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Signal Booster For Schools, Colleges, Universities

Posted by on Jan 07, 2016

University cell phone signal booster

It is time to get right down to it. Kids of all ages have their lives oriented around technology. This typically included college and university students, but now includes students in high schools, middle schools, and yes, even grade schools. Yes, it is a problem that also impacts the lives of adults that include teachers, professors, faculty, and other employees, who are just as connected to their smart phones. However, today's children and teens don't have the same skills or patience that adults did when they were that age years ago. That can lead to all sorts of problems down the road, especially when it comes to problem solving. On a happier note, it seems that schools are understanding the idea that technology needs to be integrated into the classroom. Luckily, signal boosters are here to help with enhancing students' experiences in schools, colleges, and universities. We have sold and helped design custom signal booster kits for many schools, colleges, and universities in USA and Canada, and they have all been delighted with the results!

Better data coverage in classrooms

Teachers can tell you that it is hard to keep children and teens in line when they don't have access to technology. Sometimes, they are unable to pay attention because they are too busy trying to get a signal for their social media accounts. It is frustrating because students should be taking advantage of their education, but often times, that does not happen. A signal booster would enhance the connection between the cell towers and the devices in the schools. An amplifier or repeater kit can help even in classrooms that are surrounded by the thick cement and metal that often impair the signal's strength.

With our latest Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select providing stronger signal on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE with adjustable gain controls on each band and up to 50,000 square feet of improved reception area, only one of them may suffice. The good news about a stronger signal is that students will be able to get all of the cell reception they need, leading them to pay more attention to the teacher. It also leads to some great education opportunities that will be discussed a little later. It is sad that schools have to accommodate these needs, but it is important.

Better service in college residences

Residential housing in college and university are known for being rundown and full of dead zones that fill students with complaints. It is one thing to have dead zones in class, but it is another to have them where they live, where browsing Internet on mobile devices is often something students do. The radio towers do not tend to be close to residences, and with heavy reliance on their service, hundreds of students fight for time on the data lines.

Therefore, a signal booster is a good idea that will allow students to be able to do their academic and other related business without having to wait for downloads and put up with slow Internet speeds. As far as the investment goes, it is a great investment that will pay for itself the first night of classes when everyone is trying to get online. It is a worthwhile investment that is crucial on today's campuses. Students expect to be able to do all of their business while living on campus, and it's a signal booster's job to deliver.

Technology-integration option within classrooms

Since children of all ages are hooked on technology, it only makes sense to look at how it can be used in the classroom to further an education opportunity. This can fall into categories like online textbooks that can be accessed on a tablet provided by the school or the student, or maybe even some sort of activity that requires them to use online resources. It is not smart to have all of the education centered around technology, but using it here and there can be really beneficial to the student, because it allows for the teacher and student to connect more.

In situations like these, a signal booster will allow these tablets to connect to the school's system and therefore have a strong connection that the teacher can control depending on what is approved as a resource and what is not.

Technology-based learning opportunity

On that same note, a signal booster allows for those technological programs to become faster and better, to meet the needs of the students and teachers. If the teacher is adventurous enough to take on a lessons plan that revolves around using technology as its main medium, a signal booster makes this a very honest reality. These kinds of learning options are great for those who are teens or in university, as the learning experience can be personalized so that the student gets the most benefit out of it. It can be totally controlled by the teacher, and the signal booster allows for a strong connection so that everyone is understanding the process.

Modern times are being taken seriously

Schools have to change with the times, and it is that simple. All schools were forced to upgrade the learning system when computers came into mainstream areas, and the same can be said for the use of mobile networks and the learning that can be done with through them. Signal boosters are the next step to making sure that schools everywhere stay focused on what is best for children so that everyone is going to get the right education through the right means. It is all good to have a good education plan, but if it does not work for each child, it is not really all that good, is it? These people are going to be running the world one day, so it is important that their education be take very seriously as a result.


It is sad to see that students at young ages are being brought into the world of technologies. Seeing teens hooked to their phones is just as bad, but the age of smart phone owners is getting younger and younger with each year. It is scary to think about how young it will be when this generation brings babies into the world. With signal boosters, the modern technological world can come into the classroom and allow for a better education system for the younger generation. We have to move with the demands of the children, otherwise we will be left to fend for ourselves when the uneducated masses take over. Signal boosters allow for a better future, though it may seem trivial. Bring them into the schools and the impact will be seen clearly.

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