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​Top 3 Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Remote Locations and Areas

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016

Travelling to, or living in a remote area? No worries, consider our top three cell phone signal boosters detailed below and you will be glad you did because each of them can help you greatly with your wireless communications.

Top 3 Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Remote Locations.

One of the best things in life is hitting the road for a road trip like no other, crisscrossing off the grid with very little depressing noise you’re used to, in the city. Surrounded by Mother Nature comes with peace and tranquility that is heavenly and one worth looking forward to. On the other hand, if you're in a business such as logging or a trucker, a job that takes you in the remotest areas of America - Chances are that you probably love it too. However, travelling in the remotest rural region or working in a remote area of North America means your cell phone signal is probably very weak if your phone shows any reception bars at all.

With cell phone signal booster such as weBoost/ Wilson reception booster kits, you can enjoy cellular coverage even in the mountainous remote locations where you find yourself for business or pleasure. In the end you will be very efficient in your communication to your boss, co-workers, family, or requesting emergency aid if you ever need it while working in the woods or living in the most far-flung areas of north America.

Engineered for remote areas.

The Wilson range of signal boosters for cell phones were built with remote and far-flung areas in mind. This is actually the main reason Jim Wilson created the first ever cellular phone signal booster to ensure that those who live in the outmost of areas of the expansive United States were covered fully. The house where Jim lived was way off the closest town that every time he tried calling his phone at home from where he worked the spotty cellular coverage surrounding his rural home prevented his calls from actually reaching his family.

With an engineering background up his sleeve, acute business skills and the frustrations of spotty and poor cell phone reception Jim was able to form Wilson Electronics, the weBoost parent company and the first cell phone signal booster manufacturer in America. It was created with consumers in mind.

Whether you're working, travelling through or living in the Texas Hill Country, any of the corners of the Great American Southwest from the intersections of Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado to Arizona or in the heart of the Virginia woods you don't really have to go through the pains of a weak cell phone signal. There’s no more reason to go through the inability to call for emergency services, call back at the office or your family wherever you’re in your truck or car in the heart of rural America. The problem was dealt with almost 20 years ago and now you have the best engineering covering you wherever you're, made just for a poor cell phone signal just like the one you're experiencing.

For instance, those working and travelling in Texas Hill Country and experienced undetectable signal and installed weBoost cell phone signal booster have seen the undetectable signal rise to four reliable bars allowing for a 4G LTE service in the remotest of areas.

Whether you’re in a car, truck, large freight truck, pick up truck, SUV, minivan, motorhome or any other vehicle here are three unique weBoost cell phone signal boosters that can get you full bars on your mobile device or laptop while working or travelling in the remotest of our land.

weBoost 4G-S 470107 Cradle Booster Kit for Car or Truck

If you’ve a truck or car in the remotest of the American interior and rural country you need a booster kit that's made with that in mind. The weBoost Drive 4G-S easily boosts 2G voice and 3G and 4G LTE networks for all carriers in both Canada and the United States. Once you have placed your mobile device inside the cradle the single cell phone will be boosted from practically undetectable signal or poor reception to full solid bars that will allow you to call and receive messages wherever you are.

The phone remains inside the cradle for the signal to be boosted. The weBoost Drive 4G-S offers about 23dB gain. Apart from being superb for a Smartphone or voice phone it’s great for mobile hotspot that you can use to expand the cellular coverage inside an SUV, minivan, van, truck or car. It comes with all the necessary installation items and allows you to save your phone battery power as tasks are done faster due to 4G speeds, allowing it to last longer.

weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 Signal Booster Kit for Vans, Cars and Similar Vehicles

Anyone with a van, pick up truck or car will find the weBoost Drive 4G-X the exact cell phone booster kit they need. While it works for all cellular carriers across Canada and the U.S., it also boosts 4G, 3G and voice networks with ease. It has a very powerful amplifier capable of drawing wireless signals that are 60 percent farther away from maximum range.

Drive 4G-X works superbly for multiple mobile devices that need to be boosted simultaneously such as Tablets and Smartphones. Installation is very easy due to the simple instructions provided. Of course, for this weBoost cell phone signal booster, you don’t need a cradle to attach your mobile device. All the mobile data and phones around will be supported at the same time. It has a 50 dB gain, perfect for all the wireless devices you’re carrying inside your car from mobile hotspots, laptops, mobile enabled types of Tablets, Smartphones to voice phones inside your SUV, minivan, van, truck or car.

weBoost Drive 4G-X 470210 Truck Signal Booster kit

If you have a large freight truck and crisscrossing the remotest areas of North America you definitely deserve a cell phone signal to help you communicate better. The Drive 4G-X 470210 doesn't require a cradle and supports diverse mobile data devices and multiple phones at a time. It contains the maximum output of power FCC allows and features a rugged trucker durable antenna that ensures you reach maximum reception. One of the most powerful 4G weBoost signal boosters anywhere, it offers about 50 dB gain. It is a complete cellular devices signal booster kit that you need to boost the signal for laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and other devices inside your freight truck, including a trailer, motorhome or recreational vehicle.

Note that all three boosters listed above come with simple and quick installation instructions with a provided toll free phone support. Each cell phone booster for any truck you check out comes with bonus accessories provided free and qualifies for free shipping across Canada and the United States.

If you're looking for an indoor solution for remote cabins, cottages, or even mansions in remote areas, checkout our powerful in-building cell phone boosters.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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