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Texas Hill Country House Installs Wilson Signal Booster.

Posted by on May 18, 2017

Texas Hill Country house owner chooses to install Wilson Electronics AWS 70 cell phone signal booster system to improve 4G cellular reception inside his home.

Texas Hill Country house owner installs Wilson Electronics AWS 70 signal booster system.

A Case Study.

A house in Texas Hill Country 12 miles away from the closest cell tower selects Wilson AWS 70 signal booster to boost 4G network inside their home to improve all cell carriers’ coverage around.

Customer Details.

Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, the home was experiencing a fluctuating two-bar signal in the property's highest section. Inside the house and around it, the signal was either weak or absent and not just in the property but across the region. Even with a 4G data service plan, the cell phone could not capture 4G coverage. Inside the house cell phones were completely of no use and incoming calls went directly into voice-mail.

Major Concern.

Find a cell phone signal booster that allows cell phones and high speed broadband in 4G signals to be accessed consistently inside the house in a region with poor cellular network.

Proposed Solution.

After a brief research the home owner came across Wilson Electronics and indicated to the sales rep his need for a reliable and strong signal inside his home. Wilson's AWS 70 cell phone signal booster was recommended. The home owner and his son used normal tools to install the signal booster system following the easy, simple and clear instructions. The outside antenna was also installed in the roof, aiming the directional antenna towards the visible cell tower.

About Wilson Electronics.

Wilson Electronics is the home of top quality signal booster brands like WilsonPro and weBoost. The cellular improvement brands leader with its cellular amplification products are used in industrial, commercial, residential, vehicle and marine applications. They help customers overcome the issue of low data rates, limited range, dropped calls and surmount weak wireless signals with ease.

Post Installation Results.

  • 4g signal now four solid bars on cell phones.
  • High-speed broadband now accessible on phones.
  • Hill Country neighbours also installing Wilson signal boosters following his example.
  • Phones work all the time.


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