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Troubleshoot Cell Booster Light Flashing Red, Green, Amber.

Posted by on Mar 27, 2017

The cell phone signal booster has many kinds of alert lights for troubleshooting. Here’s how to recognize problems with the help of those flashing or blinking red, green, and amber or orange lights - And how to solve them.

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Today, we're going to show you what the solid and blinking or flashing lights on our cell phone signal boosters mean, and how to use that information to ensure your cell booster is functioning correctly.

What do the solid lights mean?

Some of our cell phone boosters have four lights. Some have two. Some have one. Each of these lights represents a frequency band. If you see that one of these lights has a color other than green, that means the problem exists only on that one frequency band.

A solid red light on your booster means that the booster has shut down due to some feedback Your inside and outside antennas are probably a little too close to each other. Therefore, you need to separate them a little bit farther to avoid this feedback loop.

If you see solid green lights on your booster, that is good. It simply means that your booster is functioning properly. Then test your signal to make sure you're getting the coverage you need.

Blinking green and red lights.

A blinking or flashing green and red light means that there is still some feedback. But the cellular booster is still working possibly with reduced coverage. The best thing to do is to test your coverage area to see how much you're actually losing or gaining. If the Booster is providing you with enough coverage for your needs, then leave the blinking pattern the way it is.

Solid amber or orange light.

A solid amber light means that the booster is overloaded and has shut off. A common cause of this would be a cell phone tower too close to your location. Or a cell phone provider is sending out a very strong signal to your area.

Flashing amber and green light.

The blinking green and amber or orange light means that your signal amplifier is still overloading a little bit. But the booster is still working. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have lost any signal or coverage area. The best thing to do would be to check your signal area to see what you have. Your booster may provide you with enough coverage area for your needs. If so, then leave the booster with the blinking pattern that you see.

No lights on amplifier problem.

If no lights appear on your booster, that means that it is not getting power. Double check your power cord to make sure that it is plugged into the wall properly and that the power plug is working. Then ensure the other end is plugged correctly into the booster or amplifier unit.

Fixing any problems.

Solid red light or a blinking green and red light on your booster?

The best thing to do is to check your inside and outside antennas. Make sure that you have enough separation between the two of them for building installations. We typically recommend at least 30 to 40 feet of separation between the two antennas. For a vehicle, make sure your outside antenna is at least a foot away from any windows.

Solid amber light or a blinking green and amber light?

Try aiming your antenna away from the source of the overload. Check your inside signal to see if it has improved and see if the booster light has turned green again. If you see no lights on your booster, double check to make sure it is receiving the power it needs to start up. Check the wall and your booster to make sure your power cord is connected securely.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful in troubleshooting the cell booster warning lights that alert us to problems that need to be resolved so it functions properly to provide peak indoor cellular reception. Please contact us if you need assistance with such solid or flashing alert lights. We will be glad to help. Thank you.

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