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RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Guide for Motorhomes and Large Vehicles

Posted by on Apr 05, 2016

Indecisions about the most suitable Motorhome cell phone signal booster to meet your needs? Read differences to help you make the right decision.

Motorhome Signal Boosters

Recently we had an inquiry for assistance to select the best cell phone signal booster kit from an enthusiast planning to attend an annual Burning Man festival which takes place in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. They had Apple iPhone 6+'s and a 34' recreational vehicle. The following two are the recommendations we suggest: (not necessarily the best in the order listed)

One Recommendation: weBoost 470201 with 4G Omni Directional Antenna ("Omni" antenna)

weBoost RV 4G Omni Directional Antenna Kit 470201

This item is great for permanent installation because the omni-directional antenna will boost 4G signal even when vehicle is on the move because it draws signals from all directions. It is very convenient because you won't ever need to adjust its position outside the vehicle once installed properly. Such antennas are powerful yet very convenient way to boost weak signals. Therefore, there're ideal for all kinds of vehicles such as motorhomes or any similar large vehicle that can accommodate a desktop antenna.

Another recommendation: weBoost 470201 with 4G Uni-Directional Antenna (also called "Panel" antenna)

weBoost RV 4G Panel Uni-Directional Antenna Kit 470201

This item is great if you want to ensure an absolute best reception while parked at any location because its uni-directional antenna can capture the most 4G signal from the direction of the nearest cell tower. It is a bit inconvenient because every time you settle down at a parked location, you will need to aim it slowly in all directions to determine final position when pointed towards nearest cell tower for best reception (all instructions included). Such antennas are the most powerful way to boost weak signals. These are ideal for RVs and motor homes because they can be used only while the vehicle is parked for extended period of times during vacations or day-long or longer visits to camping grounds, etc. This item is by far the most popular cell phone signal booster for extreme instances because it does the most to boost reception by drawing signals from cell towers that may be great distances away.

Hopefully, above RV and motorhome cellular signal booster differences will make it very easy to help you make your purchase decision depending upon your needs and circumstances.

Summary and conclusion of recommendations for cell phone signal boosters for RVs

Both above units will boost 4G data reception. Since both units listed above are backward compatible, and the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus' run on the latest 4G LTE wireless network, reception in any 34 feet recreational vehicle (or an bigger or smaller than thirty four feet RV) will improve not only for 4G LTE but also for 2G Voice, and 3G or 3G+. Nevertheless, as far as the two units and their subtle differences are concerned, if you realize you have made a wrong choice, we offer the best return/exchange policy - 60 Day within purchase to get a refund of exchange for the other kind:)

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