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Signal Booster For Warehouse And Distribution Centers

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015

Warehouse cell phone signal booster

You may have heard about signal boosters for all sorts of places: Work, home, on the go, and everything in between. However, signal boosters for places like warehouses and distribution centres are not all that popular, even though they are just as important as the other locations where signals are lost. Thus, it is time we start to learn just how crucial these important devices can be in warehouses and distribution centers. These locations that are often ignored are actually some of the most important ones in the world that could use the help with a signal booster. We have sold and helped design custom signal booster kits for many warehouses and distribution centers, and our clients are very happy with the results. Here's all you need to know.

Why is a signal booster important in warehouses and distribution centres?

Like any other place, warehouses have dead zones. As you may know, dead zones are caused when certain materials such as metal or cement may get in the way of the signal tower that is responsible for giving clear service to all of your devices. That in turn results in dropped calls and delays in database updates. In places such as warehouses, these materials are all the more common, meaning that dead spots are harder to avoid or control in the long run. Warehouses and distribution centers are the homes of many materials that come in and out of these places meaning that signal-harming materials may appear and could be going in that way, with little means to move them around. Then, as soon as you get a clear signal heading to your devices, new stock comes in and the problem is present again.

Because of this, a signal booster is really quite important in a warehouse or a distribution center. Since these places tend to be large and spread out, you will not be able to simply rely on the radio signals coming from the towers, no matter how close they may be to the building. A signal booster is a must have. To put it in perspective, think about your WiFi router in your home: the further away that you get from it, the weaker the signal gets until it breaks off entirely, or becomes unreliable. A signal booster would be able to fix that problem.

As you know, warehouses are distribution centers that are much larger than a home, and getting a professional grade signal booster that is designed to work exclusively with these kinds of locations should be part of the business plan of any warehouse or distribution center. A signal booster will make sure that mobile signals within the building stay constant and strong. No matter what is inside and moving around, your signal will not suffer as a result.

What role does a signal booster play in these locations?

Now that you have learned all about what a signal booster does within a location like this, you may be thinking, why is it actually important? Well, keep reading because everything will become clear in the next couple sections of this blog post.

First of all, a signal booster is crucial because it boosts the signal within the confines of the warehouse or distribution center. It will ensure that all of the devices inside get the proper strength so that everything stays working well. That seems simple enough, right? Let's break that down a little bit so that we can better understand why that's actually important.

Most people think that signal boosters they are meant for mobile phones. The truth is, they do a lot more than that. Within a modern warehouse, you have hundreds – if not thousands – of products that are constantly coming in, being stored, and going out again at all hours of the day. These are big, open spaces that rely on computers to keep them organized and up to date on everything that comes into the centre.

Imagine you're looking for a certain product within the computer system and it's saying you have 40 of these products, but the shelf is empty. This mix up is quite often due to the fact that the computer database is not updating at the proper speed and is causing all sorts of lag time and delayed updates that impact your business for the worse.

The same scenario could happen if a customer calls up a worker and asks if his stock has been shipped to him yet. After looking at the computer, the worker can confirm that it has been shipped only to later find out that there was a problem with the shipment, and the entire stock has been sitting there for the whole the week. Delays like this are common when a large and complex building like a warehouse does not have the proper signal booster equipment. These are mix ups that can not and should not happen within a professional business, as it is unprofessional and can reduce future business relations.

How can a signal booster help?

Quite simply, a signal booster will ensure that all of the computer databases (as well as the landline and cell lines) are working at their best so that there will not be mix ups due to lag time as seen from the example listed above. While you may not think this is a big issue at first glance, these kinds of are some of the most serious offences and errors that warehouses and distribution centres can make. These places thrive and depend on organization and order. A signal booster will be able to ensure that this order stays intact.

Now that you probably know more about warehouses and signal boosters than you ever thought you would have, it is time to think about all that we have talked about. Since technology runs the world that we live in, it only makes sense that we adapt the computer systems and other related products to match that need. A signal booster will help with making sure that these systems and products do what they need to do in the most efficient way.

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