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​Reviews of weBoost Signal Amplifiers for Car, Truck, RV

Posted by on Oct 06, 2017

Read weBoost signal amplifier reviews by verified buyers that have purchased them for their for cars, trucks, RVs from us. Features and benefits of weBoost signal boosters for car, truck, RV are substantiated by direct quotes from verified buyers at our website, cellphonesignalbooster.us, and those who have ordered these over the phone, by replying to our product review request emails.

weBoost Reviews for car, truck, rv signal amplifiers

Driving for long distances, to work or just to the mall can be ordinary or extraordinary depending on circumstances. In most cases, we have no power over accidents unfortunately do happen. Other unexpected occurences such as getting arrested, road attacks, victim of a road rage altercation among other road emergencies are common until it happens to us. Sometimes it is a simple flat tire problem or engine issue. At times, you only want to let your family know you’re alright and still have every intention of making it for dinner or the weekend as you travel long distance to your hometown.

In all these scenarios obviously, your ability to communicate on your phone, smartphone, or any typical mobile device via video calls, internet voice calls, sharing images and videos of where you are, social media updates on the road among others is hampered. You need a reliable cell phone signal to do this. Many of our roads, cities, terrain and geography actually make it hard for a reliable cellular reception to be accomplished.

To communicate as you should, the best in-car cell phone signal booster can help you remain in touch with loved ones in the entire duration of your drive. However, the big question is, which signal booster to buy? Below we provide some real reviews from verified customers that purchased weBoost and Wilson amplifiers from us for use in your car to boost their internet speeds, enhance voice calls and avoid dropped calls to be prepared for eventualities while on the road.

Reviews of weBoost Drive 4G-S 470107 Cradle Booster Kit.

Reviews from Customers:

  • Emily "Good booster for the price. While I have used many different 4G boosters on the market, this is one of the best I have used. My iPhone battery lasts an extra 2 to 3 hours when being used with the booster. I have seen a big increase in my 4G LTE speeds while surfing the web. Finally, my friends and family do say the call quality has also improved."
  • Mikel "The best surprise I got. I recently moved to a new area and love exploring and going on road trips over the weekends. I had a problem with my current cell phone provider not having a strong signal in area where I live and where I travel. My friends back home got me this booster and I have loved it since then. It was very easy to set up, to get it working. Now in areas where I was having a weak signal and was not able to go on internet, I have no issues anymore."
  • Ron "Cradle booster works like magic! I am not a techy person and I was worried I would have issues properly installing this 4g booster but the instructions were clear and I had no issues at all. Antenna is well built too, just like the booster itself. My phone battery lasts almost 2 hours longer than it did before. The signal gains are as expected. I could not be more satisfied with this particular booster."
  • Kelly P "My recommended deal. I travel for work and absolutely hate dropped calls while on the go. I found Cell Phone Signal Booster with a quick search of the web and chose the 4G-S model. I feel its price and dependability both exceed my expectations. I am now considering an additional purchase for my boat for Christmas."
  • Pam "No problems installing. I ordered this booster and was excited to install it in my car. Right after installing, I noticed an increase in signal! I got an increase of 2-3 bars and increased the quality of my calls."
  • Michael "Works with AT&T. I use AT&T Cellular in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia. The signal is spotty in many areas of the county/ town. I had to jump at the chance of trying this particular device for my iPhone."
  • Abby "Fixed my problem right away!! I was having problems getting service in certain locations and this booster helped solve that right away."
  • Ron "Super easy to install. I had the device up and running in 5 minutes. It was very convenient to install with step by step instruction manual included with the purchase. It definitely solves my signal problem in the car."
  • Joe "This kit came with a free good quality headset which comes in handy while driving in the car. Especially, when traveling through traffic congestion."
  • Travis "Exactly what I needed. I have been through the ringer trying to find a solution for my weak cell phone signal. This booster turned out to be exactly what I needed to stop dropping calls and always-bad-connection problem. Thanks."
  • Jim "Affordable solution for weak signal! This 4G LTE cradle booster is the best affordable solution I have found on Internet. It helped speed up my internet speeds on my phone, without a doubt. I ended up getting my wife one for her car too."
  • Timothy "Nice 3G and 4G booster. I recently bought this booster on sale and I'm glad it works with all Canadian cell providers because my wife has 3g service from Rogers whereas mine is 4g through Bell. When I use the booster, I see an instant 3-4 bar increase in signal bars on my phone. I'm also able to hear the person I'm talking to, more clearly and louder."
  • Kate "Not disappointed with cradle. My son bought me this 4g booster for my birthday recently, and I like it. We live near North Carolina Mountains so we experience a bunch of dead zones and poor reception areas. This phone booster is powerful enough to combat the weak signals we had been experiencing all these years without knowing what to do. If you need a booster in an area like ours, you cannot go wrong with this one."
  • Ava "No regrets buying this booster. Buying this 4G-S Booster was the best buy I made this year! I was experiencing dropped calls every day on my commute to work but right after installing this booster into my car, I no longer have to deal with those pesky dropped calls. My data download speeds have improved dramatically. I recommend everyone check out buying a signal booster even if you are getting ok signal as is. It will improve your phone battery life and you will never have to worry about dropped calls."
  • Gustav "Works as expected. I bought this recently and seems to work as expected. I do see signal on my Verizon cell phone when parked in areas where there was none previously. Thanks."

