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​We Need Improved Wireless Connectivity to Stay Safe.

Posted by on Sep 11, 2016

There’re still a lot of people out there who still remember how it is like to have a home with one single phone number for the entire family. Today, as you would know, it is rare for homes and offices across the country to hold on to the old, traditional landline for phone communication. Indeed, statistics show that each year more and more businesses and homes are disconnecting their landlines, and that 91% of American adults now own and use a cell phone.

Generally, there’s sufficient network bandwidth and cell signal availability to ensure that connecting via a cellular network is not a problem. But, what would you do if there was an emergency, or a natural disaster? What would you do if you needed assistance, but you had no cellular connection?

It is true that most people have their cell phone with them when disaster strikes, but remember that making a phone call is entirely dependent on being able to access a cellular signal. What if there’s an emergency and you need to call 911, or perhaps you need to connect with a loved one, or you need to research critical safety updates? We now know that according to a new report from U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer,  there are over 4,000 cell phone dead zones across upstate New York. How many are there within the state you reside?

Poor Connectivity Can Place You in Danger!

Bad cell phone reception and no signal booster.

Generally, existing mobile networks can adequately cover phone calls, texts and accessing data. But when you have a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, or even a blizzard, these can adversely affect the infrastructure of the entire network. Cell towers can be knocked out, cutting power and preventing cell phones from connecting when there’s only a weak signal, or no signal at all.

Then there’re other situations, where people who are camping, driving, or hiking, can suddenly find themselves out of a cell tower’s range. Emergencies can happen unexpectedly and at any time; you could find yourself the victim of an electrical storm, a flash flood, perhaps you get lost, or experience a serious injury.

Many businesses are completely reliant on security systems to report incidents through their cellular network. An entire system could well be rendered useless due to poor connectivity, which would make it hard to send up-to-date reports, and leaves the entire operation vulnerable; perhaps even endangering people within the workspace.

Dealing with an emergency is never fun, but we should be aware that preparing our home or office for emergencies plays a very important part in any emergency preparedness plan. But how do we increase cell phone signal bars? Part of that preparedness is reliable communication and, when it comes to cell phone connectivity, a Cell Signal Booster can actually be a lifesaver. In fact, having a Cell Signal Booster installed could save many lives!

Stay Connected with a “Cell Signal Booster”.

A Cell Signal Booster has been designed to help people in offices and homes stay connected in areas with weak cell signals. Let us say a power outage or storm has caused a tower to experience signal loss; a cell phone signal booster is capable of accessing the signal from a more distant tower to ensure you stay connected. When you have a cellphone signal booster installed, you will still be able to use data to access important safety updates and to make outside calls.

You may not be aware that emergency medical technicians already use cellular signal boosters in their vehicles for emergency situations when they need a backup for voice communications and data transfer. In fact, it has been suggested that cell phone boosters should be classified as “ standard emergency hardware”, just like backup batteries and hand-cranked generators.

Natural Disasters and Cell Signal Boosters.

Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to show just how important cell connectivity is: When we’re caught up in an emergency it becomes vitally important that we have contact with the outside world. The following three examples show how Cell Signal Boosters helped during natural disasters:

  • Superstorm Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy caused devastation in the United States in 2012, resulting in many lives lost and $75 billion worth of damage. Many cell phone towers were included in this damage which meant that, without Wi-Fi or cell service, it would have become impossible for many users to send or receive phone calls or texts. In one specific situation, a personal handheld booster device was able to connect with a signal from a more distant cell tower, thus making the difference between no service at all and the ability to make a phone call.

  • Hurricane Irene.

In 2011 the East Coast and the Caribbean were pummelled by Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, a cell-phone signal booster located on a boat made it possible to send text messages to the Bahamas with weather updates from Florida. These updates were radioed to other vessels in the area. Thus, everyone was kept out of harm’s way. 

Unfortunately, a local couple was not able to call 911 in an emergency.

  • Hurricane Katrina.

Many cell towers in New Orleans were knocked out both during and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Utility vehicles that had been outfitted with mobile signal boosters were able to access cell signals from undamaged towers across Lake Pontchartrain and to use these cellular connections to coordinate repairs.

Cell Signal Boosters for Everyday Safety.

Of course the three examples given above are very extreme cases, and signal boosters certainly helped enormously during these disasters. Wireless signal boosters are also vitally important when it comes to our everyday safety because they provide essential backup safety measures. They do this by improving the cellular connection in your office or in your home. An enhanced cell phone connection ensures that:

1. You have the ability to text or call emergency services, and to contact loved ones to reassure them of your safety, or to let them know of your whereabouts.

2. You’re able to use data over a cellular network to check on crucial weather updates or security information.

3. Security systems connected via a cellular connection have enhanced reliability.

4. There will be less interference and better call quality for first responders while routing emergency vehicles and receiving important phone calls.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be experiencing an emergency: An RF amplifier is designed to provide reliable reinforcement when it comes to cell phone connectivity. Having reliable cell phone connectivity would protect your family and staff during an emergency. That is why cell phone boosters should be a part of your emergency response strategy.

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