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The "Why" of Dropped Calls

Posted by on Aug 06, 2014

Why do cell phones drop calls?

No doubt you love your smartphone. It is indeed an amazing piece of technology, and you have got some of the most popular apps installed on it. That is great, but here's a problem - dropped calls.

Dropped calls are a serious issue in both the United States and Canada. We will talk about the solution to dropped calls very briefly later (devices that amplify wireless signal), but the purpose of this article is to educate you on the "Why" of dropped calls - Why do they occur?

There's no telling when they can happen - you can have a dropped call in the middle of an important conversation with your stock broker or fund manager, for example, which can potentially cost you a fortune. Or, you could have dropped a call in the middle of a job interview - how horrible is that?

Dropped calls occur for a simple reason - weak cell phone reception. If there's anything that has changed over the last decade and a half, it is that our lives revolve more around cellular technology these days. For many of us, it is unimaginable to live in an area with a weak cell phone signal. But this is not a matter of choice.

Cell phone coverage is not uniform across the United States and Canada. There are some areas that are covered well by all carriers and others that get really weak cell phone reception. There's no guarantee that you will always get a strong cell phone signal in the U.S. or Canada.

Lots of circumstances can affect your cell phone reception - obstructions such as hills, buildings, clouds, trees, etc., for example. Sometimes events that are as common as the change of season can have an impact, with trees in full bloom that obstruct cell phone signals. Cloudy weather can cause issues as well. However, the biggest factor is the distance from the nearest cellular tower. For your cell phone to receive any calls, it should be within range of cellular towers. The range depends on the power of the transmitter in the cell tower and the power of transmitter in your own phone.

Essentially, the signal output from the cellular tower is always greater than what is sent from your phone. The cellular tower can send a signal of an output of around 3.0 watts. Your phone gives an output of no more than 0.2 to 0.6 watts. Therefore, calls can drop in both instances - weak signal output from the cell tower, or weak signal output from the phone.

The direction of the cellular tower plays a big role. Again, this is something that you cannot control. Your phone is always connected to one cell tower, and when that gets out of range, the call is transferred to another tower, and this goes on seamlessly.

This is automatic and never a problem, but sometimes the direction of the cellular tower is not aligned with that of your phone - which results in a dropped call. One of the reasons for this could be an accidental misalignment of one of the antennas on the cellular towers by a technician working on them – this happens all the time.

Weather conditions can have a big role to play - wind, rain, lightening can all affect the working of the cell tower. There are other reasons for dropped calls as well, such as a metal roof or panel that deflects the signals from the cellular tower making it harder for you to receive calls.

Another factor that causes weak cell phone reception is congestion – when cellular towers receive a really high call volume, this can diminish your signal quality, leading to dropped calls. Or, it is possible that you're travelling and your call gets transferred to a tower that is currently overloaded - the result is not hard to imagine, a dropped call. That is why most of us experience dropped calls during rush hour traffic.

There's an obvious solution to dropped calls. It is a device made by Wilson Electronics and it is referred to, by many names - phone signal amplifier, coax signal amplifier or bi-directional WiFi signal amplifier. A Wilson Electronics phone signal amplifier can amplify wireless signal by as much as 32 times, which ensures that you never have a problem with dropped calls. These are legitimate devices that are approved by the FCC in the U.S. and IC in Canada.

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