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Reviews of Wilson Pro Amplifiers for Buildings by Wilson Electronics

Posted by on Oct 05, 2017

Read Wilson Pro signal amplifier reviews by verified buyers that have purchased them from us for installation in commercial or residential buildings. Features and benefits of Wilson Pro signal boosters for buildings are substantiated by direct quotes from verified buyers of WilsonPro products at our website, cellphonesignalbooster.us and those for whom we have installed these, and other Wilson Pro custom designed commercial signal booster kits.

Wilson Pro Reviews

Like most people around the world, people in Canada and North America are heavily using mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Hotspots, and Notebooks among others in all commercial, personal and multifaceted settings. But the signal isn't balanced and reliable in all these areas due to diverse factors. Some buildings have thousands of square feet spaces full of dead spots, obstructive architecture such as thick concrete, huge metal beams, electronic devices, furniture, among others.

It is sometimes hard to have a reliable cell phone signal in a commercial set up. This affects both business and in-departmental communication due to poor internet speeds, dropped calls, low upload and download internet speeds and poor voice calls. Per authentic reviews by our customers, the following commercial grade WilsonPro brand boosters by Wilson Electronics can help get you the reliable and better cellular reception you need for your building.

Reviews of Wilson Pro 70 (50 Ohm) Wilson Electronics 465134.

Reviews by verified purchasers of the signal booster are awash with praises:

  • Jeremy calls it "a premium commercial cell phone booster for businesses" and clarifies that he calls it "a premium commercial cell phone signal booster because it is the best Wilson booster I have used for my installations. It is part beauty and a part beast. Perfect for large businesses that need a trouble-free boosting system that works over large areas."
  • Dave B terms it the "good solution!" explaining that he owns "a tile company and unfortunately, our warehouse has very poor reception. This was a hassle since most of my business is conducted from this location. After speaking with some associates and a couple friends, I was told that I needed a commercial signal amplifier. I came across the Wilson pro 70 mentioned in a forum where another company had success. So I then started looking where to make a purchase. It turns out there isn't much in the way of local stores so I turned to the web. I found cellphonesignalbooster.us through an easy Google search and as luck would have it, they carry this particular model the other company IT tech had used. Thus far it has been 3 weeks since installation, and I cannot express enough the level of satisfaction we have with this unit."
  • John claims that "Wilson pro 70 is better than other brands", writing that it "is one of the most common boosters I install in large buildings and mansions. I never experience any issues with them. I have seen Wilson pro 70 booster been used in call centers to improve call quality. I have also seen them being using in large houses such as mansions in more rural areas. They have this unit installed so they can have a signal to conduct business and stay in touch."

A commercial building of about 25,000 square feet requires reliable cellular coverage due to the business that takes place there. Such a huge place without reliable internet and voice service can be a hazard during emergencies and won’t make business sense to work from. High-density building materials from metal, brick and thick concrete slabs and energy efficient construction items like low-energy types of glass and radiant barriers usually are the culprits blocking the cellular reception. Wilson Pro 70 (50 Ohm) can help to change things around by improving the weak signal up to 32 times. Whether it is a hospital, warehouse, multi-story building or huge office, the cell phone signal booster will enhance the weak signal to 3G and 4G LTE speeds for commercial spaces of 20,000 square feet to highs of 25,000 square feet. The booster has a 70dB gain and works for all mobile devices from notebooks, tablets to smartphones. All mobile service providers in the US and Canada are also covered by the FCC and Industry Canada approved Wilson Pro 70 (50 Ohm).

Reviews of Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 463134).


  • Nicole, a verified buyer reviews the Pro 70 by saying that "no more “no service” complaints by customers in our store" and that she likes "how this booster works with all cell providers like ATT and Verizon. We installed it in our store and we have not had a single customer complain about "no signal" as used to be the case before."
  • Tom, a certified installer highly recommends the booster kit, writing that he has "installed many kits and this one is by far the best signal booster kit that boosts reception the most deep inside concrete homes and buildings even when the outside signal is negligible."

A hotel, warehouse, multi-storey building, school, hotels and industrial warehouses among others are commercial buildings with up to 25,000 square feet more or less. Getting the required cell phone signal in all these floors and the entire commercial space isn't always easy. The Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) allows you to get the reliable signal reception for all mobile devices and from all carriers, not just in America, but also in Canada across the entire space. Building materials, external interference and tower distance will not affect the quality of your signal any longer. The commercial building's weak cellular signal will be boosted to 3G and 4G LTE speeds across the board. 70dB gain and three-year warranty ensures a trouble free signal amplification process to get your business working again.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) Wilson Electronics.

