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Signal Boosters Help Commercial Drivers Compete for Business

Posted by on May 28, 2015

Latest feedback shows that drivers of taxis, limousines, taxi-buses and other commercial vehicles are receiving more and more calls to pick up new passengers, thanks to their use of cell phone signal booster technology which effectively boosts 3G, 4G and 4G LTE signals. This is due to the fact that there are now Smartphone applications to connect drivers to potential customers over a mobile network; designed for the sole purpose of dispatching callouts.

Today, with e-hailing becoming so popular with taxi and limousine drivers (similar to the way e-commerce is for retail merchants) many drivers have already installed cell phone booster kits to help boost reception: this helps them compete favourably against other drivers and taxi companies to rein in more customers.

The two latest cell phone signal boosters for vehicles are the weBoost Drive 4G-S (Booster kit part # 470107) and the weBoost Drive 4G-X (Booster kit part # 470510). Both of these products offer better wireless data transfer speeds, extend cellular signal range, lengthen battery life, and offer faster downloads. The main difference between these two weBoost products is in their performance: the weBoost 470510 is capable of boosting multiple devices, whereas the weBoost 470107 is more suited for boosting one device and, as such, is the more affordable product. Both products are perfect for use in large vehicles, like commercial trucks.

Of course when these kits are installed in commercial vehicles it not only assists the drivers of these vehicles; it’s also helpful to passengers with Smartphones who benefit from clear phone communication and quicker internet speeds. Even when a taxi, taxi bus, or limousine is in motion it takes just a couple of seconds for a video to buffer and play smoothly.

This amazing technology has made life so much easier for drivers: they’re able to use high-speed internet while waiting for customers, and passengers are able to surf the net whilst waiting in traffic jams and so on. Limousines and Taxi Buses choosing to offer a higher level of customer service, including convenience and comfort, can also receive huge benefits from using signal boosters.

The value of signal boosters can also be seen on a practical level: it’s not just the convenience and ease of maintaining a strong cellular reception. It appears that many more of our ‘yellow cab’ taxi drivers are finding this product essential to their business, perhaps due to the taxi industry’s necessity to stay relevant to rideshare companies, such as Uber. Chicago Policy reported in 2014 that city governments mandated that taxi services are subject to price increases and, when taxi service prices do increase, customers may well decide to employ ride-share companies because their rates are often cheaper. So, a cell phone signal booster could give taxi drivers the competitive edge they’re looking for in order to survive in what is indeed a cut-throat industry.

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