If you’re often using your car alone and usually driving in dead zones and low cell phone signal areas in Canada and the United States, the weBoost Drive 4G-S is a sure bet per positive reviews we have received. It boosts your current cellular signal to 4G LTE and 3G network speeds for a single user. Superbly works with all types of Smartphones or phones and all the mobile service providers in the United States and Canada. It is shipped with a complete kit with all needed parts also included, amidst being the easiest to install without requiring an expert for this.

This most affordable cell phone reception amplifier comes with a cradle mount ensuring greater internet speeds, rapid texting and increased quality voice calls. It features 23dB power gain and a two-year warranty. Superb for anyone who simply wants a reliable signal while driving on North American roads. The cradle mount unit works when the phone is on the cradle dock where the signal is amplified allowing you to extensively enjoy diverse phone services that require a working signal.

weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 3G 4G LTE Vehicle Signal Booster.

This is a newer model of above detailed booster kit with sleeker cell holder because signal amplifier unit is separate. Without a doubt, you just want a better cell phone signal on the road as you drive home, to work or road trip. Urban areas, forested regions, rugged open terrains and high mountains characterize the North America topography. This definitely has a negative effect on cellular coverage. Buildings and thick concrete walls and metal beams also complicate the problem, obstructing the signal even further. weBoost Drive Sleek 3G 4G LTE model 470135 can help you get that great signal you want while on the road.

The cradle mounted unit is superb for cars, trucks and RVs dashboard reception. Forget about slow internet, poor or weak voice calls and dropped calls. Unsent texting and low download and upload speeds are a thing of the past. The weBoost Drive Sleek 3G 4G LTE actually boosts your cell phone reception coverage to 3G and 4G LTE top speeds in boats, RVs, vans, trucks and cars. It is just your phone on a cradle being boosted to the highest top quality speeds. It is easy to install and arrives in your home in a complete kit. It works with all carriers and all types of smart phones, cell phones and mobile devices found in Canada and United States. Its 23dB gain works perfectly to enhance the cellular signal up to 32 times.

Reviews of weBoost Drive 4G-M 470108 Wireless Booster Kit.

Customer reviews:

  • Juan "My whole family is happy now that we all have reception on the road. Before now, most of us were not able to use our cell phones in the car because of all the spotty reception. Now, trips have never been easier!"
  • Patrick "The range of this booster kit is pretty good. I don't think I'm getting 50dB gains but it is good enough for signal issues I was experiencing. I bought this booster for my boat and we can now stream videos onto the TV in the cabin. The captain on the fly bridge is still in reach of the booster to be able to make phone calls and send emails without any problems."
  • Steven "I love this booster kit! It comes with everything needed for a fast and simple installation right out of the box. The magnet antenna is very strong, and it has withstood highway speeds without moving or sliding around. This 4gm booster is great to keep multiple users connected to cellular network, all at once. We noticed good solid gains through the whole SUV."
  • Billy F "I installed door insulation in my doors and trunk for better sound and less rattling but I quickly noticed that my cell signal dropped dramatically. I needed a strong booster and after installing this one, I'm getting much better reception than before."
  • Luke "I got 3M tint installed onto my car which blocked cellphone signal dramatically. After researching, I figured this kit would be the best for my needs. It does the job perfectly!"
  • Alex "Couldn't be more happy buying this booster. Shipping was fast, installation was easy, and it works better than I thought it would!"
  • Sean "I was very thrilled about the free antenna received. I like showing off a taller antenna! It is just one less thing I have to buy now. This kit is really an all-in-one solution."
  • Chelsea "I received the booster quickly and I was very quick to install it! It was smooth and simple process."
  • Nick "Holy! I'm surprised how well my cell phone grabs the much needed signal in my truck when I'm on the road."
  • Rachel B "My husband and I own a little RV rental shop out in California and this year we decided we would invest in cell signal booster for 5 of our RVs. We have seen positive results. It has been almost 8 months since we had originally installed the 4g wireless booster into our recreation vehicle, and not one has failed. Our customers are always glad they get a good and dependable signal in the most remote areas they travel to."
  • Mark "I work for a fire station in north California and we recently installed five of these boosters in our trucks. At times when we travel into the woods, we experience weak signal and dead zones. Having another line of communication is important, and also being connected to the data base through internet. We trust these boosters won't let us down. The range is large enough to cover the whole cab of the truck and the rear."
  • David "WE LOVE IT! My wife and myself are retired so we love to travel around the states with all our free time. However, unfortunately, there are a lot of dead zones or areas with really bad reception. Last month, I started looking for a booster and found this particular one with good reviews so I decided to try it out myself. The 12 inches antenna is durable, and easy to mount onto the roof of our SUV. We're getting almost 45 dB gains from this booster which is fantastic for a 4G signal."