If your business is a commercial building of 20,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet, you probably are facing serious dropped calls, slow internet and poor voice calls. The Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) is aimed at correcting this signal problem up to 50,000 square feet. Architecture of the building, materials used and other equipment inside the commercial building can affect the quality of cell phone signal endangering your internet speeds, texting and calls. Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) has a 70dB gain with a three-year warranty and amplifies the current weak cellular signal up to 32 times. The cell phone signal booster increases the current network to 3G and 4G LTE network speeds.

Verified buyer Erin terms the signal booster as "outstanding in quality and performance." Erin writes that they "recently researched a solution for poor signal strength throughout our company warehouse. An average piece of equipment on the shelves at our local Walmart simply would not suffice. What we found was the Wilson Pro 70 Plus. We chose this because it was referenced as the best in performance for any and all, in-building signal boosters in the market. Clearly a statement they make good on! Heavy steel construction and a metal roof stood no chance in dampening communication once we properly installed the Pro 70 Plus. Our operational personnel have already given their own standing ovation to the improved efficiency. From an average of 1 to 2 bars to consistent full bars in any nook and cranny of the warehouse."

Even better is the fact this particular booster has the capability for expansion. Perfect for our future plan of leasing an adjoining warehouse space. Not to mention a 3 year warranty for piece of mind!”

Wilson Pro 70 Plus (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 460127).

It is expected that a commercial building of up to 50,000 square feet has lots of people using hotpots, notebooks, tablets and Smartphones for communication purposes. Obviously, slow internet could bring the quality of business and life in the building into a halt, leading to serious losses. Poor cell phone signal is a serious malady and can leave a huge commercial building with severe dead zones, poor voice calls and weak internet. The Wilson Pro 70 Plus (75 Ohm) changes all these by taking the weak cellular signal and enhancing it into 3G and 4G LTE network speed levels, in the process improving the service by 32 times. All carriers in the United States and Canada, including all types of mobile devices work with the Wilson Pro 70 Plus (75 Ohm). It comes with a three-year warranty and offers a 70dB gain.

According to a verified review by a confirmed buyer, Christian L, it has been a winner. She says as "the co-owner of a private aircraft management outfit based out of St Louis we recently purchased a new 48,000 SF hanger and the first thing we took notice to, was almost no signal strength on our Sprint phones. It is funny this isn't exactly something you just pick up at Radio Shack. We actually mentioned the issue to our webmaster and he referred us to this website selling Wilson electronics. Did some research, put our heads together and each agreed on the Wilson pro 70 plus. Didn't want to take any chances so coughed up the cost for a professional to install it properly. Ended up relocating some of our equipment due to interference but after 3 days of tweaking things, we're extremely satisfied. It can already be quite loud in the hanger and with so much square footage. I have personally wandered around and only 2 times did I notice a bar drop off. Works excellent with our iPads as well. The price is high but then again it is the cost of doing business! Worth checking it out for similar circumstances."

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select (50 Ohm) 462127 Commercial Grade Signal Booster.

With the Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select (50 Ohm) you don't have to worry again about weak cellular signal, tower distance, building material and internal interferences. Weak cell phone signals in your commercial building of up to 50,000 square feet will be cured to reach as high as 3G and 4G LTE speeds allow. Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select (50 Ohm) includes adjustable downlink and uplink gain controls with signal expansion antenna add-ons you can use to reach even more areas in the extensive space. It offers 70dB gain, three-year warranty and works with all carries in North America. The wireless signal amplifier boosts all cell phones and mobile devices in Canada and the United States.

The verified buyer reviews of Wilson Pro 70 are telling. Noah says "it is hard to find a booster that even compares to this!" he continues that the "Wilson pro amplifier commercial grade booster is out of this world! We had not been able to find a booster this powerful for commercial grade, since months now. The gains are incredible and I love the option of adjusting the gain level whenever needed to turn it up, or down, depending on the situation. The casing of the booster is well built and durable. I recommend this booster to any business looking to solve their weak signal issue once and for all, like it did for us."

More Wilson Pro Plus Select reviews:

  • Gus says he's "happy to see the gain is adjustable", observing that the "booster is fantastic. It is crazy strong - we had to turn the gain down, since it is so strong, I think we were boosting our neighbor's signal too!"
  • Trevor shows his delight in the amplifier, saying "Holy! I can't wait to order this one" since "upon reading the capabilities of this booster kit, I think this must be the best booster kit out there. Commercial grade kits are usually very good and this seems to be no exception!"
  • For Adam L, it is "just what we need" since as "a manager of a warehouse located in Chicago, we're outside of reach of cell towers which really was a problem since we had no signal. Finding a good commercial booster is a challenge so I hope this will do the trick! The numbers presented look promising to say the least."

