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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Accessories Cell Phone Users Would Love!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016

Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Selfie Photo Printer

Checkout our list of Valentine's day gift ideas - Accessories every cell phone user would love, for convenience or sheer fun! In this day and age, we rely increasingly on our smartphones and tablets - our entire lives are often stored in this pocket sized gadgets! In fact, they are so important to most us that an entire industry of smartphone accessories has sprung up over the last few years. Here is a list of our top picks for accessories that every mobile user should have in their arsenal. 

· An External Battery Pack – Let's face it – our high tech devices tend to run out of juice pretty quickly. External battery packs are the perfect solution to this problem – They can give you an additional five charges. You can never have too many, as these can also be used for laptops, tablets and other gadgets.

· A Mobile Signal Booster – Surprised? We didn't think so! If your mobile signal is weak, you know all too well the frustration of moving from room to room, climbing onto chairs and trying – often in vain, in order to locate a signal. A home cellular booster will make you feel like you are using a corded phone - without the cord! This is a must for anyone with a cell phone.

· A Selfie Photo Printer - Sure, selfies are fun, but they become great gifts and conversation starters when you can print them out right away. The Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer is such a cool device - It connects wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad and produces a high quality print. This is perfect gift for anyone who is about to take a lengthy trip abroad – offering these photos to people they meet along the way will ingratiate you anywhere you go!

· Touch Tonic – Wintertime techie blues? Not being able to activate your smartphone while wearing gloves in the cold weather! This touch tonic is a clear liquid that you paint on soft mittens, leather gloves or fleece mitts in order – once it is dry you can now take photos, send texts and use your phone as usual.

· Portable Wireless Speakers - Create a fun concert no matter where you go - these wireless speakers provide excellent sound with no hassle. Shockproof, dust proof and water resistant, these will stand the test of time and are sure to please anyone. Whether you plan to listen to podcasts, news programs or rock out to some tunes, these will do the trick.

· A Tiny iPhone Tripod - Want to watch a movie on your smartphone, or maybe even shoot a movie without any wobbles? The Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand will come to your rescue and allow you to do just that. This is great for long flights, movie marathons and taking photos of both landmarks and people.

Music, photos, video, battery life and a strong signal - with these accessories in your pocket or knapsack, you are sure to get the most out of your device. Do you agree with our picks and/ or have any to add? Have your say in the comments below. Thanks!

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