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Simple tips to boost your cell phone signal instantly!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Simple tips to boost cell phone signal instantly

Try amazingly quick and simple tips to boost your cell phone signal, instantly! Dropped phone calls can be a real pain. We have all been there – chatting away to a friend or dealing with an important business matter on our mobile, only to have the signal drop and completely lose the phone call. Worse yet are the times that you have been waiting patiently in a customer service queue for hours and the signal dies right when you are about to speak to a real human. Nothing is more frustrating! You lose time, money and efficiency every time a phone call ends due to a dropped signal.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios and want to improve your mobile signal, here are some simple tips that can boost your cellular strength and give you more reliable telecommunications.

• Open a window – I know, I know, it sounds far too easy to be effective, but simply opening a window in your home or office may actually increase your mobile signal quite dramatically. Your walls, insulation and window glass can block the signals coming from nearby cell towers – try opening a window and you might just be amazed at the difference.

• Find your nearest mast – If you live near a mobile phone tower (mast), your mobile phone signal will be quite strong. That said, your mobile might not automatically connect to the nearest mast – in order to find out which nearby signal tower you are connected to, download an app such as OpenSignal. This app will show you all of the mobile towers near to your location, and also tell you which tower you are currently connecting to. This will help you to point your phone in the correct direction and hopefully gain a stronger signal.

• Get yourself up high – As a general rule, the higher you are, the better your signal will be. Getting the best signal possible often requires an unimpeded line of sight to the nearest mobile tower – the higher you are, the lower the chance that anything will be in your way to block your signal. Combining this approach with the two above will yield the best results without a booster.

• Purchase a signal booster – By far, the very best solution for anyone requiring a stronger mobile signal in their home, office or leisure space is to purchase a signal booster. These devices will increase the available signal so dramatically, that you will swear you are using a new phone. Signal boosters pick up the weak signals outside and transform them into fully functioning and usable signals indoors – dropped calls will become a rarity.

By trying one or more of above simple solutions (alone or in combination with one another), you are sure to improve your mobile signal and be able to make calls without the nagging worry of a dropped connection. Good luck, and happy chatting!

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