Wilson Pro 1050 Commercial Signal Booster Kit 460230.

A commercial building can have as much as 75,000 square feet in terms of space with the poorest internet connection, poor voice calls, dropped calls and slow internet uploads and downloads. This has a huge effect on business and the life of everyone who works there. Calling for emergency services can be hampered putting everyone in danger. However, with the Wilson Pro 1050, any space between 30,000 square feet and 75,000 square feet will be covered perfectly. All outside interferences, extensive cell tower distance and thick building materials will not affect the quality of the cell phone signal again. 3G and 4G LTE network speeds will be accomplished by the 70dB gain Wilson Pro 1050 with Extra Dynamic Range features preventing overload conditions that shuts down a booster.

Reviews of Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster.

Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for 100k sq. ft. (SKU # 460231) is a special type of cellular signal amplifier perfect for industrial settings. It can cover up to 140,000 square feet, catering for gigantic commercial setups such as large parking venues, factories, hospitals, schools and warehouses. Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster boosts weak cell phone reception to 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network speeds depending on the existing weak signal. All carriers in both Canada and United States are perfectly covered. You can actually cover more space with expanding antenna kits. The Extra Dynamic Range feature of the Wilson Pro 4000R guarantees there’s a continuous coverage across the commercial space. Three-year warranty and a 70dB gain guarantees years of top notch internet speeds and clear voice calls.

Five and four-star reviewers from verified purchasers agree with the Pro 4000R.

  • Tim says "Wilson Electronics has upped the ante with this heavy duty booster", observing that "140,000 covered by one amplifier is truly awesome! That is a lot of space to cover for one booster. I'd like to know how much it will cost? I bet the price will be in the range of ten thousand?"
  • Brent says he's "interested in the booster kit. It looks quite good per your specs” and that “if it works as well as stated, I think this would meet all my requirements."

Reviews of Wilson Pro 4000 Wall Mount Commercial Signal Booster.

There's no better way of covering a huge commercial space of 100,000 square feet to 140,000 square feet with poor cell phone signal coverage than with the Wilson Pro 4000 Wall Mount Signal Booster for 100,000 sq. ft. (Part # 460223). It incorporates four distinct reception amplifiers fed by various indoor antennas. Whether it is an office, warehouse, hotel or hospital, the Wilson Pro 4000 will offer reliable cellular reception enhancement. The cellular signal booster actually raises the weak reception into 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network speed levels for all wireless service providers in Canada and the United States. A 12dB downlink power for every port ensures the Wilson Pro 4000 Wall Mount signal amplifier gets you the highest available and reliable coverage inside the commercial building.

Verified buyer reviews rate Pro 4000 with five stars:

  • Eric indicates that Pro 4000 is by far the best signal amplifier they have used and that "The PRO 4000 wall mount is by far the best amp between itself and the rack mount. It is overall a superior amplifier to anything we have used thus far. Moving forward, in most cases I would like to figure out more ways to use them. Economically it’s a tough sell for clients, but from what we see on the performance side, there's nothing better."
  • Another verified buyer, Theo says that he prefers "this one to the rack mount unit" offering that "this is an expensive unit and bolting it down into the floor will minimize theft."

Wilson Pro 1000 Passive DAS Wall-Mount Signal Booster Review.

There’re many reasons why your 75,000 square feet commercial building might not be receiving the reliable cell phone signal required for proper functioning of your business. Lives could be in danger if emergency services cannot be accessed due to poor reception. To be on the safe side, getting a quality cellular signal amplifier such as the Wilson Pro 1000 Passive DAS Wall-Mount Signal Booster for up to 75,000 Sq. Ft. (Part # 460236) can transform everything. Wilson Pro 1000 actually increases the reception coverage across the entire space of up to 75,000 square feet with 3G and 4G LTE network speeds. All the different voice and data service providers in Canada and the United States are covered including all different mobile devices from Smartphones, Tablets to Hotspots. The reception amplifier comes with a three-year warranty and offers a 70dB gain.

According to a review by a verified buyer, Eric K, "PRO1000 resolves attenuation issues on its own" and that "it is definitely best to use them for approximately 50,000 square feet areas. It eliminated all attenuation issues for us. All greens consistent across the board."

No one wants dead zones, weak cell signal, dropped calls and absolutely poor quality voice calls in their commercial buildings. With any of these Wilson Pro cellular signal reception amplifiers for commercial buildings you can transform dead spots and weak signals into 3G and 4G LTE prolific network speeds. Customer reviews received prove this fact beyond a shred of doubt.

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