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Watch weBoost Drive 4G-M video and read commentary of weBoost 470108

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015

Read our professional commentary about this car cell phone signal booster video featuring weBoost Drive 4G-M (weBoost 470108):

Essentially, the two main causes of poor cell phone signal are the distance to the closest cell phone tower, and the obstructions causing the signal interference. While in your car or truck, you sometimes experience the dropped call, which has occurred several times to most people. Although the carrier continues adding towers in order to expand the signal coverage area, the poor signal is still a major problem due to obstructions like hills, valleys, trees, and buildings. So how do you find an ultimate solution for the cell phone signal problem? Finding a lasting solution will help you, and all passengers that travel with you in your car or truck. That solution is installing the weBoost Drive 4G-M signal booster.

What Causes Loss of Cell Phone Signal When You are Driving?

The cell phone signal transmitters that provide signals are situated at the top of cellular towers. They provide a structured network. Therefore, your mobile phone connects to the closest tower when you are in a vicinity. In this case, the phone signal keeps on switching and moving from one tower to the next because the car is moving. When you go beyond the coverage of your carrier’s area, your phone loses signal. This is when you experience a dropped call. Moreover, geographical obstructions can cause weak signals. For instance, mountains, hills, and trees.

The Solution

Luckily, the weBoost Drive 4G-M (model name weBoost 470108) cell phone signal booster kit is an ultimate solution to all these challenges. You can install a wireless signal amplifier in your car or truck. The device boosts voice and data for both 3G and 4G mobile networks. Therefore, if you are in your car, you can use your tablet and laptop without interference of a weak signal.

It is an amazing accessory because it keeps your phone and other passenger's phones inside the car connected to the nearest signal carrier's tower. It boosts the signals and makes it constant such that when you move to another network structure, the transfer is seamless, without any signal interruption. Furthermore, this accessory amplifies a weak signal that may be caused by obstruction - Especially when you are driving in a hilly area or near a mountain. The weBoost Drive 4G-M amplifies the weak signal such that you do not experience a dropped call due to signal obstruction. This fine accessory amplifies the signal and boosts reception to all the mobile connected gadgets in the car simultaneously.

This weBoost car cell phone booster is easy to install because the installation instructions come with the package. In case of any challenges, you can call a toll-free phone support number to seek help. Buy part number weBoost 470108 at cellphonesignalbooster.us.

Ultimately, the weBoost Drive 4G-M solves the problem of poor cell phone signal. You no longer have to worry about the poor signal when you drive through areas with poor network coverage. This mobile accessory amplifies the signal, no matter how weak it is, to ensure your voice and data is not affected by the poor signal.

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