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Watch video featuring weBoost Drive 3G Flex (Kit # 470113)

Posted by on Jun 03, 2015

Read our professional commentary about this cell phone signal booster video featuring weBoost Drive 3G Flex (weBoost 470113):

You've surely seen clips from movies made in the 1980's, featuring an important businessman talking to a client in his car. There he sits on his cellular device which is so big it needs to be carried around in its own suitcase.

As soon as on-the-move cell phone calls become something that was available to most people, nobody has wanted to turn back. The convenience of having this piece of technology in your pocket that connects you with the world is priceless. Whether you use your cell phone for business or leisure, you're likely to be as attached to it as most of the world is to theirs.

A few years ago, cell phones experienced another major advancement. Suddenly they could browse the internet, and this world that existed at a user's fingertips got even bigger. Now it became unthinkable to be without a cell phone, and people started carrying them everywhere, including, funnily enough, the bathroom.

Poor Signal Strength

The rise of the cell phone has been meteoric, but hasn't been without its challenges. Even today one of those challenges lives on, and affects the lives of millions of people in North America. That challenge is, of course, poor signal. Without a good signal, a cell phone is nothing more than a glorified organizer. You can check the date on it, and you can play a game of Pacman, but by and large, its fairly useless.

Given the size of the United States and Canada, not every part of North America receives great signal coverage. Miles of land remain a dead zone, or a zone of poor quality signal, which frustrates everybody who lives there.

But rather than move home, or settle for this inconvenience, you should consider taking another type of action to resolve your problem. You should consider investing in a cell phone signal booster - One like the weBoost Drive 3G Flex.

The weBoost Drive 3G Flex

This particular cell phone signal booster is made for those who like to move around. Whether you travel in your car a lot, or whether you move around due to your job, this particular device is for you if you're suffering from poor signal.

The weBoost Drive 3G Flex can be taken with you anywhere. While checking into a hotel, while cruising round the streets, or while visiting your home or office, if you have it with you, you will be able to enjoy amazing signal strength.

The weBoost Drive 3G Flex, model name weBoost 470113, is the perfect solution to signal problems on the move. Its powerful nature means that poor signal becomes a thing of the past. All of those annoying symptoms that come with low bars disappear, and in their place, smooth, effortless connectivity becomes available.

Want to know what this particular cell phone signal booster can bring to your life? Read on to find more.

Advantages of the weBoost Drive 3G Flex

While we have talked largely about cell phones in this post, the 3G Drive Flex cell phone signal booster works perfectly well with every type of cellular device. That means, your phone, laptop and tablet will all work far more effectively if you have this particular piece of kit around.

So what does better signal mean to you? The advantages of using the weBoost 470113 will depend entirely on what you use your cell phone or tablet for. Do you like playing online games? Then you will love having the ability to play to your heart's content without the worry you will disconnect. Do you love making calls? Then rest assured you will be able to do so whenever needed. The weBoost Drive 3G Flex is so reliable that you can count on it to always be there whenever you need it. The anxiety or frustration you feel that comes from being out of touch will dissipate overnight. Maybe you just love listening to music or watching movies on your cell phone, laptop and tablet. If that's the case, the advantage of using the weBoost will be that streaming speeds will vastly increase, and buffering will disappear.

Of course, whatever you use your device for, you will still get to enjoy one universal benefit: Quality signal on the move. You will be able to visit known dead spots safe in the knowledge you will be connected while there. Drive, move and travel with great signal, and forget what it was like to be without it.

The Complete Package

Not only does the weBoost come with all of the advantages mention above, it also comes with many other usability benefits too. For example, everything you will ever need to use the weBoost cell phone signal booster will come included in the package. Everything is incredibly easy to set up, meaning within an hour you can be up and running and enjoying signal quality like never before.

With short-range coverage, you can also be sure that nobody is stealing your signal. The weBoost Drive 3G Flex has been designed in such a way as to ensure only you benefit from your nifty little gadget.

It will work with all major phone carriers, so regardless of who you are with, you can get relief from your signal woes. As long as you're in North America or Canada, you can be sure your phone, tablet or laptop will work with the weBoost.

Other less stylish (although still extremely important) benefits include improved battery life as your device isn't struggling to get a signal, and a 60-day refund policy. Cellphonesignalbooster.us is so confident you will love your purchase that if you don't, you have 60 days to return it and receive a full refund.

Take action now to make undesirable signal strength a thing of the past. You will wish you had acted sooner!

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