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Unique 2 in 1 Car & Home Signal Booster: weBoost 3G Flex.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015

weBoost Drive 3G Flex multi-user vehicle or indoor signal booster.

Cell phones are becoming the most popular item to own these days. It is hard to even remember when there weren't any cell phones. Cell phones are used for work, and it is very important to have good reception and not lose any calls when talking to someone in a work related situation. Since it is wireless connection that is being used in cell phones today and there is nothing physically connecting your cell phone to the tower of your network service provider, one is often faced with signal distortions. Signals are waves that travel in air and are caught by antennas that are fitted in cell phones (now internal antennas, but they used to be external antennas that stuck out on top of the candy bar phones we had back then). The cell phone therefore shows full bars (5 bars) when the device is able to grab these waves very clearly. However, problems occur when the device is not able to get adequate signals. Some of these problems include Loss of Information, Loss of Money and Disturbance. It doesn't matter what kind or type of cell phone you have, there are always some things you wish it had - Like the ability to receive reception in that dreaded concrete underground parking lot.

Without a doubt, the top complaint about cell phones is the fact that they don't receive enough signal strength sometimes. You certainly want to enjoy all available services (music download, texting, chatting etc.) that the cell phone offers while traveling, without worrying about losing your signal. It is very upsetting when you suddenly loose network while checking email or surfing Internet on your cell phone. Most people think that there is nothing they can do except to wish for additional cell repeater towers to be installed in the vicinity of cell phone use. However, you can have dependable cell coverage no matter where your travels take you because there are several ways to boost cell phone signal. The best and most recommended way to increase your cell phone signal is to purchase and make use of (weBoost 470113) Drive 3G Flex. Using the Drive 3G Flex with your cell phone greatly improves your cell phone signal since the signal is being amplified by an antenna that is placed outside of your car. In fact, this antenna is powerful enough that you could have a car full of cell phone users and each one would see an improved signal. Without the use the weBoost drive 3g flex, your phone might "wander" forever trying to find a signal, and this is especially true if you travel through back-round or rural areas to get from point to point.

Features of Connect 4G (weBoost 470113).

Connect 4G (weBoost 470113) consists of an amplifier for amplifying the signal, zippered carrying case, 5V DC vehicle power supply, 5V AC power supply and mounting bracket, 12.5 feet cable for connection and two antennae for receiving or transmitting appropriate signals. The first is the window mount antenna that can be placed anywhere in large office or home, typically as close to the cell as possible. The second (magnet antenna) is placed outside the surface of the car. These antennas work on frequency between 850 and 1900MHz with maximum gain of 45Db, including 4g networks, data, streaming and photo sharing. It also features dynamic, self-adjusting gain controls that automatically customize the gain level on each frequency band as conditions require.


Increased cell phone signal range.

Many people report that they have poor reception when traveling to different areas. Mobile cell signal boosters and amplifiers will improve your call quality while on the road. The primary advantage of using weBoost 470113 in your automobile is that your cell phone enjoys an increased range. Drive 3G Flex will connect to a cell phone service provider's tower and extend its signal to 3 feet so that you will not need to worry about signal theft.

Weboost Drive 3G Flex is made especially to help your cell phone's reception range and will reduce dropped calls. No matter whether you have the most expensive phone made; you still will have dropped calls in certain areas. Investing in Weboost Drive 3G Flex will help end that problem. It will be connected between the phone and mobile kit that provides an antenna. You can easily install antenna with a magnetic mount, to the roof of your vehicle or attach it to the car window. Either way, the phone signal booster will intensify the signal base point and power productivity of your cell. Cell signal boosters work on almost every type of phone, but you should make sure that the brand of booster you purchase will indeed work on your phone.

Because Weboost Drive 3G Flex can strengthen the signal between the cell phone tower and your mobile phone, you almost never have to worry about being without a signal. This essentially translates into less dropped calls than you would normally experience. In fact, you can almost always count on having a strong cell signal if you have your phone connected to the car Drive 3G Flex. In other words, you carry a cell phone signal with you from point to point; once you leave the range of one cell phone tower, chances are that another one is available within the range of the booster, meaning that your phone continually gets a boost.

Battery Life Longevity.

Another benefit to mounting Weboost Drive 3G Flex in an automobile is the fact that it can increase battery life and reduce the amount of time it must charge while traveling. On a regular trip without boosters or cell amplifiers, your cellular phone uses its battery life while roaming, trying to find and connect to service provider's towers. In short, if you're continually out-of-range, a cell phone's battery life doesn't work as it should. The amount of power that your cell phone transmits is directly proportional to its proximity to a cell signal site. As your phone is tricked into believing that you are closer to a tower than you actually are, you will see improved battery life. This is because the amount of power used depends on how far the nearest tower is.

On the other hand, a car cellular phone booster basically hands over the signal to your phone. With a strong signal in place, chances are that you will achieve all four or five signal bars. With strong cellular phone signal strength, your cell phone automatically has a cell tower to connect to, eliminating the need for the battery to "search" for signals. This, combined with the fact that you're covered from point to point when traveling, increases your overall battery life and also decreases dropped call frequency.


Being portable and compact in nature, weboost Drive 3G Flex can be carried anywhere and everywhere giving full liberty to the user to use the device in any place he wishes to, without being stuck at one place. You can simply unplug it from your vehicle and take it indoors with you when you reach your home, office or check into a hotel. Weboost Drive 3G Flex comes with ability to use indoors in homes and offices or outdoors in cars or trucks.

Easy installation.

The installation of Weboost Drive 3G Flex is very easy and will just take a few minutes. These quick and trouble-free steps will help you install the cell signal booster:

1. First, mount the magnet antenna to the outside surface of your car, or window mount antenna using the mounting bracket that best suits your choice. You can choose from pole, wall, or window mount.

2. Next, the antenna should be connected to the signal booster using the 12.5 feet cable.

3. Position the Weboost Drive 3G Flex in the middle of an area where you want the signal to be amplified.

4. And lastly, power up Weboost Drive 3G Flex and now it is ready.

Signal that can be amplified may reach up to 3 feet from Weboost Drive 3G Flex depending on the signal strength in area outside of the building where it is located. Now, strong cell phone signal can be obtained without the hassle of going outside of the car or building you are in.

Cellular phones are so common today that we have forgotten how life was without them. In fact, many of us dread losing our cell phone more than we fear losing our wallet. Mobile phones do depend on one thing, though, without which they are not useful at all: the cell phone signal. All too often, just when you need it, the signal antenna icon on your phone tells you that it has a weak or non-existent signal. The most frequent instance of this happening is when traveling in a car because we cover the country in criss cross fashion whereas the carrier's towers are placed at fixed distances. However, with the use of Drive 3G Flex made by Wilson (now weBoost) for your cell phone, that will be rare because the signal to your cell will be amplified by an antenna mounted on exterior of the car. Boosting antenna that weBoost provides is so powerful that you could have a car full of people using cell phones and they would all benefit from increased cell service.

No matter what device you are using, a cell phone or a tablet, signal boosters are sure to work. Even if you are having your whole network on WI-FI and face poor signal reception, you can install a signal booster in your car. Overall, installing Weboost Drive 3G Flex definitely makes sense if you travel in your car frequently, because you cannot afford to be without a cell tower signal and experience dropped calls frequently. With ability to increase your battery life, providing an ongoing signal and improve overall performance of your phone, you couldn't ask for much more in Weboost Drive 3G Flex. Designed for both vehicle and indoor use, it is very easy to stay connected wherever you go. Buy one weBoost 470113 today at CellPhoneSignalBooster.us. We offer free shipping to all our customers.

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