Whether in the cabin of your boat, in a truck, RV or car - a quality signal for anyone with a cell phone is critical. The weBoost Drive 4G-M allows you to enjoy fast 4G LTE and 3G data speeds conveniently on the road inside your midsize car, SUV and any kind of a sedan. It supports up to four cell phone devices or mobile devices and spreads the coverage upto 4 feet from interior antenna, across the vehicle. All types of phones are covered and works with all the carriers in the US and Canada.

weBoost Drive 4G-M is shipped with a complete kit and all required parts included for a very easy to install process. The booster has a 50dB gain amplifying the weak cell phone signal in your car up to 32 times. Two-year warranty from the manufacturer means you can hit the road confidently without worrying about slow internet, poor voice calls or dropped calls.

Reviews of weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 Signal Booster Kit.

Reviews from customers:

  • Luke "This antenna booster works well in my car. Buying this antenna booster for my car was a great move. It was pricey but I have never had constant cell connection in my car. This was a no-brainer for my line of work that keeps me in my car all day long."
  • Marshall M "Gets the job done. If you want a booster that will get the job done no matter where and when, then stop searching and get this one. I have this booster in our 34 feet ocean cruiser and it covers the whole boat without a problem. I measured the gains last weekend and my worst was 38dB+ and best was 44db in certain locations depending on how far away I stood away from the booster. I have no complaints about this booster, I would not hesitate to buy another one for a future boat."
  • Gina "Top of the line booster. If you are looking for a top of the line booster, look no more. This 4G-X 470510 booster is fantastic for someone who needs a powerful booster. The gains incredibly up to 50+ dB. I have owned this kit for over 60 days and I never had one thought of returning it."
  • John "Great 4G booster. I installed this cell amplifier in my car since I travel for business. I'm on the road for many hours of the day going from town to town. I gained BIG amounts of signal gains. Great product!"
  • Tom "Mounted it in our RV. My family and I travel in our RV three months out of the year. My wife works while we are on the road. This booster is necessary for us. We never get dropped calls everywhere we go!"
  • Amy "Last booster I will ever need. Can't go wrong buying this booster. It gets the job done everyday, every time. We live out on the farm and being able to stay in touch with people is so very important for us. Therefore, this is a great buy for us!
  • Maria "Rural area signal truly improved with this booster kit. With well written good instructions (unlike badly translated ones about products from overseas), I had no problems installing and mounting this booster in my truck. It certainly helps out in rural areas where usually getting calls and text was next to impossible!"
  • Cathy "I will not recommend anything else for your car. This booster kit came in a little box and I was worried it may not be worth the cost. To my surprise, it works very, very well. My kids learn from school websites on Internet using their iPad, when in the car and they let me concentrate on driving!"
  • Kevin "Super fast data boost. Right after installing the booster in our RV, we got a big boost in data transferring speed."
  • Jimmy P "This cell phone booster kit is a lifesaver! We’re from the country, where there are cell phone towers near the highways for travellers. We’re quite a way off the highway and many of our relatives are even more further away than us. Counties further away might only have one tower per county. At the moment my signal strength is -101dBm when for reliable reception it should be at least -70. This cell booster kit keeps it in the latter range while I'm out and about driving in my Jeep and when going to, or coming from nearby town. It is quite a boon, I'd say to have this booster kit installed in my vehicle."
  • Nathan W "It's not cheap but it really helps cell reception. Works good keeping phone close to internal antenna."
  • Martin L "A good cell booster for car. If you are in search for a top of the line booster to install into your vehicle, then I can personal say that this LTE 4G booster from weBoost will not let you down. It works great in mine."
  • Kris "No problem covering the whole mini-van. Packed full of people in my van, and they were all able to access Internet on their tablets and phones during the rural stretch of the highway. Too many people using Internet did not slow the Internet speed. Good stuff. Antenna and wires were easy to mount. Thanks."
  • Gabriel "Most powerful booster on the market! If you are looking for a booster you won’t need to replace every couple years due to technology advancing, then this is the one for you! This booster works great with 3G, 4G and LTE signals. It really does provide about 50dB gains, the booster is great for any professional or just for daily ordinary use. I have this 4G-X-470510 booster installed in our limos we rent out for wedding and events."

