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Solve Bad Reception Problem in Canada with Wilson Booster.

Posted by on Aug 05, 2014

If you have a bad reception problem in Canada, rest assured that it is not unusual in this wireless world. According to a survey conducted by the American Life Project and Pew Internet, 72 percent of cell phone users in the U.S. experience dropped calls at least occasionally, with as many as 32 percent facing this problem on a weekly basis. Thankfully, a Wilson cell phone signal booster can help!

Solve bad cell phone reception in Canada

While this survey was conducted in the United States, it applies to Canada just the same because Canada is in a lot of ways, similar to the U.S., especially when it comes to the cellular service. Canada has similar networks, but has a much larger area with a significantly lower population density. In fact, outside of the four major cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, Canada is very sparsely populated.

This means not all areas in Canada are covered adequately by cellular networks and cellular towers are very unevenly distributed in the country. Now, this is a problem that all major carriers are aware of, and are making a conscious effort to increase the number of towers in Canada and to expand the area under coverage. Here're some tips on how to solve your bad reception problem in Canada with Wilson Electronics cell phone signal booster.

A lot has been done to solve the problem of bad cell phone signal reception in Canada, but it does seem that the solution is not all that difficult to find. Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G cell phone signal booster is an effective antidote to the problem of weak cell phone signal reception. Wilson Elec. products such as Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V are best sellers in both Canada and the U.S.

The best part is that these products have been approved by the FCC in the USA and IC in Canada. Therefore, the authorities have finally realized that cell phone signal boosters are legitimate devices and solve a real problem - poor cell phone reception. Devices such as a Wilson Dual band cell phone signal booster from Wilson Elec. extends the range of cellular networks in areas that are traditionally known to receive poor cellular service. They ensure that you get a much better cellular reception at home, office or while on the road.

Let us understand what a cell phone signal booster is all about, and how it works.

Wilson Elec. Cell Phone Signal Booster: What is it?

A cell phone signal booster or a cell phone repeater is a device that has been specially created to address the factors that cause poor cell phone reception in your area. These factors could be the distance from the nearest cellular tower or misalignment between phone and cellular towers. Another huge factor is the destructive interference due to building materials, power lines, cables and traffic – which is known to happen in highly urbanized environments such as New York or Chicago.

A Wilson Dual Band cell phone signal booster from Wilson Elec. such as the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V, solves the problem by amplifying the weak or poor cell phone reception and bypassing all possible obstructions that cause the interference. These devices provide a strong cell phone signal to areas that lack in signal strength.

There's nothing complicated about how a Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G cell phone signal booster works. Basically, an outside antenna is mounted at the point in the house or building that gets a signal. This is usually the roof, or it could be a window where your cell phone signal strength is the highest. This antenna is connected by cable to a Wilson Dual Band signal amplifier such as the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V that is placed inside the building – usually on a bookshelf, or under a desk.

Once the signal is amplified, it is directed to an inside antenna that is situated in an area which requires better cell phone signal reception. The internal antenna broadcasts the amplified signal and directs it to your cell phone. Usually the signal is amplified by 24 to 32 times, so this should solve your cell phone reception by a great extent. The system works the same in the reverse mode as well – the signal from your phone is amplified and then broadcasted to the tower – which provides for a strong and reliable 2-way communication. Finally, no more dropped calls!

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