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Tips on how to reduce cell phone data charges!

Posted by on Feb 23, 2017

Tips to help reduce cell phone data overage fees.

If you go over your monthly cellular data allotment, some cell phone service providers charge you a reasonable fee for additional 1GB of data for maybe $10. However, some charge exorbitant fees for each 1MB used. Trying tips provided below will definitely reduce your cell phone data usage thereby saving you data overage related costs.

Tips to help reduce cell phone data overage fees.


Change your email setting to "fetch" once an hour. If you check it only once daily anyway, change it to "manually" so that it downloads all new emails when you're ready to read and respond. 

Usage Alerts.

Most Androids and iPhones enable you to set limits and alerts on your data usage. If you do not have this ability, you can also  download an iOS app or an Android app to reduce data usage.


Turn off auto uploading, or change the setting to upload using Wi-Fi only.

App Auto Updates.

Turn off automatic uploads, or change your setting for uploading over Wi-Fi only.


Available in many public locations all across USA & Canada. Find nearby open networks using your cell phone's Wi-Fi utility. If none within your range, use an app like free Wi-Fi finder to find one that may be available around the block so you can go there to use it. Simply search for "WiFi finder" in Google Play if you have Android phone, or iTunes if you have an iPhone.

Mobile Websites.

While most websites automatically switch to mobile version if available, some may not. Scroll to bottom and look for "Mobile Website" related hyperlink. Always use mobile versions of websites. They are easier on your eyes and cell phone data.

Most cell providers comply with CTIA's Bill Shock.

Most cellular service providers have updated their system in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines for "Bill Shock", or the "Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines", which provides free alerts both before and after subscribers reach monthly limits on voice, data and text. If you are on a plan with limited minutes, data, and/or texting you will receive one free text notification when you reach 80% and another free text when you reach 100% of your monthly limits. Subscribers will be covered by this plan unless they opt-out. Subscribers on unlimited postpaid plans or prepaid plans are not affected by this FCC requirement. Most cellular service carriers already block all international roaming calls by default. In order to use your phone in foreign countries you need to contact your service provider and ask that your phone be unlocked for use in a foreign country. Customers traveling abroad should be aware that international roaming charges can be exceptionally high.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau.
445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20554

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