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weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Booster for Apartment Complexes

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016

weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Booster for Apartment Complexes

Apartment life or Condo life's something that many choose because they feel they need to, for one reason or another. Others feel as though apartment living is a luxury as you get the home without having to deal with the landscaping or other upkeep obligations. Simply put, apartment living means something different to everyone and there are perks and pitfalls to living in them. As managers and building owners, you know this, so you put your best foot forward on all of the perks of living in an apartment, however you may want to swing them. One of the things that you can have going in your favor is that apartment renters are going to have access to some of the best signals in the metropolitan area, wherever that may be. The key to all this, of course, is a Wilson cell phone booster. As the owner and the person in charge of making sure that tenants have the best possible experience while staying with you, here are all of the perks of investing in the right weBoost cell phone booster kit.

Majority of renters are wireless-only households

These days, having a phone via a landline in an apartment isn't as common as you might think. The truth of it is, many people feel that simply using their cell phone plan is a better idea, especially as sending text messages get more and more popular. A manager can benefit by this trend by enjoying cheaper costs of landline services, by making sure that a Wilson cell phone booster kit will give every cell phone user what they need. Low landline phone maintenance costs benefit apartment owners, managers, and employees. Perks are also including maintenance and keeping the phones up to date. This means more cash in your pocket, and potentially a cheaper rate for those looking to live in your building. However you wish to see it, it is a big plus+!

Better EMT Response Rates with Wilson Cell Phone Boosters Installed

Due to concrete walls and congested side by side unit construction of typical apartments and condos, cellular reception is typically very bad with frequent dropped calls, static and choppy voice quality. However, the signal will be strong and clear from each apartment with a weBoost cell phone booster kit, and this means the GPS coordinates will also match up. For EMT responders, this is a huge plus that leads to faster response time and therefore the ability to save more lives. For those living in large apartment complexes, this is a huge plus that will give you a fighting chance. Not to mention that managers can advertise this very perk so that potential dwellers know that you take your safety very seriously.

Lots of air space for each customer

No matter how big the apartment complex is, you can guarantee that each apartment itself will have a powerful signal so that everyone in it will get something good out of the experience. How? Wilson cell phone boosters work universally to boost reception across all cell phone carriers in United States and Canada. You can take a look at all of the options out there to get the right one, and then each customer will find that they have a great quality signal everywhere in their apartment, meaning a better experience for them overall. From making phone calls to sending photos to loved ones, this is a great example of how important all of this is to customers. And, business 101, if it is important to the customer, then it should be important to you, too. This is a bold advertisement to make, but most modern men and women understand the power of a signal booster and will be more interested in what you can offer them.

Better customer experience meets better occupancy levels, thanks to weBoost cell phone boosters!

As you know, unhappy customers won't stay. This is just how the retail industry works. As someone who is looking to keep their occupancy rates up, you have to make sure you keep customer convenience and comfort as your biggest priority. In modern times like these, keeping them happy means presenting them with a strong signal that will allow them to do whatever it is they need to do from every corner of their apartment. The happier they are, the more likely they are to stay, resulting in higher occupancy levels. Even if they do have to leave for one reason or another, remember that they are more likely to report a good experience to friends and family, which ensures that you will get more interest and good, free advertising. Could you want anything more for your business?

Remember that apartment living is not something that everyone wants. You can't control the reason that people are looking into your building, but you can make sure that once they get there, they have a good experience so that they look back fondly on their time there, meaning a better review and a happier apartment manager:)

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