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​Simple Tweaks to Get a Quality Cell Phone Signal

Posted by on Feb 03, 2017

Simple tweaks to enjoy strong cell phone signal strength!

Chances are that you have noticed the cell phone signal regularly fails just when you have an important call or download to make. Getting a quality cell signal even in the heart of a metropolitan isn't always easy. With a poor signal you can be sure your Smartphone won't be able to connect to social media, critical apps, internet, email, text messages among other services you probably require in real time.

Connection via your Smartphone, Tablet and PC doesn't come cheap. There're monthly bills to consider. You deserve to access the 4G LTE and 3G networks promised. You don’t want to have an expensive phone that only takes photos, provides an alarm, calculator and calendar. Rather than keep waiting for minutes on end when in a hurry just to have a page load, send text or access the internet, there're a number of simple things you can do to enhance the cell phone reception.

Figure out your signal strength.

When signal strength is mentioned most of us think about the bars on the phone's display. However, depending on the device, bars could mean anything. Two bars on an Android phone might be three bars on an iOS device. Rather, test and see the strength of the signal in the house or place of work. Dialing *3001#12345# from an iOS cellular device can help you know the signal strength in your current location. Those using Android phones can find the feature via "Settings" and going to the "Network" area where the signal strength is displayed.

In case the signal strength is -100 dBm or much lower chances are you have very little signal, if any. Move from the dead zone and shift the phone about while watching the signal strength change and know areas in the building where the signal is strongest. Once you find a section where the signal is -70dBm or so, you might want to make a note of that area. It is perhaps the best place to browse or make a call from.

Airplane Mode.

Like many people, you have probably never thought Airplane Mode has any significant beyond the obvious. To enhance the signal on your Smartphone, activate Airplane Mode for a couple of seconds before deactivating it once more. The signal is speedily rebooted and phone is forced to look for a strongest source of signal which then easily helps connects the phone to the closest possible tower allowing your voice calls to be exceptionally clear.

Roll down car window.

While you shouldn’t receive calls or make them while driving, it doesn't mean those in the car with you should suffer poor signal coverage on their phones. If a signal cannot be held as you drive, rolling down the window of the car does help. Note that the car is a gigantic metal box that can block a cellular signal from penetrating.

Move from possible obstructions.

The cellular device and the signal tower must connect for a signal to go through. When obstructions appear on the way, the signal might arrive very weak if it does at all. Move away from interferences that affect cell tower and cellular device connection. Get close to a window or move from insulated interiors and very thick walls, if any. Barriers such as high buildings and metal structures can also interfere even in the heart of a metropolitan city with the best cell phone coverage.

Mountains, hills and trees can also be barriers that need to be avoided. You can also move to the balcony or a higher floor to access better cell phone coverage. Getting higher always works. Don't forget thunderstorms, snow and rain also affects reception. Perhaps you might want to wait until the skies have cleared.

Network carrier options.

If you're still not enjoying the quality signal you want, perhaps another carrier would do. Cell phone service providers are always ready and eager to help you switch. Check for these deals online from the various local, national and regional carriers. You might end up with a 50 percent reduction on bills for switching with a better signal. In fact Open Signal can help you contrast the networks by ranking using your ZIP code to search the service providers' service map.

Wi-Fi Network.

Using landline internet? Check out UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) or WiFi calling. It is a unique service allowing the use of a working broadband landline Wireless Fidelity not only to connect to the web, but also make quality calls. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile among others have a support for WiFi calling or support the service on selected phones. This can help you enhance your internet connection and voice needs.

Find the nearest cellular tower.

To always enjoy the best reception possible know the location of the cell phone tower closest to you. You can use Cell Reception that allows you to add your state, city and zip code to get the closest tower for a better signal strength. Another, already mentioned, is Open Signal allowing you to know the top four carriers around you, including their signals as well as worldwide and nationwide cell phone signal comparisons.

Smartphone apps can also help locate cellular tower coverage quality and locations. Top apps to use include Akvelon's Signal Finder available for Android and iOS and Cell Phone Coverage Map by RootMetrics available for iOS and Android. Another is Open Signal app also available for Android and iOS devices. 

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