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​Top Ten Cell Phone Signal Reception Boosting Techniques

Posted by on Dec 02, 2015

Top 10 signal boosting tips and tricks

“Can you hear me now?”

One of the most relatable commercials of all time. Yes, we’ve all said it – probably more than once in multiple conversations. It never fails that as soon as you get the formalities and small talk out of the way and attempt to move on to the more important aspects of your phone conversation, you begin losing reception. Then you find yourself having to repeat yourself over and over again. Before you know it, you find yourself shouting the same sentence for the third time only to look down, and see that your phone has once again dropped the call.

The downside to poor cell phone reception can be much greater than mere frustration or lost time. They can cause miscommunications, misinformation, and could even cost you a job opportunity if you're in the middle of a phone interview. We've all had situations where a dropped call could have seriously ruined our day. Let me count the ways. . .

  • You're trying to tell your boss that you’re on your way into work. . .
  • Your IT support was about to solve your computer problem. . .
  • You're in the middle of a fight with your partner. . .
  • Your mom is telling you about her recent trip to the doctor. . .
  • You are the 12th caller! If you can name this song, you'll win 2 backstage passes. . .
  • You've been on hold for twenty minutes with customer service. . .
  • You're finally hearing back from that girl or guy that you went out with a week ago. . .
  • You're in the middle of paying an important (and extremely late) bill over the phone. . .
  • You're just about to find out your brother’s flight number. . .
  • Your wife is in labor and is on route to the hospital on. . .
  • You need to drop off the delivery at the following address. . .
  • You've just won a four day cruise to. . .

And that's just to name a few!

The fact of the matter is that we rely on cell phones for much more than friendly conversation. We run businesses off of them, we manage data and information off of them, we connect professionally and personally off of them, and we even build relationships with them. No, not the phones themselves, but how many times have you sent your sweetheart a nice little "Thinking of you" or an "I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now" text? It’s vitally important that our cell phones are reliable and provide excellent reception 100% of the time.

But that just never seems to work out, does it?

Our phones fail us, and they fail us often - usually at the worst possible moment, much to our dismay. We can blame them all we want to, but the fact of the matter is that there are many outside factors that can affect our phone's reception. And some of them are a bit more obscure than you think. But there are many quick and easy solutions that can give you access to better cell phone reception without spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

It's with all of this in mind that we set out to compile an ultimate list of the best tips for improving or boosting your cell phone reception. Some suggestions are simple no brainers while others can take a little more effort, but these are our favorite tips and tricks for helping to boost your cell phone reception. We would hate it if you missed out on that job opportunity, were unable to win the concerts tickets, or accidentally hung up on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

#1 – Elevate Yourself!

Obviously you can't levitate, but if you're outside somewhere and are struggling to get reception, check out your surroundings. Are you at the bottom of a hill? Are you in a low spot? Are there a lot of obstructions around that could be interfering with your signal? Try to move around and climb a little higher. We're not talking Mount Everest high, but see if you can't get around some of those obstacles that might be blocking you. Without a hill, building, or even trees obscuring your signal, you should be able to gain better reception. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right spot.

#2 – Eliminate the Competition!

Are you running your laptop off of Wi-Fi? What about your TV or DVR? All of these things can take up Wi-Fi bandwidth that might be interfering with your cell phone reception. Try turning off your laptop and walk away from the microwave or other electronic devices. Many of these home appliances can inhibit cell phone service so take a moment to see if this could be causing your problem. It’s an easy thing to check and is often found to be the culprit. Besides, no one wants to hear that popcorn popping in the microwave while they're trying to talk to you over the phone.

#3 – Charge It Up!

Is your cell phone low on battery? Or maybe you're trying to run too many apps at the same time which could be putting some strain on your battery power? This could be causing your weak reception. Try plugging in your phone and charging it up to at least 2 power bars (more if possible). Even the best of us have trouble working when our "batteries" are exhausted. This is an easy solution if you're at home or near an outlet. If you're consistently away from an outlet and have trouble keeping your phone charged, there are plenty of portable and even solar powered chargers available.

#4 – Reboot It!

