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​weBoost vs Wilson Electronics.

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

Find out the differences between products of weBoost vs Wilson Electronics. Which type of cell phone signal boosting products would be more applicable for you?

weBoost vs Wilson Electronics

Back in 1997, Jim Wilson, who has been in the antenna and two-way radio industry as far back as 1968, had problems connecting with family while at home due to a problematic cellular coverage. Immediately he conceived an idea of a signal booster for cell phone systems. In 2000, after three years of in-depth research and innovative development Wilson patented his invention, the first ever signal boosting solution for cellular systems that gave birth to Wilson Electronics. For the last 17 years, Wilson Electronics has continued being innovative, developing and pioneering special technologies for every day usage. Currently, the company remains a market leader in the signal boosting industry with more than 40 cell phone signal boosting patents in place.

Wilson Electronics is a company that offers top amplifiers from its two brands in the market. Premium “weBoost” consumer targeted signal boosting products for vehicular and indoor spaces of up to 10,000 square feet. “WilsonPro” business and enterprise signal booster solutions are for large indoor spaces typically over 10,000 square feet. All these ensure dropped calls are a thing of the past, including poor reception and weak signal. This ensures there’s always a consistent and reliable connection for all North American carriers across all phones. Whether you’re looking for a solution in a commercial premise, small business, home or vehicle - or even looking for signal coverage for machine to machine applications, Wilson Electronics via weBoost and WilsonPro signal boosters for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks cover every user out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the uttermost rugged region of North America where signals are the weakest or urban regions with all manner of manmade signal obstructions. Wilson Electronics offers multi-year type of warranties to the delight of users and FCC approved cellular boosters. Due to laws of physics, there needs to be “some” reception in order for cell phone signal boosters to amplify and make the reception better and stronger for a great wireless connection.


As a Wilson Electronics consumer brand, weBoost strengthens cellular signal towards providing a flawless and consistent communication both in data and voice wherever you might be - Indoors or in vehicles. weBoost offers signal boosters for buildings, vehicles, M2M applications plus parts and associated accessories including signal antennas.

Cellular signal antennas.

Whether it is a replacement, upgrade or new antenna, Wilson Electronics has diverse reliable and powerful vehicle and buildings antennas for any signal booster. These includes Omni-Directional Multi-band (or Wide Band) Antenna for vehicles, Powerful Indoor Antenna with about 10.6 dB Gain, 12-inch Magnet-Mount Antennas, 4" Mini Magnet Mount Antennas, Omni-Directional Antennas, Yagi Directional Antennas, Dome ceiling antennas, and Panel Antennae, among others.

weBoost vehicle cellular boosters.

A reliable cellular signal is very important on the road, whether you’re a trucker or travelling often in areas with weak signal or coverage. The signal boosters ensure you remain connected even in the hardest to reach areas. They include diverse signal boosters for boats, RVs, trucks and cars. Some of the best weBoost best sellers in this category include multi-user Drive 4G-X wireless booster for all kinds of vehicles on the road. Multi-user Drive 4G-X OTR wireless booster designed for large trucks. Single-user cradle Drive 4G-S or previously known as Sleek 4G cradle booster. Value priced Drive 4G-M wireless multi-user booster and multi-user for all types of vehicles. And RV 4G wireless booster for RVs.

weBoost Home and office cellular boosters for up to 10,000 sq. ft.

To ensure the cell phone signal at home or at the office is crystal clear, weBoost has diverse choices to go with. This helps to boost a signal obstructed by geography, buildings or trees. weBoost signal boosters for the home and office include Connect 4G-X multi-user wireless booster is for approximately 7500 square feet coverage. Connect 3G Directional is for about 5000 square feet coverage for multiple users. Home 4G is for up to 1500 square feet of spaces for multiple users. Connect 4G is a 5000 square feet multi-user wireless booster. weBoost eqo boosts coverage within up to 1200 square feet areas for multi-users.

Machine to machine weBoost signal boosters.

With the world already full of machines communicating with other machines back and forth virtually all the time, all day, maintaining strong signal strength in all conditions and weather patterns is of critical importance. weBoost offers M2M wireless signal boosters to ensure machine to machine applications hardly stop working. Top sellers in this category include Security 4G direct connection for 3G and 4G LTE as well as Signal 4G direct connection for 4G LTE and 3G networks.

Visit weBoost signal boosters section of our website for more details.

WilsonPro commercial grade signal boosters.

WilsonPro provides highly powerful solutions to cover cellular devices in small and large buildings typically from 10,000 sq. ft. and above. While WilsonPro range is largely extensive, they advise that if you want an effective vehicle or building signal booster for 5000 square feet coverage and below, you choose one of the equally efficient and powerful weBoost signal booster brands for the category you want.

On the other hand, WilsonPro large area and commercial building cellular booster range comes with a lifetime technical support, three year manufacturer warranty, works with virtually all North American carriers and cellular devices amidst being an award winning product.

WilsonPro commercial building cellular boosters begin from signal boosters for 25,000 square feet, five-band and great for 4G LTE networks covering all carriers across North America. Top sellers here include the Wilson Pro 70 Kit which is highly recommended for large buildings that are multi-storied and spread across rural and remote areas. It offers a downlink and uplink power meter.

For 50,000 square feet coverage, 4G LTE network amplifiers with five bands covering all North American carriers there are three WilsonPro 70 Plus options. This includes the WilsonPro 70 Plus Select Kit made to offer powerful cellular coverage inside buildings for all manner of commercial spaces from large offices, warehouses, hotels to hospitals. The other is WilsonPro 70 Plus Kit, perfect for urban regions and metropolitan areas where a poor signal has resulted due to large constructions, provided with an inbuilt downlink and uplink graphical power meter.

Apparently, WilsonPro seems to have noticed the gap for a better and large area signal booster and lately introduced the WilsonPro 4000R Kit. It has a total coverage of 100,000 square feet with five bands, an amplifier for 4G LTE networks and works with all carriers out within USA and Canada. It is the first ever rack mounted cellular booster to blend in four different signal amplifiers supplying varied indoor antennas.

WilsonPro’s second booster solution is innovatively designed and tailored for enterprise IT professional’s needs. Most recently, the WilsonPro 4000/4000R set the standard with its easy-to-manage booster with four amplification ports made to maximize enhanced cellular coverage and XDR technology for extended dynamic range.

Visit WilsonPro commercial boosters section of our website for more details.

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