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Watch video featuring weBoost Connect 4G (Kit # 470103)

Posted by on Jun 05, 2015

Read our professional commentary about this cell phone signal booster video featuring weBoost Connect 4G (weBoost 470103):

Very little in life is more annoying than a weak signal. You have important calls to make, or even business to conduct, yet your time is being wasted because you're not able to connect with the person you want to. 

North America is a very big place. Canada and the United States are much bigger than many other countries in the world, and as such, can suffer from poor signal quality. Cellular service providers haven't yet been able to create a system whereby their towers can reach cellular devices across the country. A quick look at the current trend suggests it will be many more years before such a system is in place, too, which is a frustrating piece of news for many who suffer from bad reception. 

The weBoost Connect 4G 

North Americans are known for being pioneering. Both the US and Canada have created spectacular countries for themselves, both of which are envied by the world. The reason for that is the never-say-die attitude of their citizens. 

While it may be a relatively small example of such an attitude, the willingness to embrace a device like the weBoost Connect 4G shows that this problem-solving spirit still lives on. Rather than suffer from poor signal quality, move home, or simply make excuses for not being able to run a business properly, thousands have turned to the cell phone signal booster mentioned above. The weBoost Connect 4G (model name weBoost 470103) is a device capable of banishing the dreaded empty signal bar, and replacing it with smooth, unfaltering signal quality. 

Why are North Americans turning to this particular device? Read on to find out. 

The Advantages of the weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster  

In a world where being in touch is vital, those who aren't are at a serious disadvantage. Whether they are not able to make calls or unable to connect their device to the internet to use their allocated data, they are suffering a fate few in North America could tolerate. 

As the weBoost Connect 4G cell phone signal booster can connect devices suffering from poor signal to their provider's tower, one main advantage of the device is that it puts you back in touch with the world again. Calls can be made when they need to be made, and data is available at all times. It is a feeling of freedom that people who have struggled with their signal haven't experienced before. Being able to contact friends and family at will, feels like a blessing. Seeing a webpage load up on their device can make them want to jump for joy. 

It may sound overdramatic to those who are able to connect with the world at all times, but to those unable to, these changes can literally be life changing. Work and business can improve. Social lives often become more fulfilling. Parents find that they feel more at ease knowing they can reach their children and their children can reach them. Even downtime becomes more enjoyable. It is suddenly possible to watch a movie or a show on the phone or tablet. Music can be streamed and enjoyed, without it cutting off half way through. Buffering becomes a thing of the past, as the signal strength is perfect. 

How does the weBoost Connect 4G (weBoost 470103 Cell Phone Signal Booster) manage to do all this? Find out how by reading its list of features below. 

The weBoost Connect 4G Feature List 

If the weBoost Connect 4G sounds like a device you'd love to get your hands on, you're not alone in feeling that way. But before investing in one to help banish your poor signal nightmare, it is time to find out if it is indeed suitable for you. 

Firstly, to get the maximum benefit out of the gadget, you wil need a medium-sized home or office. You will also need to be suffering from poor signal strength (not essential, but it won't be too useful to you otherwise). If you're in North America, it doesn't matter who your service provider is. This piece of kit will work well with every provider. If you check all of these boxes, there's no better cell phone signal booster to get than the weBoost Connect 4G. Why? 

Because it is not only incredibly easy to install, self-adjusting, and extremely reliable, it also comes with free shipping and phone or email customer service. When you make the weBoost Connect 4G a part of your home or workplace, you will get to enjoy signal quality you may never have experienced before. Calls will be crystal clear and won't cut out. Data will be lightning fast, rendering buffering a distant nightmare. 

While it may only weigh 10 lbs, the weBoost Connect 4G packs a punch that will blow you away. 

Say Goodbye to Poor Signal 

It's important for you to know that you don't have to suffer from bad signal. With devices like the weBoost Connect 4G on the market, you're suffering from unnecessary hardship if reception issues are affecting your life. Devices such as this one can be installed in minutes, and come with everything you'll need to enjoy amazing cell phone reception. 

Chances are, you're wasting hundreds of dollars annually because of your poor signal. You're almost certainly leaving hundreds of MB of data on the table, and thousands of hours of free minutes too by not being able to use them. That statement is a conservative one, because it does not include the amount of time you may waste not being able to connect with people, or the amount of money you may lose not being able to do business properly. Make today the day all of that changes for good. 

Say goodbye to poor signal, and say hello to the weBoost Connect 4G.

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