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Signal Booster For Very Large Homes Of Movie Stars And Sports Athletes

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015

Large luxury home signal booster kits

There are many reasons for us to look at the idols that we hold so dear and be jealous of them. After all, they are or were just like us until they hit it big. They have the same characteristics as us, the same thoughts in their heads, and the same personalities. So, what makes them so impressive? Whatever the reason, they're some of the most inspiring people to be, and we want their lives. One of the things that you may be jealous of (one of the things that you'll admit to, that is) is the home that they have. They tend to be popular and full of all sorts of glamour and bling.

What you would realize pretty quickly though, after spending a few hours, is that the very same sheer size that makes you want the home causes all sorts of nonsense, including poor signal range. Yes, these fantastic movie stars, as pretty and talented as they are, are stuck with the problem of having to get a signal booster. What a shame.

Large floor plan

A large part of why the signal is so poor in big homes of athletes and movie stars is because of how large the floor plan is. It does not matter if it is a three story Victorian home, or a one floor sprawling open concept idea. The fact is that it is still huge and a signal can only trickle so far before losing it stability and reliability. The famous and rich can pretty much afford anything, but a radio signal is out of their hands. Which is where the signal booster comes in. We have helped design custom signal booster kits for very large homes that belong to movie stars and sports athletes.

By looking at all of the different kinds of booster kits available, the celebrities can pick out a system that will work best for their home and have it installed properly in the right place to give them the signal strength that they need. Even modern homes that we live in, can require signal boosters, so the huge, pricey, lavish homes of celebrities should not be much of a surprise. It is nice to see that everyone has some of the same struggles after all.

Modern materials

Unless a celebrity is living in a home that was built back at the turn of the century and hasn't had anything updated since, all homes are bound to have some kind of modern materials that serve as great signal blockers. Materials like cement, multiple floors, and metals are terrible at allowing a steady, decent signal through, so it is no wonder that these kinds of homes need signal boosters to help their owners out.

The thing is, modern technology, with all of its pros, has cons, too. The more refined our materials get for building, the more refined we have to get in terms of technology and its aids. If we were still living in smaller, conservative homes made out of natural materials, signal boosters wouldn't be as needed. While the homes look nicer and can last longer, the catch is that these homes have to have signal boosters in order to allow a good signal to come through. It is interesting that this is the world we live in, now. Modern times call for modern problems, it seems.

Mobile usage

Everyone is known for moving around their home and their phones stay with them as they move. As they change floors, head to different rooms, and generally move around the home, the signal changes, stretches, drops, reconnects, etc. Not only is it bad on the phone's battery, it is also bad for steady and constant reception. No matter how much you try, there will always be a dead zone or two in your home. If you have a large home like a movie star does, that dead zone may turn into one, two, three, and more!

It is best to think about a signal booster in large homes such as those owned by our idols. This will ensure a steady signal that is sure to keep everyone's devices connected as they move throughout the house. Metal beams and modern construction won't stop a professional grade signal booster.

Potentially large capacity

Let's face it, celebrities are known for their parties. They always make the tabloids and the photos show the large slew of guests that always turn out for the event. With that many people in the place, there is bound to be a lot of strain put on the signal coming from the radio tower(s) nearby, so a signal booster can come in handy when you are trying to hold onto a heavy load. For parties of this size, it is definitely a good idea.

Not only are signal boosters a good idea for the large capacity, but it also means that everyone who comes will be able to have a strong signal in every part of the house. There will be no dead zones, even if there are hundreds of people and all sorts of modern materials in the home that are known for their signal-blocking characteristics.


It is only a matter of time until signal boosters become known to the public for their popularity and the fact that they actually work well. Since we are all so dependent on our phones, signal boosters have a tough job, and a good standard to uphold. From homes like ours with five or six rooms, to those mansions that our celebrities call home, a signal booster can help us all out.

Therefore, the next time you're flipping through the message boards and seeing the new house that your favourite celebrity just bought, recall that they have problems like ours, too. It is both interesting and strange to think that we have a kind of a common ground with people that are so different from us, but it just goes to show that even the most popular and famous deal with everyday problems, too. It is both humbling and exciting to know that celebrities could be potentially looking into the same signal booster kits that we, ourselves are.

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