiple Smartphone users in your home are covered. The device has a two-year warranty and includes all the items you need for a quick installation. Desktop workspaces, big apartments, offices and homes will find the 4G LTE and 3G network cellular coverage booster handy. Approved by FCC for use in the United States and Industry Canada for use in Canada, weBoost EQO 4G Cell Phone Booster includes a simple to use and understand guide for integrated installation.

weBoost Home 4G 470101 Desktop Booster Kit.

Customer reviews of this Home 4G signa booster kit are mostly positive.

Steven M says it has "great area coverage. I had been looked for a powerful booster for my house for some time now. I had experimented with other brands but none got the job done. I ordered this 4g desktop booster and so far I have no complaints. Not only does it do a great job boosting the signal, the best part is how far its range goes out. It covers my whole house and yard with a boosted signal which is fantastic!"

Amy loves that it "works for streaming videos. I was having issues streaming videos on my phone at home in certain parts. After a long search, I picked this booster with a bit of confidence and I'm not disappointed!"

Josh says "nothing compares. I've shopped around and used different indoor booster but this one is the best one I ever owned for a great price."

Mark loves its "good coverage. The 4G home booster has no problem covering my whole house with a boosted signal!"

Jimmy was delighted with the "fast Shipping. Live in Washington and received package super fast, great service!"

William was happy with the "4G boost. This Home booster works great for covering a large house with a 4g signal."

Megan says "works great in my home office. If you work from home, you need to have excellent service and connection. Before I bought this booster, working from home was nearly impossible. But thankfully, now I can get all the work done I need without a headache."

Emma E says it is "Good enough for my small house. I had a friend help me install this booster in my home office recently since my office room in my small house has the weakest signal, believe it or not. The range on this bad boy is around 1500 sq. ft. and my house is only 1200 sq. ft. so this booster is plenty for my needs."

Rachel says "All in one kit! This is a good 4G booster. I have this installed in our office and it covers all four rooms."

Oliver reports it is the "best booster I could find for such a great price! I was looking for a "4G booster" that would get the job done. After experimenting with a few different ones, I can personally say this one is the best one out there. It offers true 60dB gains unlike other competitors. Also it works without any issues with 3G and 4G smart phones which is a great bonus. Another benefit of this we boost signal booster is the coverage range it provides. I experience 1500 square feet of coverage in my house."

Anthony "recommends this booster to anyone with a weak signal at home. If you are experiencing a weak signal like I was at home, then I believe this booster will solve your signal problems. This weBoost home 4g desk top booster is great if you need an easy solution with everything included. From the booster to the cables and antenna, everything is made of good quality materials and craftsmanship (something I would expect from a product designed in USA). This booster supports 4G signals and you can connect a few devices at the same time to this booster."

Timmy points out it is "good 4G data booster! We experience great results with this 4G booster. It boosted our signal 1 to 2 bars and improved my iPhone battery life by couple hours. I recommend this booster to all the locals in my area."

Dead zones and poor signal in small offices and homes of about one or two rooms can be a nightmare. Nonetheless, with the weBoost Home 4G any indoor space of up to 1,500 square feet is well covered. The cell phone signal around the place will be enhanced up to 4G LTE cellular speeds. With the 4G cellular reception amplifier for mobile devices high quality 3G data, voice calls and 4G LTE data speeds are guaranteed. No carrier is discriminated upon. All carriers in Canada and the United States are covered, including all types of mobile devices. While it is not a requirement, you can actually mount an antenna on an office or home window from inside.

weBoost Home 4G is made with poor cell phone signal in mind to boost internet speeds and extinguish dead zones in the office or home and avoid the problem of dropped calls. The kit arrives with all the items you need and its plug-n-play feature means you can have it set up in five minutes. Designed in United States, the cellular coverage amplifier offers an impressive 60dB gain amidst allowing you to use your phone battery much longer.

weBoost Connect 4G 470103 Booster Kit/Yagi Antenna.

Reviews from verified users and buyers show satisfaction with the weBoost Connect 4G.

Lacy says "Sprint 3G signal reaches in more rooms. We now have signal in the back of our house. Our Sprint cell signal never reached all rooms and now everything is just how we want it. Thanks!"

