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Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Booster for Your Home

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014

Things to consider before buying a cell phone booster for home

Tired of dropped calls? Are you sick of missing calls from friends, family members or other loved ones? Perhaps it is time to invest in a cell phone amplifier for your home. Cell phone amplifiers for home use are an efficient way of strengthening weak cell signals and reducing the likelihood of dropped calls. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing one to ensure you make the best selection for your home.

Coverage Area

If you have ever considered purchasing a cell phone amplifier for home use, it is important to first account for your coverage area. Are there certain areas of your home that are more susceptible to poor reception? Are there rooms within your home that provide no cell signal at all? There are a number of reasons why you might experience poor reception in certain areas of your home. A mobile booster is a great way to overcome some of the obstacles that block strong cell signals. These systems come in a wide range of sizes – equipped to reinstate signal strength in every room of the home or in just a single room, depending on your preferences.

Outside Signal Strength

Once you have determined your indoor signal needs, it is important to test out your outside signal strength. Depending on your location, this task can be somewhat challenging. Those who live in rural areas and who are further away from the nearest cell tower may have some trouble locating the strongest signal on their property. It may be wise for these individuals to consult a technician who can more easily locate this signal or follow instructions provided at our website by searching for "Field Test Mode". Others may locate the strongest signal just by walking around their property or climbing atop their roof. Once the strongest signal is located, the system antenna should be installed in that location.

Type of Antenna

Once you have figured out your coverage area and where the strongest signal is located on your property, it is important to install the correct antenna. When purchasing a cell phone amplifier for home use, it is critical that you speak with a technician regarding this. A technician can help you determine which antenna best suits your needs depending on your existing signal strength, coverage area and location. Those who live in more urban areas may benefit from using an omnidirectional antenna – specifically designed for spaces where the outside signal is strong, but the inside signal is weak. Those who live in rural areas, on the other hand, may benefit from using a directional antenna. Directional antennas have a much higher forward gain that their counterparts, but need to be pointed in the right direction to have an impact on the overall strength of the signal within the home.

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