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​Someone can be spying on you through your cell phone.

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016

Find out ways to stop apps and others from spying on you through your cell phone. If the thought of your phone spying on you creeps you out, then you’re not alone! You may not realize it, but when your location settings are turned on in your applications, that is exactly what is happening. It is through these settings that you’re able to find local restaurants or see a map application to determine how bad the traffic is.

There is a location setting on your phone that you can turn off if you don’t want apps tracking your every move; but don’t think you’re no longer being tracked because that is not always the case. If you’re an iPhone user, then Apple has other ways of keeping tabs on you - through special services in its iOS. If you want to see a list of those services, then follow these steps: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. These services are always on, unless you disable them.

This post will explain the purpose of each service, and whether it is safe to turn them off.

Stop cell phone spying

Do Not Disable.

  • Find My iPhone.

It is important that you leave this setting as-is because it uses iCloud to help you locate your missing Apple device.

  • Compass Calibration.

When you’re using map and navigation applications, compass calibration is used to give you accurate directions.

  • Status Bar Icon.

Whenever another service is tracking your location, an icon appears in the status bar. It will get you to check the settings if you notice unexpected location service activity.

Safe to Disable.

  • HomeKit.

You only need this service if you’re using smart home devices that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology.

  • Cell Network Search.

This is a service that is used for collecting data on cell towers within range of your phone and keeping track of reception.

  • Location-Based iAds.

This service is for the purpose of advertising: App developers track your movements and use this data to create advertisements specifically targeted to you.

  • Location-Based Alerts.

With this service you will receive notifications when you’re in specific areas. For example, you might use a service to call your partner when you’re near a certain grocery store.

  • Safari & Spotlight Suggestions.

When you submit a search with the Safari and Spotlight app, this data is collected: it will be used to provide accurate information based on location.

  • Motion Calibration & Distance.

Leave this one on if you have a fitness tracker, because this service is used with fitness tracking apps.

  • Setting Time Zone.

This service ensures that your clock and calendar are accurate: you can always set it manually if you don’t leave your Time zone very often.

  • Wi-Fi Networking.

It’s not necessary to leave this service on: it’s similar to the cell network search.

  • Share My Location.

This one should only be left on if you frequently use Apple’s apps to share your location with friends.

  • Frequent Locations.

This one makes traffic predictions by keeping track of the locations you visit the most. Keep this service on if you use traffic updates in your Notification Center.

  • Popular Near Me.

This service sends anonymous messages to Apple of where you have purchased or used apps: This information is used to make offers to you of other popular services in your area.

  • Diagnostics & Usage.

The sole purpose of this service is to help Apple improve their gadgets: they use this service to gather information on you and how you are using your device.

So that is about protecting yourself on iOS. By the way, don’t get too cocky if you use an Android device instead. Google, like Apple, has ways of tracking you. All the information collected by Google is kept in the cloud, so it can be subpoenaed by the law enforcement if they want to. If there’s someone who knows your password – a jealous girlfriend or a suspicious coworker, they can get access to your data too.

Finally, you can learn from the master himself - yes, we are talking about Edward Snowden. In this video from the HBO series Vice, Snowden reveals how to “go black” and make sure that there’s nobody spying on you, not Google, not Apple, and not even the NSA.

Since there are so many ways you can be tracked, our advice is that you protect yourself with a security software solution. These solutions can typically protect up to five devices from malware attacks and infections, spam, and dangerous websites. You can protect your iPhone, PC, iPad, Mac, and your Android gadgets.

A good security software solution will help safeguard your digital life, and this includes your personal information, your money, and your privacy. Remember: Cyber criminals, fraudsters, and hackers are constantly developing new schemes to trick you, so use the tips given here and stay safe.

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