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weBoost/ Wilson Amplifier Installation Service by Certified Installers

Posted by on Sep 28, 2017

weBoost and Wilson Amplifier Installers.

If you're looking to have a weBoost or Wilson amplifier installed professionally, you have come to the right place. Simply complete and submit questionnaire for a quote by a certified, bonded, and insured cell phone signal booster installer of weBoost and Wilson Pro cell phone signal booster system.

What is the difference between weBoost and WilsonPro signal booster kits?

  • weBoost signal boosters are consumer grade signal boosting kits that can be installed by end-users by following instructions provided.
  • WilsonPro signal boosters are commercial grade signal boosting kits that require professional installation by certified installers. 

Installation of weBoost signal boosters.

We provide installation of large area weBoost amplifier kits such as the weBoost Connect 4G-X that do not require professional installation by certified installers. They can be installed by end-users by following instructions provided, but we offer installation service for an additional cost if needed.

Installation of Wilson Pro signal boosters.

Commercial properties that require a commercial grade cell phone signal booster systems such as Wilson Pro signal boosters, must have an approved and licensed installation professional install the device. Regulations mandate that such a professional is used and fines can be a result if done otherwise. This has caused a strain on commercial buildings owners and management. To minimize this strain, and to improve customer service and ensure that the Wilson amplifiers we provide to commercial clients are installed and functioning to the best of their abilities, we provide nationwide signal booster installations for commercial buildings.

Why choose our installation service?

Our local and national installers that have performed installations for Fortune 500 companies as well as other top known businesses and institutions. Our clients include NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We meet the needs of our commercial building clients that own, manage, and lease large industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, communication departments. We perform clean installations meaning our equipment is subtly camouflaged and wiring hidden and/or blended to maintain original aesthetics of any space. Last but not the least - We provide the most cost efficient installations for best signal boosting solution at the lowest cost - Guaranteed.

Professional Installations.

FCC regulations set forth a strict guideline for how to install commercial grade products. We ensure that all of the FCC guidelines, as well as our own personal dedication to perfection, is carried out by following a 5 step system as stated below.

1. Preliminary Site Survey.

If you have poor cell reception and you're looking for an in-building solution, it is recommendation that we start with an initial site survey. This is a professional service devised to assess the building and surrounding areas in order to determine the existing signal strength. A signal meter will probably be used by an installer to plot the location of nearby cell towers and calculate the existing signal strength. Depending on the size of the building, this process can take one hour, sometimes longer.

Once a site survey has been completed, and depending on the strength of the surrounding signal, it is up to the installation professional to determine whether a cell signal booster will be effective in the commercial space. Your installer will calculate how many antennas and boosters will be required, then put together a list of required materials.

In order to optimize the signal strength, we need to know where the strongest signal can be found. We measure frequencies as well as locate towers, possible signal blockers, and go room to room to find problems and potential. After the survey, we talk with the clients to find their needs based upon the results of the survey.

2. Floor plan Analysis.

This is a technical part of the process where the RF or certified technician uses the information from preliminary survey, the most appropriate booster kit chosen based on initial survey, as well as the supporting components of the booster (such as cable, accessories, and upgrade options) to determine the potential signal strength and booster coverage.

3. Client Consultation & Quotation.

Ultimately, it is the business owner's decision as to where and what cell phone signal booster kit they wish to have installed. We want to empower the client to make informed decisions about their commercial grade product. Therefore, when consultation is given, all the data as well as recommendations and estimated times for installations are given. In conjunction with support from a certified Wilson Pro installer, we will prepare a quotation for you depending on the services and materials required. It would be up to you to decide whether to move forward with the purchase and installation design. If all is A-OK, deposits are due at this time, once an agreement has been made regarding the best solution.

4. Pre-Installation Site Survey.

With preliminary survey already completed, a comprehensive pre-installation survey can actually be coordinated quite quickly, depending on the size of the building, any special customizations and the products required. This may include a soft installation that places all pieces of equipment in place with minimal impact to ensure everything works perfectly prior to permanent installation.

5. Installation Begins.

The timeline for complete installation will be pre-determined and stated in quotation. It will be based on the number of antennas, amplifiers, and coaxial cable required, in addition to any anticipated difficulties with running the cable.

  • Outside Antenna Installation. Outside installation simply means the install on the roof of the building. Antennas are typically yagi or omni directional. The technician will install the signal with the proper gear and ensure that the incoming signal will not overload the amplifier. Since the install will require cables going from the building to the antenna, it is important that the right cables be used and that they are properly bound and presented. This the professional installer from Wilson will do.
  • Wilson amplifier Installation. Booster installation in an IT room will be installed after the exterior antenna. A Wilson amplifier is the central unit for the booster and must be installed in an area where it can be monitored and optimized for peak performance.
  • Broadcast Antenna Installation. Apart from the exterior antenna, interior or broadcast antennas increase the overall interior coverage area of the commercial grade cell phone signal booster. When installing the broadcast antenna, clients should considered that there will be need for cables to run from the inside antennas to the Wilson amplifier.
  • Testing. Of course, in order to know if the system is working to the best potential, testing needs to be done. Testing is a combination of a walkthrough with the floorplan analysis, checking for any problems and hick-ups, and tweaking of the installation. The client is given the results and the date is recorded for filing purposes.

Post installation support.

We do not just install and leave the customer without any support. Our installers have a follow up with the clients within a few days to ensure that everything is working well. We're so confident of our clean and perfect installations that we provide lifetime guarantee of our installation service.


If you're considering a commercial grade Wilson amplifier, then consider having us install it for you because we have the skills needed, experience, and ability to select optimum equipment that your particular location needs to enhance its indoor reception perfectly. We have certified installers on staff and we know the best methods to install, optimize, and test effectiveness of Wilson Pro and weBoost cell phone signal boosters. Should you have any questions about weBoost or Wilson amplifier installation service, please contact us with your inquires. If you’re ready to request a quote, submit your location details and we will begin to prepare the design for your weBoost or Wilson signal boosting system right away!

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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