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Try This New Simple Trick to Fix Poor Cell Phone Reception.

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

A simple new trick discovered that can improve your cell phone reception instantly! It does not cost anything - It only requires a quick one second exercise. Most mobile phone users know that in order to improve their mobile reception, they simply need to change their physical location. It is something mobile users do all the time. Perhaps it is in your kitchen area where you can add a signal bar, or even two, to your mobile phone’s reception strength, and that is why you always wander into the kitchen to make your phone calls. Or maybe you have discovered that your living room is a black hole for wireless transmission, so-much-so that not a single phone call can be made or received from that room.

We know that one of the biggest factors in determining signal strength is your distance to the nearest carrier tower, and we also know that physical obstructions like walls, buildings, mountains and hills can affect your signal reception to a large degree. Cell phone signals are simply radio waves – they are not a magical force! Like everything else, they obey the same law of physics. So, by the same law of physics, what if the solution to your cell phone reception problems is not as complicated as you thought?

What if we told you that you’re simply holding your phone the wrong way?

Are you simply holding the phone while blocking the built-in antenna?

Are you simply holding the phone while blocking the built-in antenna?

Gert Pedersen is a Professor at Aalborg University, and his study has shown that when you switch your mobile phone from one hand to the opposite hand, it can improve or worsen the signal received. In his opinion, radio communications are affected because manufacturers, in their quest to make the sleekest of phones are inadvertently positioning the phones’ antennas where people naturally place their hands, thus affecting radio communications. Palm placement is altered by switching hands, which could improve or worsen the cell signal.

Interestingly, Pedersen studied 26 of the most popular phone models, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S being placed at the bottom of the list when used in the left-hand; however, they performed better when used in the right hand. When it came to phone reception, sitting on top of the list was the HTC Desire 626. We have yet to test Apple iPhone 7 as it is not available at the time we’re writing this blog post.

Pedersen explained that, because of space limitations, some of them are not optimizing for the best antenna they can use, as well as for where the user places their hand. The antenna should be located so the sensitive parts are not where you place your hands. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have been focussing too much on the sleekness of their phone model and missing the point on helping us get the best possible reception.

Other "Right-hand" phones include:

  • LG G5.
  • HTC 10.

"Left-hand" phones include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  • Microsoft Lumia 650.
  • Huawei P9.

Pedersen recommends that manufacturers assist consumers in selecting which phones to purchase by including antenna ratings in their phone specifications. But for now, his suggestion for obtaining the best possible signal out of a cell phone is to go hands-free. Try placing your mobile phone on a table if you’re having signal problems, and use the speaker instead. Pedersen explains that you’re improving the signal a lot when your cell phone is standing free in the air. He also suggests that you don’t grab the phone firmly and press it to your head. Try to keep the phone light, and this will help you achieve a much better connection.


From a cell-users point of view, do you believe that antenna ratings would help you decide which mobile phone would best suit your needs? We would love to hear your thoughts…

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