Martin D reacts that the "super powerful Yagi antenna rocks! I have now owned this 4G booster with Yagi antenna since almost 6 months, and I have not found any flaws. I measured the gains across my house before, and after, installation. I noticed 65dB gain as it promised it would. The thing I was most happy about was, how well constructed the Yagi antenna is! This antenna is made to withstand all of Mother Nature’s forces without a doubt in my mind (unless global warming goes out of control). The cables and mounting bracket also do not lack anything as far as durability is concerned. I can say with certainty that this is the best booster I have ever owned!"

Morgan M says it is "good for reception in our basement. I bought this booster in hopes of gaining a decent signal boost in our basement where it was always a dead zone. Everything was included, nothing more was needed. I had it installed within an hour. We now experience about 3-4 bar gains all across the house basement."

Peter D confirms it "raised my signal. Raised my 2-3 bar Verizon signal to 5 bars over most of my house and my 0-1 bar AT&T coverage to 5 bars in my office. I highly recommend this product to anyone in rural areas with poor signal coverage."

Adam indicates it "speeds up productivity. I'm the type of guy that never writes reviews - I'm just too busy for such trivial matters. However, when I received the special request by AFC Houston, I decided to take time out to write this because this device has been truly helpful to me. Without this booster, my job would be much more difficult. Before installing this booster, it would take ages for videos to load and data to transfer. However, after installing this booster kit, all my connectivity problems have gone away!"

Jeff says it "works great in old building. My company has just moved offices and our new building lacked a dependable signal. After countless hours of research, I couldn't be more happy with the decision of buying this 4G booster."

Zoe retorts that its " coverage can't be beat! The coverage this booster provides is unreal. I am more than satisfied with my buying experience and this product!"

Verified buyer Country G says it "boosted weak signal ... near indoor antenna."

Joan loves that it "does the job. Dropping calls is never fun. This booster helped me improve my quality of life by keeping my signal 24/7."

Jackie says it is "good for large areas. Good booster for covering a large area that will have many devices connect at once. I was glad to get a steady 2 bar increase on my phone, also the battery lasts longer. The light indicators are really easy to read and simple to understand."

Benjamin confirms the signal booster ensures "everything works fine. I use this booster in my remote cabin in Alaska where we only get 1 bar signal if we are lucky. The 4g booster is strong enough to get us 3 bars and dependable connection that does not go in and out constantly like we had previously."

Ella calls it the "perfect combo. I installed this booster in our office that spans 5 rooms without a problem. We noticed an increase in data speeds and cell phone signal bars. It is great that it works with all data types including LTE, and also with other cell providers as weBoost claims."

Joshua enjoys its ability as a "long range booster. When I was buying the 470103 weBoost booster kit with the Yagi antenna, I was worried that it would not be able to reach across the whole house, since our house had a weak signal in every room. I was overjoyed to notice solid 3 bars improvement right after installing everything per instructions provided. The booster itself has a great range. I have no problem getting a signal in any of the rooms anymore, plus even a little on the front yard."

Pep says it is a "fantastic booster. I was having trouble getting a strong signal in my apartment. This kit offers everything needed to install the booster and clear cut instructions. Within minutes, I had everything setup and a major boost in reception!"

Mario indicates the signal amplifier "boosts signal in my two storey home. It works! The shipping was fast. I am located in Texas, the service was fantastic. A++"

At times, the signal reception in a medium sized home is very poor. If your home is 3,500 square feet or less in size and without a reliable coverage, the weBoost Connect 4G booster kit can help. Two to three bedrooms will be covered ensuring voice calls, 3G data and 4G LTE network coverage is accomplished. All the Canadian and US mobile service providers are covered by the same cellular reception coverage amplifier. The weBoost Connect 4G makes use of Yagi directional antenna for the best single carrier signal once you have connected the antenna to the closest carrier tower.

It offers 65 dB gain and with a strong external signal you can actually cover 5,000 square feet. A medium outside reception allows the cell phone signal booster to cover 3,500 square feet while even the weakest outside signal will leave your home covered to 1000 square feet. It is backed by a two-year warranty and you don’t have to wait hours to send text messages, make calls or download and upload images and videos again.

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 Large Area Signal Booster.

Tens of reviews from verified buyers and users of the weBoost Connect 4G-X show their pleasure in the signal booster:

Ella says about it: "The most powerful booster I have ever owned! Have no doubt this booster can, and will get the job done. The gains on this booster are phenomenal at almost up to 70dB+. Another great feature is that this booster works with 4G signals and practically every single provider that exists. We have it installed in a five thousand square feet office, and it covers every inch with boosted signal perfectly fine."