Sometimes it's as simple as turning it off and on again. You can either completely shut down your phone and restart or you can switch it onto airplane mode and then back off again. It’s possible that your phone is trying to connect with a tower that is too far away simply because that is its normal tower to connect with. So turning your phone onto airplane mode, and then switching it back off again can force your phone to reconnect to the closer tower, dramatically improving and boosting your cell phone reception immediately. Once again, a simple solution that only takes a moment to test.

#5 – Change the Channel!

Do you have a smartphone? Are you constantly streaming data? If so, then you're using a 3G or 4G network. While these are great for streaming data, texting, checking social media, and watching videos, these networks can interfere with cell phone reception if you're too far away from the tower. Try switching over to a 2G network and see if that improves your reception. The 2G network is dedicated to phone lines as opposed to data streaming, which means that you should be able to open up your reception quickly and painlessly. Besides, you should really take a break from all that twittering anyway.

#6 – Somebody Open a Window!

While this sounds a little bizarre, it can make all the difference in the world, especially if you're in an office building or even inside your car. Many windows are now tinted, which can easily reduce your cell phone reception. Some people equate it to wrapping your phone in aluminum foil! So try opening a window or rolling down your car window to see if that gives you a better signal. (please note that if you're talking on the phone while driving, you should probably pull over and put your car in park just to be safe to yourself and those around you).

#7 – Get Some Fresh Air!

Can't get a clear signal inside no matter which room of the house you're trying to use your phone in? Take a walk. No, really! Try walking outside to see if your signal improves. There can be many items within your house that are blocking your cell phone reception. Whether it's tinted windows, electronic appliances, or even if you're just in a part of the house that your phone's signal is having trouble reaching, the simple act of walking outside can eliminate obstacles and clear up the phone call. Just don't forget your coat if it's in the middle of winter!

#8 – Use a Higher Power!

Are you at home or at a location with free Wi-Fi? Try connecting to the Wi-Fi to place your call instead of relying on your network. This can work in a variety of ways. Whether you're putting too much strain on your network or are too far away from your cell phone tower, connecting to Wi-Fi can open up a wider range of bandwidth for you and give you immediate increased reception. Don't see a sign at the restaurant, coffee shop, or store that you're at? Just ask them if they offer free Wi-Fi! Most locations are all too happy to tell you if they do.

#9 – Kick ‘em to the Curb!

Look, we're all for loyalty and what not, but there's a chance that your current cell phone service provider just doesn't have good coverage in your area of residence. Maybe you recently moved or maybe you just didn't consider that before signing on with them, but if you're consistently struggling with your cell phone reception, jump online and take a look at your provider's coverage area map. If the coverage where you are just isn't that great, you might consider switching over to a different company with better options for you. At least check out some of the competition out there to see if someone offers a better service plan for you.

#10 – Boost It!

When you've exhausted all of these other possibilities, and maybe even searched the depths of the internet for additional ones, there is one final solution. You can purchase a cell phone reception booster. These can be placed in your home, office, or even in your car and will immediately get to work taking even the smallest signal and magnifying it so that you get excellent reception 100% of the time.  Click Here to view the Cell Phone Signal Booster from weBoost. When all else fails, this is one sure and affordable solution that will solve all of your reception problems, no matter where you are - At home, or in your car. Plus you get to keep your favorite phone and your favorite cell phone provider.

Conclusion of top 10 cell phone signal improving techniques

There you have it. Ten great tips for improving your cell phone reception. Sure some of them seem like common sense or seem a little too easy to actually work, but if you step back and look at everything that might be obscuring your reception (laptops, microwaves, shaded windows, buildings, trees, or even hills), it can be surprising how easy it is to find room for improvement. Who knows, you might assume you have good reception only to realize that by alleviating some of the obstacles in the path of your phone’s signal, you can have AMAZING reception!

Believe me, we understand your frustration with poor reception. No one hates a dropped call more than we do. But don't just assume that it's something you have to live with, or that it's necessary to get a brand new phone just because you can't hear your best friend talking about that new guy or girl they just met. Dropped calls can ruin your day, or as some would argue, can ruin your life. In this Digital Age, we rely heavily on our cell phones we expect them to be there for us when we need them. So yes, a dropped call can seem like the difference between life and death at times.

But, before you do anything drastic like throwing your phone out a window, breaking it into a thousand little pieces, or flushing it down the toilet (Oh come on, we've all considered it at one time or another), do it and yourself a favor and test out a few of these methods. The answer to better reception could be closer than you think. 

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