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Signal Boosters for Office Buildings - Single And Multi-Floor!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015

Signal boosters for multi-storey office buildings

As the world continues to develop and advance, business owners and workers are having to change with the times. Before, both men and women would head off to work as part of an office that was centered in a single building. When workers needed to talk to each other, they would head down the hallway or meet up with each other in the break room. It was a simpler time that simply revolved around the people and accommodating their timely needs. Now, many corporations have many offices around the world, so conversing with each other sometimes becomes a much harder problem. This is where signal boosters for office buildings come in handy. We have sold and helped design custom signal booster kits for many single and multi-storey office buildings, and our clients are very happy with the results.

Office buildings are no longer just a few rooms in the center of town. They are many times refined, newly built office buildings that have large floors and sometimes with several of them in one structure. Instead of having 50 people working out of the same office, there are hundreds of floors in a skyscraper. Since the volume of space and people have both changed, signal boosters have been a crucial part of the office buildings. After all, it is all well and good to have plenty of people in the office, but everyone experiences inconvenience if a signal is not strong enough to adequately take care of the employees that are trying to get tasks done. In these cases, a signal booster is very helpful.

Single story office buildings

There are some businesses, smaller ones for the most part, that still enjoy a one story structure. Despite the fact that they are one story, they are still in need of signal boosters. In these offices, a signal booster would greatly increase the quality of the signal so that people could easily contact each other, even if they are just across the building from each other.

Recall that the modern business world requires us to always be moving around. If a worker is always moving around the office, or if they are popping in and out to work related errands, they need to be able to contact the office and the other employees. Therefore, the signal must be strong in every corner of the office so that contact can be established when needed.

Office buildings with multiple floors

These offices have a lot of the same problems as others mentioned before, but they also have the added difficulty of needing a signal to stretch across multiple floors. Since we revolve around being in contact with each other often, this is an essential must-have for any business that is hoping to survive. When customers call requiring information, you need to be able to be heard on a clear line for better communication with customers. Plus, when requesting information from another company or talking to current clients, the line should be crisp and clear.

Multiple floors require a strong signal booster that is ready to handle not only the large capacity that any business will need, but the large distances that come into play with three or four or ten floors that are commonly seen in modern day business buildings. The perfect signal booster must be chosen to allow for all of that with perfect clarity.


As mentioned, many businesses rely on telecommuting so that offices around the world can be updated on the current events. Video chat service like Skype or other audio call service like Google Voice are crucial in business. When using the same radio tower as the one that all of the business phones are using in the office, you are going to rely heavily on the signal booster to give you a clear signal in both video and audio. Without that kind of technology, different sections of the businesses would be cut off from one another, and that would cause plenty of problems around the world.

Having to drop a video call, or repeat everything that you are saying so that the people on the other side of the call can understand is not something that anyone wants to do when it comes to the business world. But, without a signal booster, this is a situation many businesses face on a daily basis. It only makes sense to invest in a signal booster in the beginning so that the situation can be avoided as much as possible.


Lastly, everyone expects the signal to be there for them 24/7 with the best speed and quality. Technology never sleeps so the radio signal towers never truly get a break unless they literally go offline. Getting a signal booster in the office even for those late night hours is a must have! You are always going to have to be in touch with someone, so make sure that that important needs are met with something as inexpensive and convenient as the signal booster. You will see all the benefits very quickly.

The world is going to continue moving faster so signal boosters are going to become more and more popular. In fact, inability to contact police and ambulance services for security and medical emergencies, are the number one reasons that get property managers and property owners to come to us to purchase signal boosters. It is better to be safe than sorry is a cliche, but very applicable in this instance. The needs and wants of customers and employees alike are only going to build and become more demanding as more buildings are built and the businesses expand during these times. As the demand rises, so does the strength and durability of the signal booster. It only makes sense that you should get ahead of the game and think about a commercial signal booster that will suit all of your business needs. They are quickly becoming staples in offices all over the world, so it us best to jump on that train now while it is still in the station. Otherwise, you will be left in the dust and your customers will leave for better and bigger companies that can give them the speed and clarity they're looking for.

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