Mike J describes it as "super powerful! I am blown away by how powerful this booster is! Upon checking in cell phone signal strength test mode, I realized that we got massive gains in signal reception and area coverage is huge. Love it!"

Jim says the "booster kit works better than I expected it would! Great product, works very well, solved our indoor signal problems, easy to install! Beat all my expectations..."

Brian loves it because of a "super large coverage area. The booster covers about 10,000 square feet of building space. It works great in the office building."

Louis "couldn't ask for more because the booster provides good signal increase, and it supports all our phones and tablets too!"

Bryn says it "works great out in the forest in NC area. My family and I go to our cabin in NC every year, and having this signal booster makes it possible for us to be in reach of friends and family back home. I would recommend it for this reason alone!"

Jeremy loves the "Great service! The booster came quickly and the booster was fantastic for a great price. Best of all, it works like a charm!"

Rick agrees with its "great build. This booster is superbly built and will hold up without any problems. We use this in our hunting lounge and the whole club benefits from the data boost!"

Gee says it " works great and was simpler to install than anticipated. I'm so glad I bought this home signal booster unit! We use it in our vacation house. It helps us stay connect with everyone back home while away. This kit included everything it said it would including the freebie!"

Eric J specifies "this cell phone booster works great for me - I'm away from the city! We have to remember that this country is not all cities: Not everyone lives next door to a tower, and many travel on poorly served areas."

Jennifer indicates the "product has plenty of power. This booster is perfect for what I needed. It has plenty of power to keep my signal up at all times of the day."

Mohammed says it is "4G we boost signal booster at its best! I had been shopping around for a booster for a couple months because I was unhappy with another booster I had tried out and ended up returning. This weBoost 4G-X large area booster is the best in my opinion. I was experiencing a lot of dropped calls in our office, but after installing this booster we saw a dramatic decrease in dropped calls almost none nowadays. The coverage is great, and increase in signal is steady across the whole office."

Working in large areas without a proper cellular signal could destroy your business and lower your quality of life. Dropped calls, low internet speeds, dead spots and weak coverage across the board is not really anything anyone prays for. With the weBoost Connect 4G-X you can actually do away with low internet speeds, dropped calls and dead spots almost immediately. It covers up to 7,500 square feet and guarantees 4G LTE top network speeds. If the outer signal is very strong the weBoost Connect 4G-X can actually spread a strong coverage up to 10,000 square feet. A medium signal on the outside spreads the coverage to 7,500 square feet while the weaker outside signal will get you 2,000 square feet of coverage.

4G LTE network speeds are assured on the higher side, although sometimes the signal could be weak. The weBoost Connect 4G-X actually ensures the reception strength gets you 3G data and 2G voice network speeds without a problem. Calling, texting and browsing the internet on your phone are guaranteed. It has a 70 dB gain and greatly boosts all mobile devices from hotspots, notebooks, Tablets to Smartphones from any North American carrier. Two-year warranty ensures you get to enjoy 32 times better faster internet, text and talk services.

Wilson Pro 1000R Passive Distributed Antenna System (Rack Mount) for up to 75,000 Sq. Ft.

Eric K, a confirmed buyer reviews the Pro 1000R by indicating it is "same as PRO1000 performance wise. Both these helped solve attenuation issues we were experiencing with another brand amplifier kits. Very installer-friendly!"

When you have a large office or a big internal space of about 75,000 square feet and the cell phone signal coverage is poor, the building can appear like a dead haunted place. Slow internet speeds, poor voice call quality and dropped calls always result. However, the rack mounted Wilson Pro 1000R Passive Distributed Antenna System can help put these issues behind you.

The versatile wireless commercial reception booster is certified by Industry Canada for use in Canada and FCC for the United States. Its design is rack mounted for convenient IT cabinet installation. Its 5 band coverage allows it to work for all types of mobile devices across all carriers in Canada and the United States. Wilson Pro 1000R has a three-year manufacturer warranty for a stress-free increase of cellular signal reception in any large commercial space. All the required parts are included in the kit. It is also the easiest to install. 4G LTE internet speeds are guaranteed as well as 3G data depending on the level of signal available.

