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Watch video featuring weBoost Connect 3G-X (Kit # 470105)

Posted by on May 29, 2015

Read our professional commentary about this cell phone signal booster video featuring weBoost Connect 3G-X (weBoost 470105):

Owning a large home or building is great. For a start, you have a whole lot of land for all your belongings. Secondly, if you love your space, you won't be ever be short of it. But having such an asset does come with a downside - it can be difficult to get a mobile signal in many areas of the building, especially if it's a little 'out of the way'.

In the good ol' days, that wouldn't have been a problem. Light a fire, sit around it and chat with friends or loved ones. But in the days of tech and on-the-go connectivity, it becomes a huge problem. Good luck getting the grandkids to come over if they can't text their friends while there. If you're still of working age, hopefully your business does not require you to use your cell phone around the house or premises; if it does, you're stuffed. Oh, and if you love data, you'd better go elsewhere if you want to enjoy using it.

Of course, you have two options if you want to cure your signal woes. Well, three if you count moving out or getting a new job, but we know you don't really want to do that. You can get good at shouting (though you will probably end up shelling out a lot on throat soothers), or, you can take the metaphorical bull by the horns and grab yourself a cell phone signal booster to put an end to the dreaded no bar signal meter.

The Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

We will just assume you're new to the world of signal boosters. We will assume, for instance, that the words " weBoost Connect 3G-X" does not mean all that much to you. Maybe they don't mean anything at all. That's ok. Nothing wrong with that. Cell phones haven't been mainstream for all that long anyway.

The advantages of using a cell phone signal booster are endless, but they more or less boil down to one important one: they improve your signal.

And that's all you really want something to do, isn't it: exactly what it said it would. Imagine, for example, if politicians kept their promises. Or, say, if a chain's new line of coffee really was the finest tasting anywhere in the land. We would all be a lot happier. Well, the cell phone signal booster certainly does just that. It boosts your home or work signal, allowing you to make calls, enjoy the benefits of Internet, and do whatever else it is you want to do now that you're within reach again.

As many major providers don't have cell phone towers that give out a strong enough signal to reach certain homes or premises, sometimes you need to give your signal a boost so you can meet them halfway.

The weBoost Range

So, now you know the true value of cell phone signal boosters, and hopefully you're keen on investing in one. If you already knew all of that, we're sorry, but we like to be thorough when it comes to education!

One of the largest companies selling these boosters is the weBoost (formerly known as Wilson Electronics). WeBoost is one of the leading cell phone signal booster suppliers around, and the company offers great benefits to customers such as high-powered pieces of booster kits, and water-tight 2-year warranties.

The weBoost range features a model called the Connect X, which helps larger buildings regain their signal. This is probably why you're here, to read about or at least understand more about the weBoost Connect range. It's likely you have a big house or work in a warehouse somewhere, and so naturally this would be the perfect cell phone signal booster for you. One of weBoost's most iconic products is the WeBoost Connect 3G-X (part number weBoost 470105) a state of the art booster we will talk more about now.

The weBoost Connect 3G-X 470105

So what makes this particular part so special? Well, its ability to cover large areas really attracts people to it. Some cell phone signal boosters are made to cover small rooms such as offices. This model goes the whole way. It will increase your 3G signal strength no matter where you are in your large house or building.

You will suddenly be able to make and receive calls at will. No more scrabbling around trying to find a signal. You will also be able to enjoy all of your data. You will be able to browse the web, enjoy interactive apps, even watch movies on your cellular device. You pay a lot of money for that data each month, and chances are, without a signal you were wasting a lot of it.

Official figures show that the weBoost Connect 3G-X cellular signal amplifier can cover up to 10,000 square feet of land, and improves the quality of your calls dramatically.

A Top Choice for Larger Areas

Such impressive coverage and the fact that this piece is made by such a reliable brand means the weBoost 470105 is a top choice for those looking to regain the gift of great signal strength.

The product comes well-protected in its packaging, and is extremely easy to install. With it comes an instruction leaflet, as well as a toll-free number to call, just incase you do need a little help with the process.

If you own a large home or warehouse, you will struggle to find a better all-round product out there than this. This part works with all 3G phones (assuming they're registered with a network provider), and can be a real game changer when it comes to banishing annoying black spots. 

Even if you have a 2G or 4G phone but you are mainly concerned about voice reception to prevent dropped calls and static, this 3G device will do the job at a lot lower cost than 4G ones.

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