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​WeBoost RV 4G 470201 Is The Ultimate Trailer Signal Booster

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015

One of the great advantages of owning or renting an RV is you can head out to the wide open range. Parking in a lovely rural area gives you the peace and quiet you just cannot get in town.

You brew up a steaming cup of coffee, and set your favorite folding chair outside in the fresh air. You pull out your phone and OH, NO! There is no cell signal.

This is an exact situation for which the cleverly designed NEW weBoost RV 4G 470201 Signal Booster Kit For RV would tremendously help! This new unit works so well that your phone will have the same strong signal in tiny Bucksnort, TN as it does in downtown New York City.

Let us have our RV owner with the steaming cup try it again, but this time with the weBoost RV signal booster in place. Now his phone is showing nearly full strength 4G LTE Voice and Data. And that in a town that has no listed population or post office.

RV Signal Booster Installation Diagram

The 470201 is a professional grade repeater system that is specifically made for the extreme demands of RVs. You get very solid construction that will withstand endless vibration on bumpy roads, then boost cell phone signal in some of the most out of the way places you can find.

Best yet, the price on the 470201 is remarkably low for a unit of this high caliber. When I did a price check, it was only slightly higher than the flimsy home consumer units listed in big box discount stores.

Clearly, the WeBoost RV 4G 470201 Signal Booster Kit For RV represents a remarkable value and technological innovation for anyone who likes to travel.

Let us look under the hood and see what it has got in it.

A quick gander at the contents and you learn that this system has everything you need to install this booster kit in your RV. Included is the mighty 4G signal amplifier, an indoor desktop antenna, all required cables, and other useful hardware. Furthermore, you get a simple to follow installation guide for easy installation inside any RV, motor home, or camper.

The amplifier offers an impressive 60 dB Gain. That is as loud as someone talking to you from 3 feet away. When was the last time you heard a phone THAT loud? Just joking - The decibel rating discussed here refers to the reception boost you will get over using handset alone. It means many fold of signal reception increase that would most likely keep your signal bars jumping, to the maximum 5 bar range whenever needed.

Of course, 60db is the optimum, maximum gain you're going to get. But still - that is a big dose of amplification.

Big coverage outside your RV

Now let us get down to what most RV owners are truly interested in. How far does the 470201 project signal outside your RV?

If you have got a cell phone tower in the general vicinity, you can get a massive 1,500 feet of coverage inside your RV or motor home, so quite a big of that will probably spill over out the RV as well. That is enough to stroll down to the lake and take the paddle boat out to the middle, to use your phone with 4G in complete privacy. Not really, joking again. However, it would be substantial gain in signal even around your recreational vehicle.

But let us say things aren't quite so optimal. This time you're hunting ghost towns out West where the locals still use land lines. In areas where cell phone signal is quite weak, you will still get a very usable 150 square feet of coverage. That is certainly enough to pull up the folding chair with the coffee and check your email even right outside your little portable world.


The WeBoost RV 4G 470201 Signal Booster Kit For RV gives you a ton of value for the money. You literally get everything you need to install this system in your RV. It works with ALL major carriers in the US and Canada. And if you have been frustrated with your cell phone performance, this is the handy little unit that will make your vacation a whole lot more fun.

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