Wilson Pro 1000 Passive DAS Wall-Mount Signal Booster for up to 75,000 Sq. Ft.

According to a review by confirmed purchaser Eric K, "while not optimal in all situations, it is definitely best to use them for approx. 50,000 sq. ft. areas. It eliminated all attenuation issues for us. All greens consistent across the board."

Wilson Pro 1000 is a unique flagship mobile devices booster system that increases reception to about 75, 000 square feet. It comes with extra indoor antenna add-ons to maximize the reception. With extra antenna kits you can actually cover more space in any large building space. Wilson Pro 1000 improves the data and voice coverage up to 4G LTE network speeds in large buildings where the cellular signal is not really penetrating. As a result, dropped calls, weak download and uploads, lost internet connections and unsent text messages will be no more.

The FCC certified cellular signal booster includes Extra Dynamic Range system preventing reception overloads. All the mobile devices in the area will be covered, including all Canadian and United States' mobile service providers. It comes with great features such as LCD color navigation, intelligent control and doesn’t shut down due to an overpowering incoming signal as most boosters do.

Wilson Pro 1050 Dual Signal Booster System.

If you have a building with 75,000 square feet and under, plagued by slow internet, poor voice quality and dropped calls, the Wilson Pro 1050 can help. Its Extra Dynamic Range feature will obstruct any overload and its FCC certification means a quality cell phone signal booster for enhancing weak cellular reception into 3G or 4G LTE data speeds. All cellular devices and phones are not discriminated upon, including virtually all the Canadian and US mobile service carriers.

Its three-year warranty guarantees great internet speeds, rapid sending of texts and quality voice calls for years. Whether it is a hotshot, tablet or smartphone, the 70 dB gain cell phone signal amplifier will deal with all manner of signal frustrations. It comes with a self-optimizing design feature that decreases installation time while compensating for cable loss to around 300 feet.

Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for 100k sq. ft.

Review by verified buyer Tim says "Wilson Electronics has upped the ante with this heavy duty booster. 140,000 covered by one amplifier is truly awesome! That is a lot of space to cover for one booster. I'd like to know how much it will cost? I bet the price will be in the range of ten thousand?"

Brent says he’s "interested in this booster kit. It looks quite good per your specs. If it works as well as stated, I think this would meet all my requirements."

If you’re looking for a cell phone signal booster that will cover very large building space of up to 140,000 square feet, the rack mounted Wilson Pro 4000R will be a great choice. It is ranked the most powerful of all commercial mobile device reception amplifiers not just in Canada but also in the United States. In a single rack-mount design, the signal repeater features four individual amplifiers.

It increases the reception to over 100,000 square feet to offer 3G data and 4G LTE speeds including clear voice calls and instant texting. A three-year warranty means you will be able to use the hi-tech digital LCD display for the longest time maximizing on the booster's settings. Extra Dynamic Range assures continuous connectivity even as on-board software means better control.

Wilson Pro 4000 Wall Mount Signal Booster for 100,000 sq. ft.

Customer reviews by verified buyers have also spoken:

Eric K points out the "Pro 4000 is by far the best signal Amplifier we have used and the best amp between itself and the rack mount. It is overall a superior amp to anything we have used thus far. Moving forward, in most cases I would like to figure out more ways to use them. Economically it is a tough sell for clients, but from what we see on the performance side, there's nothing better."

Theo says he prefers "this one to the rack mount unit" noting that it is "an expensive unit and bolting it down into the floor will minimize theft".

In any commercial building of close to 100,000 square feet such as industrial warehouses, hotels, multi-story buildings, hospitals and other places the cell phone signal can be atrocious. Top quality and most powerful cellular device reception amplifier for all carriers and mobile devices in Canada and America, it increases the signal to 3G data and 4G LTE networks depending on the existing coverage. Extra Dynamic Range feature ensures the coverage remains continuous and consistent across the building. Its 70dB power gain allows you to make the most of its three-year warranty and 32 times better texting, voice calls and rapid internet.

As already mentioned dropped calls, slow connections, weak internet speeds and dead zones make any building or home unlivable. With these weBoost and Wilson cell phone signal amplifiers you can in fact enjoy high quality voice calls, 3G and 4G LTE network speeds without a problem depending on the existing signal and total space of the building. The reviews prove this is true.

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