It is not uncommon to desire the best signal while on the road, particularly in rural and remote sections of North America. Supporting about 4 mobile devices or Smartphones at the same time, weBoost Drive 4G-X spreads the amplified signal across the car, SUV, boat, truck or RV. Those in areas where the cell phone reception is extremely poor will find Drive 4G-X the best cellular signal booster to take home to access 3G and 4G LTE top quality speeds conveniently on the roads. 4G-X works will all sorts of vehicles, all forms of cellular devices and phones and all the different US and Canadian mobile service providers. The complete kit arrives with all the required set up and easy to install parts.

Review of weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster.

Customer review:

  • Luke G "Better than the previous version. I have the previous version that works only when RV is parked because the panel antenna on exterior has to be pointed to nearest tower. This one is better because it states this boosts signal when parked and when on the move thanks to omni directional tower antenna."

Supporting up to four cell phones or mobile devices with the signal spread across the vehicle, weBoost Drive 4G-X RV is the best cell phone signal booster you need while on the road passing through rural and remote North America. Dropped calls, slow internet speeds and poor voice quality can be devastating while on the road. The weBoost Drive 4G-X RV ensures the signal in your boat, car, SUV, RV or truck is well amplified for better texting, internet speeds and quality talk. It has a 50dB gain and enhances the speeds to 3G and 4G LTE network speeds. It doesn’t matter what carrier you’re using in Canada or the United States; all are covered. You can also use the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV with any smartphone, hotspot, notebook or tablet.

Marine Cell Phone Booster (weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 + Marine Kit).

It is not just on land that poor cell phone signals lead to poor call quality, dropped calls and slow internet speeds. Even in your yacht or boat cabin accessing 3G and 4G LTE data speeds can be problematic. Very similar to above detailed signal booster kit, this one has a weatherproof omni directional exterior antenna for marine vessels. weBoost Drive 4G-X is a unique marine wireless booster with a 50dB gain enhancing 3G and 4G LTE networks for all the cellular devices around and works with all the mobile service providers in North America. It comes with a 2-year warranty and superb for anyone who desperately want a quality and reliable signal to avoid catastrophes and chaos while sailing or cruising in North American waters. It supports up to four mobile devices simultaneously and spreads coverage in an entire cabin up to 4 ft. from slim internal antenna.

Reviews of weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR 470210 Truck Signal Booster Kit.

weBoost Drive 4GX OTR Customer reviews:

  • Vivian "I like the details of this booster. It covers all the bases for use in trucks."
  • Zack "Works for my work truck. As a traveling construction worker, it is hard to conduct business on the road when you keep losing signal. With this booster for my work truck, I haven't lost a call since I have installed it last week. It was easy to install and one of the best investments I have made."

Truckers are always on the road and far from home and better cellular coverage. They’re always trucking in rural regions and remote areas of North America and getting in touch with clients, employers, family, friends and fellow truckers and the authorities is always high in their mind. Weak cellular signal across the region can be debilitating. With the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR, this matter is well rested. Up to four mobile devices in your truck will be supported by the cell phone reception amplifier. It comes with an omni-directional NMO antenna that works in sync with the booster to guarantee a reliable 3G or 4G LTE network speed. With a 50dB gain and a two-year warranty, truck road trips will never again be plagued by unreliable cell phone signal whether you’re driving across a rugged lifeless terrain in North America or a concrete metropolis with its share of cellular signal obstructions.


weBoost vehicle booster reviews prove that they are indeed reliable and help dramatically improve cellular reception inside cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats.

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