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weBoost Drive 4G-X is the most powerful cell phone signal booster for car!

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015

weBoost Drive 4G-X

Receiving the proper signal can be an issue in today’s mobile environment, especially if we are talking about smartphones found in a remote location or any other similar issue. There are many situations in which using a signal boosting tool just works, and this is why it’s very recommended to use such as device as often as possible, whenever you feel that you are in the need for such a signal boost. Out of all such devices, weBoost Drive 4G-X definitely manages to bring in the best possible boost, thanks to its wide range of extraordinary features and one of a kind results.

Why opt for  weBoost Drive 4G-X device?

Right off the bat, one of the things that make the Drive 4G-X a great device to choose when you are looking for a signal booster is the fact that it has a very high reach. This is one of the few such tools that bring you more than 60% larger service and a much better boost as a whole, while also maintaining a good clarity as well.

It doesn’t matter where you go and what affects the signal source, with the Drive 4G-X it’s a lot easier and faster to remove these obstructions and access the much-needed, clear cell phone signal you need.

The wonderful thing about this device is that it allows you to acquire extraordinary cellular power and a stunning set of results very fast, while also bringing the maximum output power legally available. This means that it just can’t be better than this, when it comes to having a good cell phone signal!

If you are wondering what device will benefit if you use the Drive 4G-X, then rest assured that all of them will receive this boost! The device does a great job in bringing you a complete signal boost for your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other tool that uses cell phone tower signal in order to transmit and use data wirelessly.

Drive 4G-X features

A wonderful benefit that comes with the Drive 4G-X is the fact that it can be installed in minutes. There is no real hassle in regards to the installation process, nor does it require you to go through a very complicated installation process. Instead, this tool enables you to go through a very refined, easy to use and reliable installation that won’t last long. If you want to boost the cell phone signal without having to deal with a lot of tutorial reading and other similar stuff, this is definitely the tool to use.

Moreover, another great thing about the device is the complete support for all the US and Canadian carriers. Therefore, it does not matter which carrier you might have, as long as you are a resident of these countries, you won’t have a problem boosting your cell phone signal - That’s a guarantee!

With the Drive 4G-X, you also get a great customer support, one that will help you take your experience to the next level. Any issue that might appear, will be solved promptly and with a very good response time, guaranteed!

You don’t have to purchase any extra components, nor do you have to opt for anything else. Instead, all you can do is purchase the product and you will have everything you need, placed into a single package and suitable for your convenience.

The installation is simple and even suitable for DIY purposes, so you don’t really have to imply any additional costs, which is great. The best thing here is that the product is FCC and Industry Canada approved, so you won’t have to worry about authenticity and having the best results, as they are guaranteed!

Why should you use the Drive 4G-X?

One of the major strengths of this product is definitely the fact that it manages to extend to cellular signal range, but it does that without obstructing the other wireless signals that might be in the region. The tool is designed with professionalism in mind, yet it’s one of the only such devices that’s very easy to approach and who has the user experience as its main focus. This is what differentiates the Drive 4G-X from any other cell phone signal booster you can find right now on the market.

With this device, signal consistency isn’t something you have to worry any more, because it does a great job in maintaining the signal at a specific rate for a very long time, so that you can enjoy your calls or data transfer at your own pace. And, even if you need fast data downloads, you can easily access those very fast, at your own convenience.

Thanks to the Drive 4G-X, you can acquire a much better download speed, which is a major plus, but at the same time you will also have the unique opportunity to improve the overall experience. It’s a very good product because it manages to make our phone calls a lot better and you don’t have to worry about having your call cut down in the middle of an important conversation or the download being interrupted. It’s just an amazing experience as a whole and one that you will like for sure. Depending on where you will use the device, you can acquire no less than 2 hours of additional talk time, which is an immense boost!

The Drive 4G-X is a lightweight device, and its power requirements are very low as well. It’s the professionalism and ease of use, that make it such a wonderful addition to the arsenal of any tech enthusiast!


All in all, the Drive 4G-X is designed to be one of the best tools when it comes to cell phone signal boosting. It’s a reliable device and one that brings proven results very fast. You will definitely be amazed with the reachability, professionalism and the wonderful boost you will get to your cell phone, so just give this device a try and be amazed with the great outcome!

This weBoost cell phone booster kit is compatible with phones on following U.S.A. and Canadian wireless service provider's networks:

American Service Providers |  Canadian Service Providers
AT&T Wireless Bell Mobility
Boost Mobile Chatr
C Spire Fido
Cricket Wireless Ice Wireless
Metro PCS Koodo Mobile
Net10 Wireless Mobilicity
Simple Mobile MTS
Sprint NorthernTel (Bell Alliant)
Straight Talk Public Mobile
T-Mobile USA Rogers Wireless
Ting SaskTel
TracPhone Telus Mobility
US Cellular Videotron
Verizon Wireless Virgin Mobile Canada
Virgin Mobile USA Wind Mobile

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