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Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Buyer's Guide.

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017

With all the different cell phone signal booster options available for vehicles, how do you know which one is going to work best for you? We will cover that in this post. We will go over each signal booster and the scenario that they will work best in. Without further ado, let us checkout this buyer's guide.

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Installation of signal boosters.

Installation for any of these boosters is going to be very similar. Just place the magnet mount antenna on the roof of your car, and run it inside the car, truck, or RV. Then connect it to the booster. If you have got a cradle booster, then you're done right there. All you need to do is plug it in. The cradle/ cell holder booster and inside antenna are combined into one piece. If you're using other boosters, then you just need to attach inside antenna to the booster and place it somewhere within the vehicle where you're going to need the signal the most.

The Cradle Boosters - A 2 in 1 solution.

There are two different cradle boosters: The Drive 3G-S and the Drive 4G-S. The only difference between the two is that the Drive 3G-S boosts voice & 3G signal while the Drive 4G-S boosts voice, 3G, and 4G LTE signals. These work really great for a single user. Simply place your smart phone into the universal adjustable cradle, and it will boost the signal for that one device such as a cell phone or mobile hotspot. It does not create an area of signal around the phone. It only boosts reception for that one mobile device in the cradle. They are also most easiest to install because there're just two pieces involved - Exterior antenna & cradle booster.

The Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-X / OTR.

If you need to boost mobile reception for more than one person, then you want to move on to Drive 4G-M or the Drive 4G-X multi-user in-vehicle cell phone signal boosters. Both of these boosters come in 3G and 4G models (3G models are Drive 3G-M and Drive 3G-X). Which model you need just depends on you, and your usage - See details below in the next paragraph.

If you're just sending text, placing voice phone calls, and using 3G data on your 3G smartphone, then you don't need to spend almost $100 more for the 4G option which boosts your 4G data as well. This way, you can save a little cash by going to the 3G model. If you do need to boost your wireless 4G LTE data (i.e., you have a 4G LTE super phone and watch a lot of YouTube videos on your smart phone, check emails, or surf Internet), then obviously you're going to want to go with the 4G option. Yes, if you have a 4G LTE phone, and you do use mobile data doing online activities like watching videos, then we would recommend 4G versions of the weBoost Drive kits.

Lastly, if you need the 4G version for a large vehicle such as a 18 wheeler truck, we recommend Drive 4G-X OTR because it has a larger, more durable, and more powerful mirror mounted trucker antenna.

These boosters use an inside antenna as opposed to a cradle so you place this in the car where you're going to need it and it will send out the signal throughout the vehicle. This is why it is called a multi-user signal booster. It boosts mobile reception for whoever is in the vehicle with you, and using their own mobile device. Therefore, if you're traveling with people or you need more than one person to use the booster simultaneously, then one of these in-car cell boosters is going to be great for you. These in-vehicle car/truck wireless signal boosters happen to be more powerful than the cradle boosters too, because they provide more signal strength Gain in decibels.

Which one should you choose: Drive 4G-M or Drive 4G-X?

This paragraph basically provides same information as above, only clarifying it further. The Drive 4G-M is going to boost the signal for you and up to four friends in the vehicle. This one is great for commuting or going on road trips, things like that, even going out into the hills. But if you're going to get too far away from a cell tower and go out in the boonies or boondocks, then you're going to want to go with the Drive 4G-X. This is the most powerful vehicle signal booster that we provide. This will keep you and up to four friends connected while out on the most remote of roads or in the backcountry or backwater. In summary, if you do a lot of hunting or spend a lot of time out in very rural areas, then the Drive 4G-X is probably the best signal boosting choice for you.

The RV 4G.

If you go camping a lot with in a RV and want to boost the cell signal for your recreational vehicle, RV 4G cell phone signal booster is a great choice. It is designed for recreational vehicles. This keeps you connected while out camping or on the road. It is very similar to our other signal boosters for vehicles but instead of placing a magnet mount antenna on the roof of your vehicle, you will place the white Panel exterior antenna provided on exterior of the RV or in the window facing out. Some have told us that optional permanent omni-directional external antenna suits them better than the Panel antenna so we include that with the purchase for only $5 add'l cost. Then you will place the little black desktop antenna on the desk or counter in an area where you're going to use the signal. The desk-top antenna will broadcast powerful cell signal throughout the RV keeping you connected wherever you need to go.

Dual 2 in 1 home & car signal booster, the Drive 3G Flex.

The Drive 3G Flex is somewhat of a hybrid of other two types of boosters. Inside antenna and booster are combined into one unit so setup is easy like a cradle booster, but the Flex supports multiple users so more than one person can benefit from the boosted signal. Place the Flex on the dash or near the front seat and it will boost the signal for several users within its boosted range. It is portable and can also be moved regularly to boost reception on a desktop inside a home or apartment room.

Hopefully, above vehicle cell phone signal booster buyer's guide has helped you to understand the differences between the various available signal boosters. This should help you decide which one is going to work best for you. Watch the video provided above for more details and illustration of the different in-car cell phone signal booster models available. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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