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Watch video featuring weBoost Connect 3G Directional (Kit # 472205)

Posted by on May 28, 2015

Read our professional commentary about this cell phone signal booster video featuring weBoost Connect 3G Directional (weBoost 472205):

The  weBoost 472205 Cellphone Signal Booster is an ideal solution for anybody who hates poor signal strength and dropped calls. With the weBoost Connect 3G Directional range, you can say "goodbye" to frustration and "hello" to connectivity. Suitable for the home and workplace, the range is about as versatile as it can get. We like to think of it as the mayonnaise of signal boosters (Though it doesn't taste nearly as good).

It's Great for Business

As a business owner, your livelihood probably depends on being able to connect others. Reaching clients, staff or suppliers is a necessary part of any business man or woman's life. But what happens when you can't reach them? What happens when you have an urgent message to pass on, but you can't get through to the person you need to? If you're like most who have poor signal strength, you will pace around hoping that you get into some kind of range, fast. If you don't, you will likely start tugging on your hair in frustration, before eventually launching your handset at the wall.

Now you have three problems. You still have not passed on your message, but now you have bad hair and no phone. The weBoost Connect 3G Directional would have saved you from all of this trouble. Its reliable nature and quick and easy installation method means you can improve your coverage no matter where it is you are. You get to enjoy no more dropped calls, and hopefully, better productivity as a result.

It's Great for Home

You see her sitting at the bar. She's absolutely gorgeous. You approach her, and to your surprise, she gives you her number and tells you to call her. The next day, once you've found the perfect thing to say, you try calling her, only... when she answers, you keep breaking up. You can hear the frustration in her voice, but of course, your signal doesn't care. It's so unfair. You had the perfect line this time. She was so sweet and she liked Star Wars!

If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, or are worried it may soon happen to you, then you need a cell phone signal booster to repel against the forces of broken calls. The weBoost 472205 is just one of the many which can help prevent heartbreaking situations like the one above. It improves indoor voice quality as well as reduces the amount of dropped calls by a significant margin.

It is too late to call that girl again. She's already with somebody new. They have moved in together and even got a cat. He's called Simon. But it's not too late to fix your crappy coverage by getting a signal booster that is more reliable than death and taxes.

Fix the issue once and for all by getting the Daddy of all communication tools.

It's Great for Family

When it comes to family, uncertainty isn't an option. That's why we buy insurance, drive cars with good safety ratings and feed our children healthy foods (at least most of the time). If you're trying to contact family members and find call quality is poor, something needs to change. The weBoost 472205 improves call time in weak-signal areas by up to 2 hours. That means, should you ever need to get in touch with your loved ones, it will be as easy as picking up the phone.

If you have elderly relatives, relatives who are on the road a lot, or even just a young family, you will want to be contactable at all times, especially when you're at home or at work. If you're not, you become fairly useless to them during moments of crisis.

Make sure you're reachable at all times by banishing your poor-signal strength for good. Wherever you are in North America, the weBoost Connect 3G Directional cell phone signal booster will put you back in the game. Become Mr. Reliable again with the help of your secret little tool.

It's Great for Data

It's no longer 1999. Internet has come a long way since then. It is fast, vast, and even in high-definition (most of the time). There's an array of music, movies and videos to watch, and all you need to be able to access those is a signal.

Of course, if you don't have one, or have a poor one, your fancy phone or device is as useful as a cardboard cutout. The world of streaming, gaming and connectivity is out of your reach, at least, it is while the signal is out. Thankfully, the weBoost 4272205 puts it all back into your hands again. By improving your signal quality, it simultaneously improves your data speeds and improves the quickness of your data downloads. Don't get halfway through Game of Thrones then lose the ability to watch the rest. Fix your signal issue before it becomes too much of a problem.

It's Great for Life

In the modern age that we live in, communication devices are just a part of life. Most people take theirs for granted and assume that it will always just be there, working fine for the duration of its life. However, some people aren’t as fortunate. They may have a wonderful device, yet still battle against connectivity and reception issues for most of the time that they have it.

These people need a cell phone booster.

We love the weBoost 472205 and know that you will too. Whether you want to be a better business man, better partner or better family member, this is one gadget that's on your side.

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