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US Cellphone Companies In Rank and Tech

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016

Carrier cellular service technology and rank

Expert review of USA cell phone companies regarding their rank and advancement of technology.

Across the United States, there might be newer cellphone companies entering the market but you should not lose focus if you’re looking for the best company in terms of different standards such as technology and anything else in between. There have been a lot of network testers who have criss crossed the U.S. and covered hundreds of thousands of miles in the process compiled the most significant data on cellphone companies around the nation.

Verizon spectrum deployment

Verizon has maintained the top position as the largest cellphone or wireless carrier in the United States courtesy of its total performance in all areas from towers, technology to security as well as over $6 billion investment annually in its network. The wireless company might maintain this position in coming years considering as late as 2014 it was supreme in diverse areas of cellphone usage from text messages, call quality, data, and speed to reliability. One of the reasons why Verizon has been able to perform much better now and probably in future includes its extra deployment of spectrum to enhance its network speed and capacity.

Nonetheless, every carrier is looking into the future and speeding up their wireless system. Reliable and fast cellphone services are not a luxury any more but a requirement. AT&T has been able to narrow down on Verizon by beating Verizon on SMS quality but falls second to its competitor in many other areas. For instance, a slip in call performance and even reliability has seen AT&T lose to Verizon in a number of occasions in more than one state.

Network Vision plan and call quality

T-Mobile and Sprint might be flipping their spots on the ranking meter, but Sprint comes third behind Verizon and AT&T with T-Mobile following it closely at fourth. Sprint has been able to have a better nationwide performance after significantly improving its performance in text messaging and call quality. Sprint has also jumped its scores as a result of actualizing its Network Vision plan, which has been in the works for some time and meant to replace the network's older 3G network as well as planning for a better and ambitious 4G LTE technology. In fact, Sprint had been performing dismally due to its competitors having better speed and better data plans.

Fastest network

T-Mobile might be falling behind in a number of areas but working hard to rival its competitors in text and voice and even equal or outsmart them in speed. To show its users it has the nation's fastest network, T-Mobile uses Speedtest.net to put its best foot forward. However, the fact that T-Mobile is said to lag behind some of its competitors in overall speed is probably because the company has focused its services and influence outside main metro areas and inside rural areas. Its core strength might still be focused on suburban and metro areas.

T-Mobile has been able to offer a lot to different markets than all its competitors with the highest speed of 20 mb per second or more, above both AT&T and Verizon whose speeds average 10 - 20mb per second. Sprint has also worked hard to create a network that makes the most of three unique spectrum bands to allow a wider and faster wireless traffic lane. At the same time, Sprint has been working hard to convince users to make the most of its 4G LTE faster network known as ‘Spark’ by upgrading their Smartphones.

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