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The Top Seven Smart Phones of 2016: Predictions

Posted by on Mar 03, 2016

Top 2016 Cell Phone Predictions

It can be difficult to choose your new smart phone. They all start to run together once you have been researching for a while! That is why we have put together this quick-and-dirty guide to what we believe will be 2016's top seven smart phones.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Smart phone pioneer and tech giant, Apple will be wowing fans with multiple releases this year, but the star of the show is going to be the iPhone 7 Plus. Why? Well, in addition to Apple's usual annual updates and improvements, the 7 Plus will feature a unique dual-camera technology, 12 megapixel rear camera. Their acquisition of the imaging tech company, LinX, is fuelling rumours that the camera on the 7 Plus may give some SLRs a run for their money.

It is also expected to be Apple's most expensive phone yet, with price estimates between US$1000 and US$1200.

Apple iPhone 5SE

The new iteration of the iPhone 5S will be Apple's least flashy entry this year, so you might be wondering why we're including it. We're including it because it is probably going to be best in its class for the year - that class being the one with 4" screens. Flagship phones have more or less abandoned tiny silhouettes, so it is intriguing to see a market leader like Apple promoting a 4" display. Apple is well-known for its almost fanatical commitment to quality, so the 5SE will probably be very popular with those who prefer a pocket-sized phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S line has been gaining in popularity for the past several years, and 2016's models will likely earn them so new fans as well. Here's what is changing: The S7 Edge, with its unique curved-glass edge, will be larger than last year's Edge, at 5.5-5.7 inches.

Both phones will boast features that Samsung’s fans have been requesting: Water resistance, expandable storage, and larger batteries. While we have not seen official models yet, only renderings, Samsung claims that the larger batteries will not be causing the infamous "battery hump" - a raised area on the back panel that many other phone designs fall prey to.

They will also sport pressure sensitive screens, like the iPhone 7 Plus, which makes sense for the phone that many believe Samsung has designed as a direct competitor against the iPhone. Another hint that Samsung is not willing to play second fiddle? They are incorporating their own, completely different, dual-camera technology in this line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

We know that the Note 6 is going to be one of the year's top phones, so long as Samsung continues improving the line as it has in the past. Surprisingly, there have been few, if any, solid leaks regarding the Note 6 for 2016… Which some tech bloggers say points to Samsung having something big up its sleeve.

A patent filed last year indicates that the Note 6 may just be a laptop hybrid. If so, it would come with a dock that includes both a display and a keyboard. The Note 6 would dock above the keyboard, horizontally, and serve as the true computer, while the display and keyboard provide convenience and added functionality.

Nexus 6 2016

Google's Nexus line is unique among the more popular lines for one special reason: Google chooses different manufacturers for the phone from year to year. Those that loved the Nexus 6 2015, however, will be delighted to hear that Huawei, the manufacturer of the 6 2015, is rumoured to be giving a rare encore presentation with this year's Nexus.

Leakers have also hinted at the fact that HTC may well be in the running for this year's Nexus, so we will have to wait and see for sure. There are two things that we know that will help this phone stand out from the crowd. First, it will very likely have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset - a serious boost to processing power. And second, it will probably be the first phone to launch with the as-yet-officially-named Android N.

HTC One M10 (?)

HTC has revealed some details about their upcoming flagship release for 2016, but they have not officially stated that it will be a continuation of the One M line. Those in the know, however, say that it will be and HTC is just playing coy.

Here's what we know about the mystery phone: It will have a 12 UltraPixel (proprietary HTC technology) resolution rear facing camera. Auto focus will be laser assisted for exceptional performance. The phone will be top of the line in terms of performance, and will also feature expandable storage. One thing that HTC devotees may be disappointed about: The mystery phone will not have the One M series' front facing speakers. Maybe HTC really will release two flagships this year?

LG G5 with a Quantum Leap!

LG usually takes a bit longer to launch its phones, letting the hubbub over some of the bigger names (bigger in the west, at least) quiet down. However, their launches do upset their competition with their unique twists and unprecedented powers behind battery, camera, functionality, and rest of the fantastic works! But this year, rumor has it that they will be launching the G5 right alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S line, instead of later to overshadow their rivals with those oomph factors in their phone features. That indicates that LG may just have something big to reveal, and if the leaks have been legitimate, that something big is going to be the G5.

LG will be incorporating its own dual-camera set up in the new phone, as well as a mysterious full-width pull out tray, the purpose of which is as yet unknown. Sources also say that the G5 will be LG's first entirely metal phone, which could be something of a breakthrough for this South Korean manufacturer.


In all honesty, you cannot go wrong with ANY of these flagship models. Expect to see massive improvements in camera tech almost across the board as the rush to perfect dual camera tech turns into a major competition. It seems like a majority of the market leaders have turned back to their expandable storage roots, so if you have still got micro SD cards laying around, they will be put to good use.

If you're in the market for a new phone this year (or even if you're not!), consider getting some practical accessories for your smart phone. A protective case for your investment, for example. Another great way to maximize the value of your smart phone is to get a cell signal booster. Without a signal, after all, you have basically just purchased an $800-$1200 paperweight!

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